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Set in a medieval era, a young man named Besa is climbing the ranks of the royal army in the hopes of one day becoming an emperor. Knowing his true fate in the army may be temporary due to his lowly birth, he has decided to follow the path of the wandering bards, to leave his mark on the kingdom.
In his travels, Besa meets a new friend with very different views on life, and as his journey continues he must ultimately choose between the road his family has laid out for him, and the unknown that awaits his future.
Key Features:
Explore a Living and Breathing World!
Besa, the main character and overal protagonist of Whisper of a Rose, moves around his world just like the player. Due to the game’s unique LOD-based level system, the same world is only going to look and act different depending on where you happen to be.
Receive Delightfully Detailed Storytelling
In Whisper of a Rose, the story is written and delivered through brilliant dialogue between the characters, and through the use of cinematics. The game does an admirable job in the art department of making you actually feel as though you’re the one playing through the experience, rather than simply reading the words.
Beautifully Hand-drawn Character Art
The art in Whisper of a Rose is what sets the game apart from most other text-based RPGs. One of the best things to ever happen to the genre is the freedom that the medium of video games has allowed the developers to bring characters to life. A number of characters have their own unique and amusing personality, and each with their own quirks and desires.
Endless Storytelling Options!
Besa is a character with a long and rich history, and the game’s storyline ends where it began. There are a plethora of interesting ways to interact with your friends in the game, and some additional roleplaying choices that can lead to some interesting results.
About the Game Whisper of a Rose:
A character-driven narrative RPG set in a world where the player and characters move around as one.
In the Kingdom of Kowloon, a young man named Besa is exploring his destiny as a bard in the service of the King. His path leads him to numerous adventures, each driven by the choices he makes.

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Memorrha Features Key:

  • A Kyuusei Houou no Ludohou Ken/Eiken game.
  • Story mode and Survival mode. Story mode has a total of seven stages; For the second stage “Atlantis Break Out”, survivor’s goal is to escape from sunken Atlantis in Bermuda.
  • Survivor can utilize six kinds of character, i.e. Balance Master, Yokai Producer, Funeral Mask, Gear Punk, Team Leader, and Poyunk(Pwunk).
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    Changetsu no Koubinin/Contagion transmission:

    • A combination of various Gundam series/movies on PATV.
    • Multitasking function; give the Chanbudou the Japanese word for the character the player wants to watch and it will play it on PATV.

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    A gripping action thriller which combines the adrenaline-charged shooting and driving gameplay of an open world racing game with the deep RPG mechanics of a traditional fantasy adventure.

    Two Outcasts join forces to defeat a ruthless evil.

    A Dark Age has fallen upon the land. With few good choices left, the heroes find themselves fighting for a future that never was, in a world that has long forgotten the search for hope and for meaning.


    A Soulful Cast of Heroes

    Sifting through a world of lies and masks, players will encounter a diversity of heroes with deep backstories and distinct personalities. In a race to save a fallen civilization, these heroes will learn to rise above any temptation of vengeance or sloth.

    Explore an Open World

    A dark world of mysterious ruins and mythic creatures awaits discovery in every corner. With huge open environments to explore and an open choice of tactics, the best path to victory will always depend on your chosen hero.

    A Deep RPG Career

    The entire game is based on a real-time story with over one hundred hours of narrative gameplay. Travel through the world and discover a cast of compelling characters, gather powerful magical items, create deep relationships with these characters, and as you advance in your career, your actions will influence the fate of the world.

    A World of Races and Villains

    Explore a land that is unlike any other. From the soaring mountains of Parnassus to the deep jungles of Nerulia, discover new civilizations while forging alliances with powerful generals and ruthless leaders. Along with this, we have created a deep web of monsters and puzzles and explored a lot of stories that we have all heard throughout our lives.

    New Co-Op Multiplayer

    Two outcasts from a bygone era join forces to battle a sinister foe. Brandy the archer and Gilder the swordsman unlock the full power of the Thief and the Soldier when they combine their skills and talents in an all-new and exciting two-player co-op mode.

    Over 85 Hours of Story-Driven Action

    In a world where good people do not always stand up for themselves, discover and unravel a tale of deceit, loyalty, love and redemption with the ultimate RPG experience.

    In addition to the game’s two-player co-op mode, players will also enjoy the game’s newly announced co-op survival mode, allowing up to three friends to join forces and battle against a horde of enemies


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    Time Limit is set to 45 minutes (more on real world time). The city is a living organism and will change its posture every minute.The Mayor is mayor and will help you to run the city. The Committee will give you special moves like the Sit-Down version, dance version, flying version, and diving version.In addition to the Sit-Down version, there are four characters to use. Can you beat « Super-Do »?Tons of Maps!Arcade arcade action with heroes and super villains.The designers are coming up with maps on a daily basis!Fortune MissionsUse characters like the Bruce Lee character and « Karate Queen » and go on a mission to keep the city safe!Mid-Game eventsUse characters like the Iron Man, Spider-Man and X-Men characters and go on a mission to keep the city safe!Secret MissionsUse characters like Superman, Batman and Iron Man and go on a mission to keep the city safe!Plus, there are tons of actions!10 Special Characters to Play WithQ:

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      Monthly Archives: February 2012

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      Overnight ratings for the Oscar-nominated “The Artist” — the only real movie at Cannes, and the only one that addresses the decline of the American economy and studio filmmaking — are epic. According to the latest data from Fox News, “The Artist” is out in front of all competition, and coming in at a massive 19.2 million viewers. The number of viewers and rating for “Hugo,” an animated fairy tale from “Harry Potter’s” J.K. Rowling, number 14 with 9.3 million viewers, and 12 million viewers tuned into “Inception,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

      If you don’t think that the success of “The Artist” is all that much of a surprise, you should read Bernie Farber’s new book. Farber’s first book, “Double Feature,” published last year, was a masterpiece of movie criticism. “The Artist” doesn’t even hold a candle to “Double Feature.”

      All the best movies in “Double Feature” referred to how movies were made – what kind of production values there were; who directed and acted in them; what was their overall success story. “The Artist,” meanwhile, is a flimsy mystery/drama about a poor actor’s break into Hollywood. The fact that “The Artist” is mostly a road movie, following a singer-songwriter into Hollywood at the start of the 20th century, is completely irrelevant. What’s relevant is the dazzling, post-war (1948-1958) atmosphere of Las Vegas-like bars/restaurants, Vegas-like parties, and well-stocked dressing rooms. That is the movie that work in movie theaters.

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      Choosing your emotions and relationships will bring consequences for relationships between the characters.
      Fate is the deciding factor in how everything plays out.
      There is an element of risk taking. You might choose to work with the enemy, but if you fail in helping your friends, things can go very wrong.
      You can play as the two brothers: Lien or Kolei to develop their personalities or sometimes it will be no choice.
      There are four endings based on your choices in the story:
      1. Success story – You’ll get with Angel (character without a gender attached)
      2. Friendship ending – Angel will get Lien and Kolei together.
      3. Wrong choice – You’ll end up with the evil cyborg and 2 of your friends will blame you, and you must choose who to spend the rest of your life with.
      4. Futile ending – Defeat, you’ll lose Angel and your two friends will blame you.
      – Characters are persons, and can be male or female. So even if you have a female robot, you can play as a male. There will be one player character female.
      – Males and females need to talk to each other to advance the story.
      – Stories are told in an interactive manner. If you don’t do anything, the story will end as it is supposed to.
      – There is an element of risk taking. If you fail in helping your friends, things can go very wrong.
      – There are four endings based on your choices in the story: 1. Success story – You’ll get with Angel (character without a gender attached) 2. Friendship ending – Angel will get Lien and Kolei together. 3. Wrong choice – You’ll end up with the evil cyborg and 2 of your friends will blame you, and you must choose who to spend the rest of your life with. 4. Futile ending – Defeat, you’ll lose Angel and your two friends will blame you.
      – Rewards: Certain amount of RP (Rating Point) are needed to advance the story.
      – Rewards: Rewards are mainly based on time spent, RP rating points, or money spent on items and equipment.
      – Rewards: Rewards are mainly based on time spent, RP rating points, or money spent on items and equipment.
      Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


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