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Blink Planets is a game developed by Ohya Studios.
The concept was born from the curious visual perspective of the artist, Ryuichiro Hidaka.
Ohya Studios is a young company that takes pride in creating challenging games.
We always listen to the customer’s voice and aim to improve our games through user feedback.
We are excited to give you this game and hope you enjoy it.
New Games announced!
Henshin Heroine: Legend of Lost Love
Get ready for a new adventure, Henshin Heroine: Legend of Lost Love!
The theme is « superhero. » The main character is a hero with a familiar name, Henshin Heroine.
In the game, you can control a character who rides a motorcycle and shoots arrows with his bow.
The entire game consists of motorcycle riding and arrow shooting!
You can ride from one area to another, attack enemies from afar, and throw eggs on them.
In addition, you can find a variety of optional quests that can also be purchased in-game.
With its immersive graphics and heart-pounding music, Henshin Heroine: Legend of Lost Love is a pleasure to play.
Fifty-Year-Old Theatres
Fifty-Year-Old Theatres is a game developed by Ryuichiro Hidaka and Yuta Kamizuki.
The concept was based on a memory from 50 years ago, when Kamizuki’s grandfather watched a movie in the electric theater.
In the game, you take a step into the past by entering the electric theater and enjoying the cinema together with the characters from the original movie.
It is a game about watching the movie and talking with the story.
You can enjoy the original sound that was recorded 50 years ago.
Download it today!
(June 2017)

is a cross-platform mobile game created by Dauman Games.
The start of a new journey is about to begin.
Once you have entered the portal, you must cross the vast land with the Horseman traveling on your side.
Dare to follow the footprints and summon the Horseman to help you on your journey.
In this game, you can enjoy a true sense of adventure in your smart phone.
Explore the world! Dodge obstacles! And prevail over obstacles!
Thanks to the high-quality graphics, smooth gameplay, and cute story, Goido: The Red Star Of Hope
Will make you fall in


OlliOlli Features Key:

  • Play versus AI with three levels of difficulty
  • Earn gold to unlock never-before-seen vehicles and more
  • Team up to play multiplayer with up to 8 players
  • Unlock and ride up to 50 dinosaurs
  • Launch a variety of custom dinosaurs from the island
  • Unlock 45 weapon skins
  • Character skins are unlocked as you progress
  • Unlock 25 T-Rex skins
  • Also, with « Build Mode » you can build dinosaurs on the island, featuring thousands of blocks and minerals you can collect to unlock new components and add them to your dinosaur.

    That’s it!

    In this version I have a lot of new things implemented to make the game even better such as New Dino Stages, Best Dino City Score, Multiple Game Center Achievements, Game Center Leaderboards and of course new languages support. Also the following nice features were implemented:

    • Central Network – Players can now compare scores and use the app’s best mode features on mobile devices
    • Mobattack – Select your best team and attack the opponents to win the match with points
    • Touch Swipe Down to Zoom – Click on the screen to zoom in
    • Tap to Scroll – Scroll the pages by tapping anywhere on the screen
    • Fast Camera Shifting – Hides and expands the camera quickly
    • Tap to see your best Multiplayer Score

    Other things that I have work on such as making new textures, animations, sounds and maps. I hope you guys like the new Version as much as we’re working hard to make it even better.

    As usual I would like to thank you for the support and all the messages & feedback.

    Enjoy Dinosaur Is…!


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    OMSI is a simulator for real roads with real traffic, in which you can drive your own vehicle. In OMSI 2, the vehicle has been highly optimised in terms of performance and is provided with a finely-detailed dashboard, in which all important vehicle functions are shown clearly. The 3D graphics, which makes OMSI one of the first games of its kind, are also greatly expanded and have been adapted for a new generation of players. The navigation system is dynamic and perfectly adapted to the 3D view of the vehicle, and the realistic sound effects give the impression of being on the road.
    In the game, it is not the user who drives the vehicle, but the computer. An intelligent AI controls the vehicle and can also provide assistance if required. However, in some situations – for example when the traffic on the roads is particularly busy or when the position of the vehicle is critical to the safety of other road users – the AI can also behave in an aggressive manner, and a blow-up of the vehicle can be triggered, which, if the damage is too high, will lead to a car accident with the consequences you would expect in real life.
    As an alternative to the first-person view, the game also offers a third-person view of the vehicle, which makes it possible to acquire an overview of all road traffic and to see other road users and any obstacles.
    About Halycon Media:
    Passionate creators of simulation games since 1982! Available for PC, Mobile and consoles! With Halycon, developers can develop games for any platform, and learn directly from their customers in the field!
    Download the presskit for more details and an overview of some of our current titles!
    Halycon Media Ltd.
    *******[Clinical evaluation of dynamic tomographic evaluation of sentinel nodes during breast-conserving surgery].
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    Welcome to Gameplay TechLab
    Hello, everyone!
    We are very excited about this new season of Gameplay TechLab.
    We are doing a new stream format where we will be livestreaming from our new Gameplay TechLab studio in Hong Kong.
    Here you will get to see the studio space, our characters, and see how we bring the beautiful world of Square Enix’s games to life.
    We look forward to meeting you there and showing off what Gameplay TechLab is working on!
    The first stream will happen on March 7th, and will be followed by another at the end of the season. We will update the schedule as we get closer.
    Check out our Instagram for teasers of the new studio space, and keep an eye on our website for our schedule.
    Thanks for watching!
    – K.O.G and the Gameplay TechLab teamQ:

    Viewing shared folders (in other languages)

    Is there a way to easily access shared folders that have non-English names? I can see the shortcut to shared folders, but when I click it, it opens an NTFS volume in a folder that contains just the shared folder name and a text file which only contains the name of the folder and nothing more. For example, if it’s C:UsersHlefShared, it opens the volume in the folder Hlef and the text file is named Shared.
    Is there a way to at least copy the folder or the contents?


    The closest you can get is to change the Sharing Settings of the shared folder and choose an alternate language – see here.
    You can then click on the new folder icon, press Ctrl-A (select all) and paste it into a Word document.

    Glossary of node definitions

    Note that this glossary is currently a work in progress. It is being developed by members of the FON programming working group and the LANtM working group. We invite anyone to suggest any missing entries.

    Abstraction level

    This is the level of interaction between programs, processes, services, etc. The order in which the two kinds of abstraction levels are encountered is:

    (1) Domain model

    (2) Data model



    What’s new:

    Chapter 5 – Decisions

    The discussion at the meeting table went on for several hours as Cross finishes describing all the different repairs that can be made to the ship. Many of the repairs he makes are to fix problems that Liam couldn’t make out, including the nautical paintings that are displayed in the captain’s cabin. He moves on to checking the ship’s hull and the engine room with Liam, who is almost in awe of the new engine he found under the galley.

    The meeting wraps up as Jean treats Liam’s sore ribs with a plaster, and Liam agrees to put on the mechanic’s tunic and head out to supervise.

    The sun is settling over the horizon, and as he is heading down the ship’s stairs, Liam grimaces a little at how hard it is to climb down the steps by himself, and when he moves the pain cuts through his side. He looks up at the dark blue of the night sky, and wonders if he would be better off staying in the airship’s comfortable cabin.

    Trying to ignore the discomfort, he decides to climb down the steps to the level below the engine room. As he is getting his bearings, he realizes that there is heavy traffic on the docks, and when he looks to his right, he sees that the docks have turned into a battlefield.

    He hears a shout, and he looks up to see Cross shouting, “Get out of here!” A moment later, war cries start rising as the men of Mable Row try to fend off the enemy, and Liam rushes over to help them.

    In the ensuing chaos, he manages to send one of the bandits sprawling, but the rest of the men attacking him are very determined.

    In the middle of a tussle with several men, he realizes that he is now in the middle of a large crowd of people, and before he knows it he is being pushed backwards a few steps and suddenly feels helpless. From the corner of his eye he sees someone fumbling with something, and suddenly there is a bright flash of light, and when his eyes open he is in a small room with two others.

    “My eyes,” he groans, rubbing his eyes. “How long was I out?”

    “Not long,” says the girl sitting next to him, “but now that you are awake,


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    LegendsofEthernal is an action/adventure puzzle platformer. Seamlessly combine your trusty sword and magic orb to overcome the many dangers in between the depths of the world.

    Now, follow me into the game.

    The setting:
    The game takes place in the world of Lemuria. The Endless Storm rages across the world of Lemuria, bringing with it death and destruction. The Great Forest is lost to the winds of the storm. It lies there, frozen in time, and stands against the winds.

    During this time of crisis, the world needs heroes. The game features four characters; Narik, Acara, a mysteriously beautiful woman, Kell, a ninja, and a young boy named Verick. The four characters can be equipped with weapons, as well as magical magic orbs that can be customized with different spells. With the help of these characters, players will explore the Earth and fight off the many dangers that stand in between them.

    The gameplay:
    Players are able to access the World Map to select where they wish to travel. The World Map includes four different lands that can be accessed – The Forest, the Scrublands, the Swamps, and the Mountain. The lands can be individually explored by moving the character to the World Map, and selecting the area you wish to travel to. Each area can then be expanded upon with the use of the Z button.

    Combat has returned to a more classic puzzle platforming style, however, there are also some new features that are included as well. Combining characters will allow for a new transformation that can add a shield or improve a sword’s attack. Health is represented by a meter and can be depleted by attacking enemies, or being attacked. While the combat system may feel similar to older Zelda games, there are some new features as well. Transformations can also be altered by the use of the directional pad. The new system will allow players to change the attacks of their character by rotating their attack pattern on the new screen. Players will also be able to control the ‘Lightning Arrow’ which allows them to move through the world by jumping towards the direction of the lightning. Players will be able to access menus using the ‘B’ button on the D-Pad.

    The Lightning Arrow can be used to run through doors that have been locked, or to go up ramps, while the Lightning Shield creates a thin defense for the player. These shields can be


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    What’s New

    Key Features:



    • Cute and sexy japanese schoolgirl that loves computer games. If you will like it, then you must like her. »

    Create the Character you want. There are six faces to choose.

    Choose make of military uniform, old or new.

    Be original or imitate another character. Eyes color, hair color, skin tone, and other facial features can be changed.

    If you have some clothing to your character, you can merge. The hem of trousers, skirt, shirt or jacket are like a base.

    If your character is sexy, you can create a boob game. If your character is cute, you can create a hairy game.

    You can change the body parts. Hands, face, feet, waist, chest and butt are now possible to be changed freely. Only select a sex option before the game.

    You can decide where to insert your face into the body. Use spot where you did not show your face in the first game.



    System Requirements:

    Windows 2000 or greater, Mac OS X 10.4 or greater, Linux
    Optional Requirements:
    OpenGL v1.2 or higher
    Direct3D 7.0
    Required Software:
    OpenGL or Direct3D 9
    Microsoft’s patent claim that it has an ownership right on
    all computer graphics systems, and the continuation of that claim by the
    majority of the world’s most valuable software companies, clearly gives Microsoft an ownership
    right over all computer graphics systems. As long as you are running