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Published: 21 novembre 2022 (3 semaines ago)

Neal N Nikki Hindi Movie Download Fixed

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Neal N Nikki Hindi Movie Download

neal n nikki is a not a good movie and only good for those who like trashy romances, sex comedies and sex scenes. if you want to watch this film you should give it a miss. poor acting, bad dialogue and a somewhat predictable storyline. not bad, just not good. it’s a little bit like the filmy version of « coronation street » but without the charm, wit, good writing and good acting. of course, i do not say it is not watchable but for that price you could just buy your dvd from amazon.

this is a movie for those who hate good films. it’s a movie that you can enjoy if you’re looking for trash. the story is simple, about two young people who fall in love. so what’s so bad about that? in the end, they get together, give each other a kiss, have sex and the movie is over. even though the story isn’t fantastic, the acting is bad, the direction is bad and the music is lame, the movie still manages to keep your attention. this movie is just a huge let down from a very promising start and will not be missed by critics. watch this movie if you want to see some trashy comedy, watch this movie if you want to see some poor acting, watch this movie if you want to see sex scenes. as long as you expect nothing else than what you see here then you will enjoy this movie. i was so bored by the end of it, i actually wanted to murder the director. it’s just awful.

i did not enjoy it. it was the worst movie i have seen so far. it was poorly written, poorly acted and poorly directed. the only redeeming quality of the film is the songs. i saw this movie with my sister and her husband, and they all were entertained throughout. i would say that for the most part, it was entertaining. at least, i did not hate it like most other indian movies. the dialogues are poor, the plot is rather simple, and the story line is predictable. i would not recommend this movie to anyone other than a 15-year old indian male who is looking for a mindless and vulgar movie to enjoy. i wouldn’t even recommend this movie to a 14-year old. this film is a must-miss at the theater, and will not be worth the price of admission. it’s pretty much a small-town movie version of « mean girls ». the only reason why i gave it a 2.5 out of 5 is because of the acting, and the songs, which are fun to watch.

if you are familiar with the dilwale dulhania le jayenge, don’t expect this film to be any better. this film was directed by filmmakers who don’t understand what made their last movie such a great hit. if you want to have a good time, you should watch a bollywood film. if you want good acting, good dialogues, and good story, then watch a hollywood film. this is a film that is so bad, it will make you hate indian films. or, if you’re already tired of all the trash that is bollywood, you will love this movie. you really have nothing to lose by watching this film. i know i did.
i enjoyed the movie. the only complaint i had was that the acting was bad. the movie was fun to watch. i did enjoy watching the acting and the dialogues. i thought the actors portrayed their characters well.
the acting in this movie was terrible. i’m not a fan of indian movies, but i thought this movie was so bad that i had to see it. but, the worst thing about this movie is that it’s so americanized, i can’t even imagine what an indian would think of it.
neal n nikki, is one of the worst movies ever made in the history of indian cinema. if you don’t like watching indian films, then don’t watch it, but don’t pretend it’s some kind of a western. it’s barely passable. it tries to be something but is only mediocre and has poor acting. the dialogue is cringe worthy, the acting is just terrible, the special effects are poor and the story is not interesting. this is a boring movie that only makes you want to punch someone in the face. if you go to watch this movie you will be disappointed. it’s is a terrible movie that makes me want to throw up.