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Mission 1: You are on a routine patrol in a section of the city where several violent criminals are up to no good. Unfortunately one of the criminals goes rogue, injuring civilians who then report to the police which prompts you to investigate. The suspect disappears into the sewers, so you take the situation into your own hands by using your new weapons – a night vision goggles and a P90.
Mission 2: A crime boss wants you to take care of two armed and dangerous men. He hired a couple of henchman to act as lookouts, so you have to follow these two henchmen. When they leave the building, you decide to follow them to find out where they are heading and the danger they pose. After an extensive travel in the sewers, you finally catch up to the suspects who have made a (stupid) attempt to escape by blowing up the place. It is now up to you and the police officers to put down the bomb.
Mission 3: You are in a little neighbourhood where a gang is terrorising the residents. They have also planted a bomb and you should be able to defuse the bomb before it explodes. Luckily there is an improvised explosive device expert with you and he has prepared his own kit to defuse the bomb.
Mission 4: Two terrorists are threatening a market, so you decide to go on a surveillance to try to find where the threats come from. Unfortunately, the terrorists spotted you and they see you as a threat. Luckily you are able to shoot a guy in the face, wound a little, and sneak up on the other guy. Luckily there is a cop and you have a very easy shot at the terrorist.

About the story: The game starts in 1033 where criminals have been spotted in several parts of the city. Their appearance, their weaponry and their numbers are increasing by the day, making it a top priority for the police to get them.
A successful raid in the sewers will uncover a basement, which is home to one of the criminal groups, while a failed raid will lead you down deeper into the sewers, which will bring you face to face with the biggest threat of the game – mutant rats.
As you can see, the world is pretty much under their control, so you better hurry up and show up in the area of activity to save the city!
What’s new in v1.1:
– Added ranks for the Police and gang members
– Added Steam Achievements

Rat’s in the


Features Key:

  • One simple game that plays with VCode in seven different contests and on multiple difficulty levels.
  • Each contestant can adjust individual bonuses, feature cards and score either for themselves or the team. Each of these variables allows for endless variation and strategy.
  • A feature all of our players enjoy: Player Feedback.
  • Player Tutorial Videos help prepare you for the game.
  • Hatch Game is approachable to anyone!

    Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher

    Hatch Game is designed to be played on Android mobile devices with Bluetooth enabled. It is also available on the iTunes App Store as well as through Google Play.

    The Six Steps to Bring Your Idea into Reality:

    1. Implement Tracking
    2. Create the Game
    3. Design the Features
    4. Design the Strategy
    5. Create the Feedback
    6. Publish

    Important Note:

    The Support version of Hatch Game is PIE version 0.1.2.

    Download Hatch Game Visit the github repository

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    “We’re bringing in a player to help


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    This game is set in the fantasy world of Valcarta. Two paths can be taken, leading to two different endings. You can play either path for 15 to 20 hours at a time, experiencing a unique split path gameplay experience. The events of Drachell will unfold, regardless of which path is being played however, but the events in which you take part in will defer on each path, providing an entirely unique story along the way. The chosen path will give you a completely different story, though each path is set between a prologue and end-game section. Come experience this splitting of tales in a game unlike any other out there!
    This game is a true split-path game. Two time lines can be traveled in a single playthrough, following two different allies/companions on their journey. Not only can the player choose which companion to follow but will get completely different events and story-line depending on which companion is chosen! Depending on the choice made, there will be two slightly different paths the player could take along the way. Both paths lead to completely different endings, each with their own path. The events of Drachell will unfold, regardless of which path is being played however, but the events in which you take part in will defer on each path, providing an entirely unique story along the way!

    « From the creator of the original Desura Version, 8 years before Rise of the Demon! To be able to access Desura, you will need to purchase Rise of the Demon through Desura!

    Also, from the creator of the Original Art Book, to be able to access the Artbook you will need to purchase Rise of the Demon through Desura!

    Don’t forget to check out the original Desura Version of Rise of the Demon too! »

    The publishing deal between Kalypso Media and Valcarta: Rise of the Demon had an expiration date of February 2013. Developer
    Hlubok was alerted of this and approached Kalypso Media to ask if they could buy the rights to the game back.
    Unfortunately, the only way they could buy them back was if they released a non-gaming related product (i.e. book, art book, or something along those lines), which was unappealing to Kalypso Media, and they chose to allow the game to expire.

    Path of Darkness
    Hlubok, the developer of Valcarta: Rise of the Demon and author of the original Desura Version


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    Freddi Fish and his brother Luther have learned how to make souse out of soap.
    They’ve also learned to use the souse in the bath and around the yard.
    By collecting souse cans and throwing the souse in the air, the children will get to see how
    fish in the air and make things happen.
    Luther always has to do what Freddi Fish tells him to do because he’s a good brother.
    When their Mama tells the kids to « Save the fishies » she means that they need to collect
    souse cans and make things happen with souse.
    Each game features a song that will have kids thinking of « meringue pie » and will get them
    making colorful memories.Q:

    How to reverse string in java

    I want to reverse the string using lambda expression.
    I want to reverse the string by removing the first and last characters.
    This is what I have tried.

    I am not able to access the content of reverse.
    Any help is appreciated.
    public String reverse(String str) {
    return str.substring(0, str.length()-1).concat(str.substring(str.length()-1)).concat(str.substring(0)).toString();


    I don’t understand your question but I will try to answer it:
    The toString() method is the most basic way of converting a string to a String and is implemented in the Object class.
    Since it is a built in method of Java you have to use it. In your case, toString() is used to reverse the string.
    Solution 1:
    You don’t have to use substring at all. You can directly apply a reverse function to a string:
    public String reverse(String str) {
    return str.substring(1, str.length()).concat(str.substring(0)).toString();

    Solution 2:
    You can use substring instead of concatenating your string. This way you can access the substrings from the original string:
    public String reverse(String str) {
    return str.substring(1, str.length()-1)


    What’s new in Mad Bullets:

    Struggling with the mess-making aspects of creating a healthy, plant-based meal as much as you love the health benefits of plants? This is an advanced recipe: safe for those who consume dairy, eggs, and seafood, provides plenty of greens and legumes, and is simple to get on a weeknight but still provides variety and variety of tastes.


    • 1 medium ripe avocado
    • 1 large seedless cucumber
    • 3 cups wheat berries
    • 3 cups lentils
    • 3 cups kidney beans
    • 3/4 cups kalamata olives
    • 2 cups carrots
    • 3 cups turnips, peeled
    • 1 large head of romaine lettuce
    • 1/3 cup flax
    • 3/4 tsp. salt
    • 3/4 tsp. black pepper
    • 3/4 tsp. paprika
    • 1/4 tsp. cinnamon

    For those without wheat allergies or sensitivities, alternative grains can replace the wheat.

    Repeat the directions on lentils and use red lentils or mangal dal or mung dal (or rice).


    1. In a large saucepan, over medium heat, add the wheat berries.
    2. Add the lentils to the wheat, and next add the kidney beans and kalamata olives.
    3. Boil the wheat for about 20-30 minutes, stirring frequently.
    4. After the wheat has had 20-30 minutes, add the carrots and turnips.
    5. Boil the vegetables for about 5-10 minutes, stirring frequently.
    6. Remove from the heat, and next add the romaine.
    7. Combine the flax, salt, black pepper, paprika, and cinnamon and toss well for a minute.
    8. Stir the mixture into the salad.

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      Fog of War was created as an action/shooter game. The main character is Parcero, member of the Allied invasion army, leading the way to the liberation of the « Free Poland ». The game focuses on the moment of the final fighting between the Allied forces and the enemy. The gameplay is tactical, both as a shooter and a strategical shooter. The game can be played in online mode, but also in Offline mode.
      – Between the players is a door, which means that both can see each other.
      – Various different games (shooting games, strategical shooting games, aiming games) can be played from a single character, but the main game is the tactical.
      – It’s a very tactical game, where the player must remember to aim for the enemy’s weaker spot, because he or she might be watching your enemies approach.
      – The player has enough time to fire and place grenades for the protection of his/her troops, before the enemy gets closer.
      – The game aims to be simple and easy to play, with an interesting and unique game in the meantime.
      – If you want to use character customization, you’ll need to do some extra work, as it is only one character.
      – In Online mode, there is a hint at the top right corner of the screen, which will lead the player directly to the chat.
      – Multiplayer game can have 3 players (more) and the game can be paused mid-way, if a player wants to quit.
      – All game settings can be changed in the options menu.
      Game Specifications
      – Loading time: 7 sec.
      – Singleplayer game, for 2 hours.
      – Multiplayer game, for 1 hour.
      – Online game, for 1 hour.
      – CPU: 100%, vram: 7%, mem: 20%
      – Resolution: 800×480
      Game Screenshots
      – This is the Single Player game.
      – Multiplayer game (in offline mode)
      – Multiplayer game (in online mode)
      – If you want to use Character customization, the player will need to do some extra work.
      – Singleplayer game
      – Singleplayer game, during the last battle, with all the players.
      – Multiplayer game with best result.
      – Multiplayer game with best result.
      – Multiplayer game in base mode.
      – Singleplayer game, at the start.
      – Multiplayer game, with the last round.
      – Multiplayer game in online mode.
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