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346 So.2d 652 (1977)
Doris M. LEWIS, Appellant,
Robert A. LEWIS, Appellee.
No. 77-1717.
District Court of Appeal of Florida, Second District.
June 29, 1977.
Marlyn J. Levin, Fort Myers, for appellant.
J. Joe Thomas, Fort Myers, for appellee.
SCHEB, Judge.
Appellant Doris Lewis seeks review of a final judgment of dissolution of marriage.
Although Doris was the appellee in the trial court, she is the appellant here. Appellee Robert A. Lewis was awarded sole custody of the parties’ son, and Doris has appealed the amount of child support awarded and the alimony and counsel fees provided.
The standard for appellate review of support allowances is the abuse of discretion standard. Cooper v. Cooper, 339 So.2d 690 (Fla. 2d DCA 1976). In making such a determination, appellate courts do not have the benefit of hindsight in reviewing the amount of support awarded by the trial court. Undoubtedly the record in this case reflects some minor errors in the distribution of alimony and child support. Nonetheless, the trial judge’s conclusions could be reached only after a consideration of all the evidence and his findings will be sustained on appeal unless it is shown that they are clearly erroneous. Cooper v. Cooper, supra