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One Wild Moment 2015 Torrent


One Wild Moment 2015 Torrent

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The film’s production design is a visually stunning and impeccably acted from the first minute to the last. Smart and witty script writing helps viewers connect the dots among the characters as they rise, fall, and rise again. Director George Hickenlooper is a master at telling a story in brief but potent bursts. « One Wild Moment » does what many films don’t do, but should: it finishes on a note of irreverent joy.

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It’s easy to imagine that, if such a film were to exist, it would leave a mark on the Hong Kong film noir canon. Films like Kung Fu Hustle, Bullet in the Head, I Spy, Thief and the masterpiece Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, would have been looking for an edge in the market for that cool Hong Kong style. Wild City would have shifted the mood and content of Hong Kong cinema slightly, and without a doubt, it would have pushed the envelope (and its box office return) to an unprecedented and unclipped level. This is one wild cinema scene.

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