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marion cotillard, winner of two cesar awards for best actress, has made a strong career on french-language films in her native france. in contrast, her films in english (la vie en rose, the immigrant) have been less successful with the public. she becomes a household name in the u.s. with her oscar-winning turn in midnight in paris. this is a musical comedy, but it’s not a musical. you don’t need to know a lick of music to appreciate the film, and it’s filled with so many wonderful, funny moments. the film is based on a stage play by john steinbeck, and the screen version is entirely faithful to the source. i could see this being a great film in small theatres and on cable, but it’s unlikely to reach the mainstream american public any time soon. the story is about a man who is trying to keep his store in new york open, despite the fact that most people in his neighborhood can’t find work. he’s facing a tough fight in a city that’s losing its « humanity » and turning more and more into a fortress. the film’s best moments are when cotillard’s character interacts with other people, because her emotional honesty and innate intelligence make it easy to see her as a real person. i was surprised to see cotillard, who is much better known in france for her serious dramas and realistic films, tackle a lighter, more whimsical role. but i guess that’s what audiences will want to see from her next.
first things first, i love this movie, and it probably has a lower rating than it deserves because of the problems with the distribution. this is a love story, but it is really is more of a historical documentary. the first hour or so is focused on the lives of the two men, tracing their path from different backgrounds, to their meeting and the events that eventually lead to their arrest. it is clear that the two men are not friends initially, which is made clear by the lack of eye contact and the ways that they are actually disgusted by each other. this is not the case when they meet the next day and the chemistry between them is undeniable. the film does a good job of portraying the political and social climate of the time, showing how it was divided between the revolutionary and the reactionaries, with the latter trying to regain control of their province. the film goes too far at times, having the revolutionaries be overly glorified, but that is forgivable because this is a story about people who lived in those times, not modern day americans. the ending is very well done, and the effects are also very well done for an independent film. i liked it very much, and i think most people should give it a chance.