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Musannaf Ibn Abi Shayba In Urdu Pdf 81

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Musannaf Ibn Abi Shayba In Urdu Pdf 81

Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhī, and a`n-Nasāī and Ibn Mājah. Bystander: A History of Street Photography pgs.4, 41, 59.

Honours and awards
W. B. Yeats, who knew Abdullah Targhi well, called him « the greatest Islamic scholar of our time ». Targhi was presented with many honours during his life including honorary degrees and medals from six universities and he delivered the prestigious Zayed Prize Lecture at UNESCO, Paris, in July 2006. He was also elected to the International Academy of the Arabic Language. He was the only person to be awarded the Shahidul Hasan Memorial Gold Medal, considered to be the most prestigious prize in Islamic scholarship, for 2006. He was awarded the Loesje Prize, the highest civil honour in The Netherlands, in 2007.

Targhi died on 12 July 2010 in Nottingham, England.

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