by fairtai
Published: 19 novembre 2022 (3 semaines ago)

Michael Buble The Greatest Hits Torrent


Michael Buble The Greatest Hits Torrent

I got to meet Michael Buble at a fan meet and greet for his Toronto show. It was a really special experience and one I am still thinking about. As I mentioned earlier, the shows and the venue was fantastic. Michael Buble himself is also a great guy and has so much energy he radiated throughout the whole show. It truly makes you want to get up and dance with every song. This is definitely the best concert I’ve ever been to and it was a full three hours. Thank you Michael Buble!!!

I got to see Michael Buble’s concert at the ACC. It was amazing… To be able to see an artist I grew up listening to is amazing… Actually Michael has one of the nicest smiles I’ve seen. He made the « cheesy » videos of the keyboard and the mike and everything, likeable. He was a huge hit with the crowd. He played for a little under two hours including a variety of songs and the show included a Christmas song with him and his wife. The audience was screaming their heads off during the whole time. I would definitely go see him again. (Yes I would go in the cheap seats.)

I went to see Michael Buble at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto to see this. A whole three hours of singing amazing songs and dancing was the first thing to enter my mind! His concert was amazing, from the first note to the last, I couldn’t get enough. The entire time he was a hectic but very polite man, talking to his fans, funny and very inviting. His concert was simply amazing, it brought tears to my eyes and I enjoyed the night tremendously. I can say that Michael Buble is definitely one of the best singers I’ve heard, hands down. I will definitely be going to see him next time.

Michael Bubl is a singer, actor and songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. He was a child star on the Canadian television series Hee Haw, acting in over 100 of the series’ episodes. He is the first Canadian singer to top the US Billboard Hot 100.
Released in 1997, Feeling Good became the second best-selling album in the United States in less than a year, and the fifth best-selling album of the year. Feeling Good held the number 1 slot on the Billboard album chart for 11 weeks and also reached the top 10 in a number of other countries, including the United Kingdom, Denmark and Canada. The album spawned four hit singles: the Top 10 hits I’ve Seen All Good People and Feeling Good, as well as the Top 5 singles You’ve Been Good to Me and Papa Don’t Preach. Billboard gave the album the #1 Album of 1997, adding it to its list of Top 10 Albums of the Year. Worldwide, the album sold more than 5 million copies and was certified diamond, the first of Bubls albums to achieve diamond status.
My brother is a Michael Buble fan from way back, I had never heard of him before this concert. Well, it turns out my brother is a mad fan, he had all the Michael Buble records on his CD player and knew the entire songs including the words to every single song. He also sang along to the songs and has been to 3 of his concerts. They were sold out in his town so of course, he had tickets to the Air Canada Centre show. He actually was standing in the back of the crowd and literally picked my hand up and said « hey this is a Mofo fan, where are you sitting? » I replied « right beside you buddy ». It was great to have someone come up who was actually a fan who knew all of his songs. It was a great start to a great concert. He and his wife and their son came over and started talking to us as we stood up to sing along. He introduced the family and it was clear they were all having a great time. My brother is a huge Michael Buble fan.