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#2. A real-time strategy game with a 3D single and multiplayer world.
#3. A strategy game and a war game.
#4. A real time strategy game with a huge amount of data and a huge map (10 000×10 000 km2)
#5. A strategy game and a war game with a 3D single and multiplayer world.
#6. A real time strategy game with a 3D map, a multiplayer world, lots of countries and provinces, unit upgrades, and a dynamic world system.

Fight for global domination in the cataclysmic and action-packed World War II KK World in the iPad version!
Built to polish, prepare, and add polish to the already global leader in real-time strategy games on the iPad!
We’ve ported our award-winning hit strategy experience from the PC and Mac to the iPad.
– Engage in epic real-time battles with dynamic weather effects and terrain.
– Manage troop movement and production, research technologies, and build structures.
– Experience the zen of a Total War game.
– Compete in real-time multiplayer against other players worldwide.
– Plan your moves ahead of time and make use of limited opportunities.
– Balance your economy to support your strategy.
– Use air support and command an assortment of military units including tanks, air units, paratroopers, and more.
– Craft and buy specialized aircraft as you expand your armada.
– Ability to bookmark (hand-off) your game to take on the world later!
– Return to your games after a “power save” to continue where you left off!
– Trophy support for achievements and progress.
– Saved game history, settings, and preferences.
– Generate your own world!
War is coming.

Super Strategy RPG for iPhone that focuses on horizontal turn-based combat, large strategic map, and amazing turn-based maps. As the result of you taking over the world, you must build a country, establish an empire, and defeat your enemies to become the world’s greatest warlord!
— Features —
■ Form a dynasty as you successfully take over the world!
■ Large strategic map and various story scenarios that unfold as you go on your conquests.
■ Huge map sizes up to 16000 x 16000 squares.
■ Multiple playable nation types with easily controllable and customizable units


Features Key:

  • 18 dungeons / levels to explore
  • Localism support.
  • Environmental puzzle stages
  • Different types of monsters and loot
  • Items to find hidden in each dungeon
  • Free spin ability
  • Searching and grubbing through the dungeon for items
  • Bosses & treasure chests
  • Unique enemies: Goblins, Skeletons, Zombies, Skeleton Dogs, Servants, Demons, Dragons, Samsara, Raaiks, Paladin, Little Devils and Nero the Titan
  • Achievements and ranking

Download the tile set here: https:


Genre: Simulation, RPG Maker VX Ace | License: Spreadtale Freeware

Do you think you’re brave enough to start your siege of enemy stronghold? Your task in this game is to destroy the enemy’s walls to conquer as much land as you can…!

RPG Maker VX Ace – Rostaverrottung

RPG Maker VX Ace – Rostaverrottung Game Key Features:

  • 19 missions / levels to explore
  • 30 walls and 8 towers to destroy for each level
  • Use traps and walkways for wall and tower defense
  • If your wall gets destroyed, you lose the game
  • Unique enemies: Robots, Robots with shields, Half Humans, Machine, Goblins, Zombies, Skeletons, Skeleton Dogs, Servants, Demons, Dragons, Samsara, Raaiks, Paladin, Little Devils and Nero the Titan
  • Achievements and ranking


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In Solstice, you meet Eshno, a member of the enigmatic Solstice clan. Since the day he lost his parents, he has been raised by the mysterious albino tribe, eager to find the truth about his heritage. From the outside, the tribe appears normal, but to Eshno, they are anything but that. Aided by his trusted friend Masha, Eshno’s first journey will lead him to dangerous new realities, where he will have to challenge his deepest fears, and find the courage to overcome them.
He has already been kidnapped by the evil Empress and is imprisoned at her request to locate the mysterious mysterious “Solstice”. Solstice is a thousand years old golden city and home to the most dangerous criminal organization in the world.
Your objective is to find out about Eshno’s past, rescue the kidnapped girl and find the secret of Solstice.

What makes this one so special is the game’s focus on puzzles in a well-written story that will keep you awake at night. Solstice has a great atmosphere and never get dull.

Solstice is a very clever game with multiple puzzles with varying levels of difficulty, where you’ll have to complete timed challenges and overcome obstacles in order to progress to the next chapter. The puzzles in the game, though sometimes difficult, are interesting and never get boring.
In Solstice, you will have to collect three types of orbs throughout the game and use them to solve puzzles. Solstice: Solstice skillfully manages difficulty in order to help the player experience the game as it was meant to be played and not get frustrated. Solstice comes with five difficulty modes which allow you to choose the level of challenge: Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare and Eye of the Killer. The difficulty settings will either increase or decrease the number of orbs of each type that you need to collect. The game also comes with a “soft reset” feature, where you can reset all the events of a chapter, but you will have to restart the chapter and collect the orbs once again to do so. With this feature, Solstice can be completely played by itself, without having to stop and restart several times in order to satisfy some hardcore players.
You can collect orbs when you unlock doors of a chapter, while there are a lot of obstacles that require orbs to be turned in order to be cleared. If you collect everything, you will unlock a secret chapter and additional


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Not all of us are meant to be scientists, but we love to dabble in the field of science, making experiments at home, in our back garden or at school. Try your hand at building a simple home science experiment. Experience the thrill of seeing and hearing the results of your work. Create your own liquid crystal display (LCD) experiments. Build a wind tunnel to see how different shapes and sizes of objects respond differently to the air currents. Experiment with materials such as soap, salt, saltwater, dirt, gravel, sand, butter, fresh and frozen water, alcohol, vinegar and honey. Check out the science centre at to get a helping hand. Consider if you could be an engineer, or a scientist. Consider what you enjoy and what your interests are. Maybe your special interest could be climate change, or Einstein, or chemistry, or gravity, or mathematics, or biology. Whatever your interest or your special talents, just pick one. You might have ideas and ideas for new experiments you could do. Have fun!- Join an exciting and educational experiment experience for kids of all ages!- Discover the science of everyday life!- Simple ways to create scientific experiments and then explore science in your own home!- Build a simple and exciting liquid crystal display (LCD) experiment!- Discover your own discovery!- Build your own wind tunnel!- Discover what different shapes and sizes of objects do to the air currents!- Make a soap bubble pyramid!- Make a small chemical reaction!- Make a very simple snow dome experiment!- Put wind in a balloon!- Find out if the moon goes down when the sun is up!- See what gravity is really like!- Make an old fashioned world globe out of old toothpaste tubes!- Tell the time by an egg on a string!- Try building your own model rocket!- Explore the science behind your favourite science experiments in this exciting, educational science experiment DVD set for kids and adults.
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What’s new:

ation 2.0 information

Author: W.C. Mathews

Dedication and Legal Notice


All credit must go to Valve Software for my latest work based on this source (code and art).

Legal Notice

I am the author of Realm of the Mad God and my artwork was used as is. The Floorplan icon files were relicensed from the author and the level / map icons were relicensed from jeffosaurus. All other art is my own and is under a creative commons license.

// All animation is provided by CCL.

// Colors for the [wasblit]-based ship colors are provided by : Daynielle

// Color scheme and icons where shared by AD.

// Colors for space ships are provided by Jeffosaurus with edits to a few colors.

// Luminance map by Daniele.

// Standard themes by Jarno.

// Music also provided by Jarno.

// Scrolling & scrolling effect by Daniele.

// Quad is provided by Kzels.

// Vulpes yellow by Yevan.

// Custom bubbles provided by Jeffosaurus, AD and Daynielle.

// Green sun by Daniele.

// All of the baked textures and particle effects are provided by CCL.

Good night, beautiful space!

The ship now comprises of 4 parts, the control centre module which provides the user interface and connects to the engine room using a power umbilical, the living quarters and the sleeping quarters. The living quarters is special in that it is used as the player’s personal quarters rather than the space captain’s den and this method allow’s the player the freedom in which to set the layout.

While the layout is heavily caveat because it is the controller’s plan only, be sure to add small and large windows to make it as light and comfortable as possible. Each of the 4 modules are able to be collapsed for stowing so it fits nicely in the ship. Also note that there are several cleanable work benches in the lower planar area as well to keep things tidy. The control module also has the ability to be expanded and contracted to be as small or as large as needed.

The ship has an engine that runs off of two power rechargers similar to the ion engines in the first game in conjunction


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Version 1.0: initial release on Steam, with the following features:

Informational screen to provide the player with all the necessary information about the areas and events they will encounter in game, short animated movies will also play on startup to give a brief overview of their personalities and quirks.
Horrible and informative side quests, learn to get out of the mess you got yourself into!
A map of the game world to help track any progress, and world events that will happen around you.
A HUD element to easily select your weapon and view your inventory, and show the stats of other party members.
Combat AI that will react to different enemy types and weapons.
Character driven story with a lot of dialog to build the world around you.

Version 1.1:

Lots of minor bug fixes and refinements
The game now officially supports Windows 7 and later
New character tree with new party members
Starting city has been expanded to have more room to grow
Weapons and items have been rebalanced to add more variety
Difficulty level increased
Enemy count decreased with increased time
Bug fixes (alot)


Version 1.2:

Change to Tier 3 speed class for all party members
The city now has a greater area to explore
New character tree with new party members
Character driven story with a lot of dialog to build the world around you
Difficulty increased
A simple combat system with boss encounters which adds a new challenge to the game
Ability to easily change the difficulty of the game

Version 1.3:

Characters will now make their opinions through text conversations

Version 1.4:

New playable character types and unlockables that have been kept quite a secret
Increased difficulty level
Easy to read character dialog in conversations





History of Making

I’ve worked on a few game prototypes before this project and a lot of it came out of a long (and frankly tedious) search for a new game idea. Having played and enjoyed countless of pokémon games online and having completed the series in the past years, I was very intrigued by the whole concept of pokémon mechanics in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Research and sketching the initial concept was quick and easy, and that’s how Hydroactive came to be a game.

From a mechanic standpoint, I wanted to make a roguelike with some unique twists


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