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I took 2 years of build up, and tons of feedback. I hope you enjoy it.

Goblin Takes No Argument[s] was a school project in pygame we made in 2019. We picked it up again in 2020, and thought it could be fun to try and get it on steam.Features of the game
Place towers to destroy the goblinsUpgrade towers to get even more powerfulSell towers to place even better towersDifferent types of goblins to make the game a little harderControls
Press ‘R’ on the keyboard to toggle visibillity of the towers range
Right click on the mouse to sell towers at half the price
Left click existing towers to upgrade – An upgrade is successful if the range indicator turns orange it cost twice as much as the base price of the towers
About The Game Goblin Takes No Argument[s]:
I took 2 years of build up, and tons of feedback. I hope you enjoy it.

Not the best game, but still fun. It had potential. By far my favorite tower placement game. I gave it about 10 hours or so before I just gave up. The sound was good. However, I also had a little issue with the tower range cost when I upgraded towers. When towers were acquired the cost would add up each time, instead of just once.

I’m a huge advocate of level design, which creates a much more social experience, but if you only want to take the game on a one way trip, then it’s not a bad game, it just doesn’t live up to it’s potential.

All of this being said, I’d still recommend this to anyone that likes tower placement games.

I’m a huge advocate of level design, which creates a much more social experience, but if you only want to take the game on a one way trip, then it’s not a bad game, it just doesn’t live up to it’s potential.

Not only does this game have a limited playing time, but this game is overrated. Not to be rude, but this game is probably one of the worst games I’ve ever played, in fact, I wouldn’t even include it in my list. The graphics are too poor to make it interesting (low frame rate and low FPS) and everything happens at the same speed. It’s not an actual game, it’s just a repetitive tower placement game that takes about 5 minutes to beat.

The first thing I noticed about this game is how


Features Key:

  • Custom Colors: Change the color scheme to make it look unique.
  • Color Overlays: Make your menu transparent so you can see the top color, and the bottom color overlaid.
  • Better Menu: Unlock better icons to suit your T-Type player, and make it so the background looks unique.


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Basic Features:
– Your base and spaceship are fully customizable, you can change the layout of both according to your needs.
– Build vehicles and spaceships that you can use for transport of goods from one planet to another or directly to launch
– Each planet has specific resources to extract and ores to gather, so that you can build new elements and products
– Manage your resources and your economy in a shared economy system
– Discover new planets or use your spaceship to explore them
– Expand your cargo or even your spaceship according to your needs, with the use of technologies.
– Explore the galaxy! There are hundreds of different planets you can visit
– Protect your base and spaceship with your Starship Sentry
– Protect yourself and your colony from intruders in the game
– Ability to create new creations
– Create your own soundtrack
– You can apply more than one way of building your base and spaceships
Special Features:
– Design and manage your base and spaceship that will live on forever!
– Open world 3D galaxy map with hundreds of planets to visit
– There are tons of resources to discover in the game, that can be used by your base for new technologies, and you can use them to expand your spaceship or even your colony.
– An AI controlled space-ship that can be used to explore the galaxy
– An AI controlled space-ship that can be used to transport goods
– An AI controlled space-ship that will help you find the closest planet to a specific value, or the closest planet to specific coordinates, etc.
– A very fast game with smooth gameplay for all types of players
– Search for planets and asteroids, as well as unique resources
– Many enemies of all types
– Sci-fi, mystery, space and resources
– Hundreds of planets to visit, and dozens of ores to extract
– Build your own spaceship and decide if you want to move it to other planets or to go to the stars
– Several choices will allow you to build a great variety of buildings with amazing graphics.
– Customize the items of the interface and of your base and spaceships by dropping designs at the configuration menu.
– If you want to have a reliable base, you can include items at the configuration menu to disable or enable them when you die or when you teleport to another planet.
– A great space and resources management game
– Build ships that will make your colony grow, or colonize planets to turn them into a


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VRITRA COMPLETE EDITION is a side scroll shooter developed by Tactical Operations.

Gameplay VRITRA COMPLETE EDITION is a side scroll shooter in which you play the role of the pilot of a VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing).You fly through a series of stages full of traps, flying towards the end of the game where you’ll face off with a super powerful boss character.

Features of the gameplay VRITRA COMPLETE EDITION side scroll shooter:- Flying in VR- V-Sync effect included- Pause menu to stop the gameplay- Play with SteamVR compatibility- English and French game interface- Two playing modes in which to play (Stagearm Mode and Crouch Mode)- Download the control map from Steam Workshop and display it in-game- Controls (one to four buttons) have been rebalanced and made easier to use.

This is all about ARK. It is all about destruction, survival and evolution. Throughout billions of years, mankind has tried to adapt. Is it possible for the rest of us to do the same?

For humanity, the future has never been brighter. Decades from now, Earth’s first colony of thousands have been established and a new adventure has begun. A new frontier. But, you, the last remaining hunter-gatherer, are about to discover what all the fuss is about…

Life may be tough out here, but it’s also our chance to evolve.

Gameplay ARK: Survival Evolved is set in a massive, primeval wilderness. You are the last of your species, and the future of humanity rests with you. Hunt, craft, explore, and ultimately survive this perilous place while encountering millions of creatures.


Bring your friends into the colossal world of ARK

Evolve your character and build the shelter of your dreams

Consume meat and craft armor to protect yourself

Explore exotic biomes in some of the most visually spectacular locations to ever be seen in a game.

● Survive epic wildlife, extreme weather and rugged terrain while building amazing structures to make a home

● Craft weapons, armor, tools and traps using raw materials found in the wild

● Discover friendly and hostile tribes of intelligent animals

● Explore a huge and varied ARK where only the fittest will survive

● Craft your own vehicle and discover creative ways to traverse the wild

● Meet other players to trade, fight, or


What’s new in Poltergeist Treasure: