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Published: 21 juillet 2022 (3 semaines ago)




This is the tale of an old house with a gruesome history. This mansion has seen it’s fair share of tragedy, and the owners are very eager to leave it all behind.
A crazy old man that only comes out in the middle of the night haunts the mansion. No one will tell you what is going on, but you will have to decide if you want to stay and get to the bottom of the mystery, or sell the mansion and leave this haunted house.
Does the crazy old man know what’s going on in the house? Why is he there? Will you find out?
Follow the story, make choices, and solve puzzles throughout the house as you discover the story of Silent Night, Bloody Night.
Now Available on Steam & Big Fish Games
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Debugging non-META Zabbix v3 hosted exe

On a Windows 7 machine I am trying to configure Zabbix monitoring on a non-META exe (i.e. not an executable by an MSI or something).
I got « unable to start process » when trying to run zabbix_agentd.exe from the Windows 7 start menu, i.e. not by the normal command line.
According to this question I should try

Start zabbix_agentd.exe with the environment variable « ZBX_SERVICE_PORT=1 », or
Start zabbix_agentd.exe with the environment variable « ZBX_SERVICE_PORT=2 », or
Start zabbix_agentd.exe with the environment variable « ZBX_SERVICE_PORT=25100 » (default)

Neither one of those worked for me. Is there another way to monitor Zabbix on a remote Windows 7 machine from another machine that is not using the Zabbix META executable?


On a Windows 7 machine I am trying to configure Zabbix monitoring on a non-META exe (i.e. not an executable by an MSI or something).





Features Key:

  • Accurate laser-guided missiles (Up to 600 meter flight range, ~12 km horizontal range)
  • Laser-guided bombs
  • Head-on collision avoidance in the sky
  • Air to air model: Semi-automatic inter-ship engagement, pre-planned mission, standard dogfight
  • Automatic Flight and Flight Maneuvering Logics (AFLLOG)
  • HASTE system:
    • Single throttle and stick operation, fine AI controls (see this and this
    • SCOPE functions the same way as in in X-Wing – dogfights, bomb runs, ship-to-ship
    • DORA (Working with some altitude-speed)
    • MORA (Working with some altitude-speed)
    • ESP (Allows to add extra look at angles, like laser lock)
    • Auto-mode switching (E.g. Mode7 mode allows player to focus on dogfighting (or equip more missiles, bombs), Mode4 allows for better aiming for artillery rockets)
    • 12 actions slots (Projectile calls, booster, dogfighting, laser lock, bomb, explosion, seeker, switch view angles (ESP, DORA, MORA) and


      Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid – Adam Park Crack [32|64bit]

      In the mid-1960s the world was turned upside down by the unexpected arrival of a beautiful creature, a spider named « Gloria ». In order to keep the newfound friend, scientists took refuge in a walled laboratory, but everything changed when they opened the door.
      Now it’s the end of civilization as we know it. The spider might be adorable, but she’s more than just a house pet. She’s part of the solution.
      In the city, mankind has become a thing of the past, and we find ourselves thrown back to the 19th century, an age when man only knew how to hide from the spider and was still cooking over coal.
      In the grand struggle between spiders and man, we must either capture the little spider and send her back to the safety of our walled laboratory, or we must kill her before she destroys everything.
      Only through outsmarting, outrunning, outthinking, and outmuscling can we survive the catastrophe that’s about to occur…
      Key Features:
      * Beautiful hand drawn Art
      * Classic Tile Based Gameplay
      * Turn-Based Movement
      * Animated Spiders
      * Classic Gamer Comerades
      * Authentic Look & Feel
      * Over 15 levels (plus the Endless Mode)
      * Over 200 unique animations for the spiders (including the ability to make them move for you)
      * Unique science-fiction style atmosphere
      * Play with friends online and in Local Co-Op
      * 7 Classic Mode Levels
      * Endless Mode Level Cap: 2
      * 4 Difficulty Levels
      * Arcade Mode Levels
      * Survival Mode Levels
      * 3 Different Enemy Types
      * 4 Special Modes:
      Ghosts, Revenge, Ape Trap, and Rush (only available in Arcade Mode)
      * 4 Game Modes:
      Killing Spiders, Run, Relax, and Arcade
      * Game Center Support
      * Retina and 3.5 support
      Note: AppleTVs or Jailbreak devices are not currently supported
      IMPORTANT: If you play the game from jailbroken devices, we kindly ask that you wait to patch until the 3.1 beta has been released by Apple and approved.


      Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid – Adam Park Crack Free (Updated 2022)


      Only mirror the beam one half. Pay attention to the arrow head. The laser will move one space if the arrow point is towards the direction of the mirror. If the laser moves towards the direction of the arrow head it will pass through it.

      Have fun!


      Images, asset artist: Jonathan Parsons (

      Game Design, Modeling, Texturing:

      Oskar Nykvist ( )

      Jonathan Parsons (

      Game Design, Art Direction, Layout:

      Pete Banfield (

      Oskar Nykvist ( )

      David “DarkAphelion” Kutchman ( )

      Stuart “Sir Ranting Bee” Marshall ( )

      Deve Banfield ( )

      Alex “RedSixEight” Gross ( )


      Oskar Nykvist ( )


      Pete Banfield (

      Game Livecoding:

      Nicholas Ehrlich (

      Original Music:

      Guy D. Williams (

      Expert 2D Animated Texturing:

      Christof Schmid ( )

      Models, Texturing, Rigging:

      Oskar Nykvist ( )

      3D Models:

      Pete Banfield (


      What’s new:

        The Skirmish Line Bloomberg is undefeated and reportedly his team is pleased. You would not know that from the way he has come under fire by the New York and Westchester County police and for his billion dollar tax increase.

        He has come under fire from veteran cops and the White House. But Bloomberg controls his inner circle, his press, and his name will be emblazoned on every ballot paper in NYC and in Westchester. Wherever there is a cop vote, he will win. And for there to be a cop vote in the middle of a 1/2 pandemic, is an achievement in and of itself.

        But the pro-Bloomberg media has mostly ignored the endless tirades. Wait till the first iCub cop gets chippy, as the media focus on the pandemic fades.

        The media has been reporting on the professional NYPD and former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. But the years of abuse committed by a Mayor who we are yet to hear a word from, is not recalled.

        Bloomberg may control the NYPD and the media, but others, and they run much larger budgets, have the political will to do so.

        The Bloomberg inner circle includes the Corporatist ‘moderate’ Democrat nanny-state megalomaniacs from the LosAngeles and Washington D.C. Portfolio manager wannabe, puppets, Bloomberg’s ‘right hand’ and the wife of the former Mayor.

        Bloomberg’s Wall Street lobby is behind the scheme, which has been circulated, and is a result of his partnership with City Council on the measure.

        Bloomberg has impeccable liberal credentials, and told Eric Pianin of the NY Post: » When you look at where the middle class is, we are the only advanced, industrialized nation without any health care of any kind. »

        That is exactly how the Rupert Murdoch billionaire thinks.

        His largest contribution to this plan is from the tax hikes on the Manhatten D.A.F.T. program for his Billionaire wealth fund, with approval from Michael Bloomberg.

        This ‘moderate Democrat’ Mayor, who campaigned on a ‘C’ plus rating from the fawning media, is telling the rest


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        Gerbil Brothers – Part 13 | DOOM | R U Ready to find out what a Miniature W


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      Aquarium Travels–>Basic Information:

      Key Features:


      • Easy and Quick
      • Addictive, Game Over
      • Easy for new players to play
      • New items and upgrades
      • Super Fast to play
      • Cute sounding music
      • Awesome Graphics
      • Easy to download
      • No complex setting and Unhackable Games.




      System Requirements:

      CPU: Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent
      RAM: 4GB or higher
      HDD: 30GB free space
      DirectX: Version 9.0c (DX9) or later
      Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024
      OS: Windows XP or later
      Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound device
      Additional Notes:
      My apologies for the long wait for this version. I have been pushing a couple of versions back to cut some fat.
      *NOTE* This version has been reported to cause some issues on some


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