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Download ✶✶✶ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Following the success of The Fall of Rust on 3DS, Playdead has made a new leap of faith to the PlayStation Vita as you embark on a frightening, heart pounding journey to save a girl named Ruby!
Playing as a new hero, you must discover the truth behind the mysterious girl and find a way to escape the haunted house that has taken over. With a captivating storyline and fantastic music, the journey to find peace never stops!
Discover the story of The Fall of Rust 5 years after the events of the first title, The Fall of Rust.
If you complete the game on difficult mode you will get access to a chapter that will introduce you to all the characters, enemies, puzzles and overworld.
Twelve scenarios set in the world of The Fall of Rust.
Three difficulty modes: Normal, Nightmare and Stealth.
In the game you can choose to play as the girl named Ruby and her friend, Jess.
Different effects for each touch on the screen.
Maze puzzle to help you move on to the next chapter.
If you completed the game on Nightmare mode you will have access to chapter 1, with all the characters, enemies, puzzles and story.
If you completed the game on Stealth you will have access to chapter 2, with all the characters, enemies, puzzles and story.
If you completed the game on Normal mode you will have access to chapter 3, with all the characters, enemies, puzzles and story.
Nine soundtrack tracks from the game.
Five boss fights.
Two intro sequences.
Two endings.
My Review System
5/5 – Absolutely love it
4/5 – It’s OK, but I have some “issues”
3/5 – Boring/waste of time
2/5 – Meh – depending on my mood
1/5 – Angry rant ready

On September 29th, Metro: Last Light will be released for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This is a prequel game set in the Russian city of Stary Olsa near to Chernobyl. The story follows Artyom, a tactical operative, who has been cryo-frozen and wakes up in Stary Olsa to discover that the “Ural Mountains” have disappeared. The people around him also seem changed and he must seek answers to help free his people.

Originally announced at the Game Awards 2013 for PC, Xbox 360, and PS


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What is The Eternal City?

The Eternal City is a fast paced tile-based Strategy, City Building and Management game. The player is a mayor who rules his city using a combination of strategy, city management, puzzles and tasks. The player may choose from one of the six playable factions (Order, Liberty, Industry, Freeloaders, Religion and Wealth) or form a unique alliance with one of the other players or with the AI.

Each player has a home city with different buildings and may build more from reclaimed land and by trade. Every building may be built in its own location, in the city, in the suburbs or on a reclaimed land. A city may have a varying number of buildings and structures.

Key Features:

Stunning graphics and gameplay

Playable factions and 5 unique palaces for the mayor, leader of the Order and special events

24 hours of game play

Strategic city building and management

Beautiful and unique visuals and soundtrack

Play the 6 playable factions or have unique special events

Resources and E-Gold

Build a Cathedral, a Town Hall, multiple towers, houses and more

Order, freeloaders, religion, industries and wealth

The Eternal City is the third game in the All Powerful series. The first game can be purchased on Steam.

« The Eternal City 2 » will be released on October 2nd, 2015 on Steam and on Consoles. Pre-orders have been taken by the developer. « The Eternal City 1 » is the classic tile based top-down strategy game with a twist!

On January 16th the developer announced that he will present The Eternal City a second time! « The Eternal City 3 » will be released in 2016 and is already planned to include a campaign, at least one faction, the possibility to form alliances with other players and more!


The game is played with a mouse and keyboard.

Onboard graphics and high-resolution overlay.

Organizational diagram (organizational)

Movement (move)

Buildings (build)

Town Hall is the central Administrative building and is used to assemble the city, establish units and order the city for buildings. The Town Hall is the main building in the game.

Towers (tower)

Towers are the main defensive structure, they are used to provide defense to the suburbs.

Tower is the main defensive structure,


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1. Introduction2. Game Overview3. Controls4. Combat5. Socializing6. Miscellaneous7. Conclusion

This game will be released under GPLv3 license.

Please, look at some screenshots:

1. Map and base editor2. Computer screen3. Game4. Gangs, gang members, base and boss5. Game features6. Maps7. Boss8. Car9. Hero10. Loot11. Buildings12. Parts and weapons13. Miscellaneous

1. Introduction2. Game Overview3. Controls4. Combat5. Socializing6. Miscellaneous7. Conclusion

So what is this game? Bandit is an single player RPG-survival open world game, which has elements of a Tower Defense game and a Role Playing game. You play as a bandit named Argos. After unsuccessful heist in which his old gang was killed, he must survive the ambush of the guards. But even if he survives he must fight for his life in a harsh world, where he can die by hunger or thirst, a world where everything can kill him. But if he survives long enough, he can become a powerful Chempion. Find the weakest enemies and defeat them, gather resources, craft new weapons, armors and other stuff, build your own base and defense towers to protect it. Because enemies waves are coming for you life. Or just go explore the world, on foot or you can build your own vehicle and travel faster.The game allows the player to create and lead a gang, build his own base and vehicle, rob NPCs, send yours gang on heists. And also allows gather equipment and resources, or you can order workers to gather resources for you, allows craft weapons, armors and other stuff. And many more.This game is only made by one person!

Bandit the game:

1. Introduction

2. Game Overview

3. Controls

4. Combat

5. Socializing

6. Miscellaneous

7. Conclusion

The game is a RPG-survival game with open world.You play as a bandit named Argos, after unsuccessful heist in which his old gang was killed, you must survive the ambush of the guards. But even if he survives he must fight for his life in a harsh world, where he can die by hunger or thirst, a world where everything can kill him. But if he survives long enough, he can become a powerful Chemp


What’s new:

MiniRig « MiniTrucks » Review

This review is likely to be in the same vain as those of a few other Hasbro table top games. In that case I would like to apologize and start by saying « See, I do play the games ». Table top games are sold (sometimes free) to retail stores and game stores to get people into different aspects of the hobby. Since I don’t sell any of these games I can’t say how well they are at getting people into the hobby. However, I can say that I have used them myself and have some first hand experience. These reviews are generally based on how fun the games are, or how well they teach kids.

Since this game is a minitruck game I’m going to share the experience of my kid playing it too. I think as an owner of a fleet of trucks and trains I should get some experience in this one. The game is called « Brick Breaker »; it’s a « 1-2 players » game; and it’s available on the Hasbro’s Bricks website. Actually « Brick Breaker Plus » is the correct name and is for 2-4 players. You can even play against your own model, which is usually how we play. In other words, I can review an accessory for this game, which means that it’s not a review of this game. In the long run I plan to review the game, so if you really love the game you probably won’t care.

Now on to the review.


First the 5 plastic trucks shown in the picture. These ones are not the ones I am reviewing, I have none of those. I don’t have the power turn, nor other specialty vehicles, so I get plastic models instead.

I’m going to show how a game is ‘coated’ or the accessories for it. It’s an ‘accessory’ since the game comes with the action playsheets like a comic book or novel. It’s not a game in that it’s not made like one. :)

So here’s how the game is packaged.

As you can see in the picture the interior of the package is the shapes of the accessory figures and the instructions are on the outer square.

Contained inside the box is a bag of’stunt boxes’. These boxes have jigs for the games so that the figures can be held in place and then placed on the play surface in the right place


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*A 3D inspired surreal escape game
*High quality graphics
*A puzzle adventure game
*Beautiful colorful graphics
*Escapes with a strong story
*An atmospheric soundtrack
*Solve riddles and puzzles
*Incredible difficulty
*12 Escape levels
About the Author:
Nolan Casey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Northeast Louisiana University. While he works as a chemical engineer, Nolan is a huge lover of technology. He loves to craft design, architecture, music, and video games. Nolan is also a fan of JRPGs and visual novel games. He has a pet bunny rabbit called Gonzo.

Comments Off

First of all, I’d like to thank the nice people that have been checking and commenting on my blog lately and sincerely appreciate that. I just had a crazy weekend with a lot of things going on and it’s starting to show.

Last weekend I went to Montreal to go to the Playtest meetup there and absolutely had an awesome time. It was a nice tight community with some really cool people in there. Even if I didn’t get any of the games I was there to try out there were some really cool things that I got to try out. I even got to play Power Rangers and have an AT-AT Battle Star destroyer Battle. The only downside was that I didn’t get to play any games at the actual con but that’s just because I didn’t bring my consoles/PS4/Xbone with me.

This weekend I’ll be in Ottawa playing at the Game Store Con. If you’ve been to the one in Montreal last year be sure to stop by and say hi. The more I get to playtest stuff the more fun I have. Besides I’ll have a room full of really cool games, which I’ve been collecting for some time now. So come by and say hi.

Huge thanks to Kinetic for helping make that happen. You can also find out what is coming up from them at their website. And huge thanks to Assassin John for having such a cool con this year. I’m sure I’ll be seeing a lot more of him soon.

Game Critic:

You can find out more about me on Kotaku if you feel like it.


Shadow to Light – This is one of the games that I got


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Game Connection
Date Released:
Game Description:
The classic arcade game from Konami is one of their most famous titles that is still being played by people around the world. The game is more complex than most arcade titles and the gameplay is great!
The gameplay of Contra is easy to learn and yet challenging to master. Your goal in Contra is to destroy the bad guys and eliminate them from the top of the


Download ✶✶✶ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ✶✶✶ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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