by tammald
Published: 19 novembre 2022 (2 semaines ago)

Nulldc 16 Full !LINK! Version 15


Nulldc 16 Full Version 15

the php 5.6.30 release was rolled out to production yesterday with approximately 300,000 records. the size of the full table is 25.6mb. when browsing the data, the initial time to browse is 1.5 seconds. a few minutes later, we check the performance of the data and find that the performance is now 1.7 seconds. this is due to the initial indexing of the data (4.9 seconds), and the fact that the data is not in cache (0.2 seconds). the size of the data does not seem to cause any issues. the time taken to browse is in line with what we would expect.

the dns entry for our site is set up as unfortunately, due to a dns issue that we are having at the moment, this means that some external applications are incorrectly looking for the dns entry, rather than the dns entry. this is problematic because this means that some external applications that are browsing our site are experiencing a 404 not found error.

for the first time in his career, yu suzuki is getting the credit he deserves. this release of shenmue is a brilliant game, full of rich gameplay and brilliant art, from a team of highly skilled individuals. the dreamcast hardware is capable of making great games.

nulldc -d 1 -i c:index.txt -a -s c:search.txt

nulldc 16 full version 15

will create a file c:search.txt with one item per line. when the browse has finished, the file will be automatically added to the index browse.

the default browse is now a little more user-friendly, and the default browse will write the most recently-shown record into the index table. this will speed things up. unfortunately, this can still be a little confusing if you are unfamiliar with nulldc.

the full code for the fulltext search has been completed. the code is almost entirely self contained, and is currently available as a patch. i have successfully tested it on a large number of small and large databases. as mentioned, it makes a significant change to the look-up functionality, and the way in which that functionality is presented to the user, and therefore i have not included a detailed documentation of the changes. the functionality is however described in some detail below.
the functionality of the new version of the fulltext search is as follows: the user starts typing at the top of the index, and the words are added to the list. at any point, the user can press ctrl-f to perform a search. this will first go through the entire list of words, and if it finds a word which is in the index then that word will be added to the search results. if no words are found, then the list of words is removed from the search results. if the user has not finished typing, then the filter box will remain on the screen (and will be moved to the left when the user has typed a character or two). the user can now type more, and the results will be filtered further (using more words), and the list of words will be continually updated as new search results are found.
you can now enjoy all your favorite dreamcast games, from jet set radio to shenmue, with the nulldc emulator for pc. it fully emulates the whole console including all its subsystems, allowing you to enjoy games at their full potential.
nulldc requires directx 9.0c, visual c++ runtime libraries and optionally winpcap for modem emulation. additionally, bios files are required. it contains a plugin architecture with numerous alternative implementations (some ported from chankast) for graphics, sound, reading cd-roms (it cant read gd-roms directly) or disc image files, memory cards and so on. you can also check out super smash bros. crusade.