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MoBoo Doodle, the self-proclaimed Buzzard King, was a baa-ing, growling animal stuffed toy that was available to be played with and cuddled by children. It was the original « new kid on the block » when it was created in 1990 by the Disney Character Merchandising group. The name MoBoo Doodle is derived from the play on words with MOBOO, an action figure that was another product of Disney Merchandising (this one by Mattel). MO-bOO was a groovy tribal-looking animal man.

MoBoo Doodle first appeared in the parks in 1990. Initially, the toy was not aimed at children, but was sold to the general public.
In late 1992, MoBoo Doodle was re-introduced in the parks with the theme that it was the mascot for the Disney’s Aladdin – A New Musical: Opening Night performance. The toy was repackaged and marketed to children. MoBoo is the only Disney toy to wear a full-body white pants suit. MoBoo did go on to make a few appearances in other merchandise including the Disney Junior DVD series, Clubhouse Disney, and Mickey’s Magical Miles: A Mickey Mouse Club Story.

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MoBoo Doodle out for his final bow

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