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Published: 21 juillet 2022 (3 semaines ago)

DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



1. Freely-Interactive: You can make any compromise to your own interest for, before completing the whole game. In the first playthrough, you can shoot the terminal you want to reach, or go through safely with a small timer at the ceiling and it’s your choice whether you want to jump or keep going until you reach the terminal.
2. Realistic Terminal-Hacking:
Because the story is entirely set in a computer facility, we felt it is more natural to make it similar to a computer game.
While hacking into terminals, you can use the skills your character has learnt or acquire in the game.
You can make use of all kinds of skills for the achievement of this game:
– Some of them are compatible with the console itself. For example, when you shoot the control room’s ceiling, there is a timer on it. You can aim at the ceiling to make it disappear, and then your console can access to it.
– Some skills enable the combination of multiple skills. For example, when you have weapons installed in your head, you can have a knife in your hand, and you can release the knife when you shot the ceiling. This will make the knife go up your arm.
– Some skills will encourage you to interact with the game. For example, when your character has a gun on his hand, you can tap the left analog stick to shoot.
– As a result, there are no complex-undefined ways of doing hacking. The comprehensive rules will guide you the best way to play the game.
3. A.I. Behavior Reel:
In the early moments of making this game, it seemed that the A.I. behaves very strange. However, after we played it several times, we found out that it has a very tough behavior. If you abuse the system, it will come back for you. To make it worse, if you play without taking revenge of it, it will take all your important stuff away from you. However, when you quit the game early, all your things are still there.
4. 3D Reconstruction System:
It’s now possible to make the character jumping around in the scene by tapping on the screen. It can be used for a realistic gaming experience. If you use this function, we highly recommend having a stronger monitor like 30″+.
5. Saving the Game:
The game’s map is saved every moment you play, so you won’t have to play all of the game again


Mask Of The Rose Features Key:

  • guitar-inspired gameplay
  • 4 difficulty levels
  • 14 unique levels of increasing complexity
  • Full-featured campaign

Rest In Pieces Description:

Long, long ago, in a land far from here, there once existed a brave and unfortunate waltz named Waldo. It was a happy time… Waldo enjoyed prancing around the enchanted forest, his latest songcraft piece a simple one, the melody even simpler still. Little did he know, that music would make the name of his brother famous forever – while his melodies would, conveniently, become evil. It seems only a sibling’s fate can make a masterpiece of badness.

Finistère is probably the final installment from a 3D Action RPG, but it’s not a retro game. It’s a perfectly built 70’s-inspired adventure game that takes inspiration from music games, making your journey in depth and detail.

Rest In Pieces Game System requirements:

  • Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Intel (x86) CPU
  • 2gb of RAM
  • 7.1 sound card


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Mask Of The Rose [Win/Mac]

> Press space to fight a traumatic thought that is tormenting your mind and will destroy you if left untreated. After you are in control of your thoughts again you will be able to free your mind again and enjoy a challenging journey through a haunting world.
> Defeat the strange and horrifying creatures. The enemy will attack you with their own unique abilities to defeat you.
> You will destroy all objects that appear on the screen to increase the combo meter and level you up faster.
> The game world changes in every level, so fight and adapt to the new environment and use the right method to defeat each enemy.
> Each level will contain multiple boss fights that will require you to master special skills and tricks before you can finally save your world.
> The amount of weapons you will receive during early access will be expanded and the weapons will unlock new abilities.
> Will you be able to beat this fiendish creature? This fiend is lurking in the depths of your mind.
Get the game to experience many hours of thrilling fun with dynamic horror and unforseen situations at every corner.Game « Pillars of Sorrow » is a mystery. Join our discord:
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Pillars of Sorrow is a top down twinstick shooter, where you fight your inner demons while trying to regain your former self. After something vile happened you will be fighting tormenting thoughts, emptiness and apathy as a lost soul. Will you be able to free your mind again?The Game currently features-three different worlds with over 50 different enemies-5 boss fights-collectable pets-upgradeable skillsAnd will be frequently updated during early access.


What’s new in Mask Of The Rose: