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Published: 23 novembre 2022 (2 semaines ago)


Procad 2d Designer 2010 Crack

Procad (pronounced as Pro-Cat) is a modular CAD software suite that allows the user to create 2D and 3D drawings and models of 3D design projects. It can also be used to create 2D engineering drawings as well as an editing system, a product lifecycle management software, a geographical information system (GIS), a structural analysis and design software.

ProCAD engineers make very high quality 2D and 3D design software which is used in the construction industry, mechanical engineering, buildings, plumbing, transportation, and other industries. In addition, the ProCAD software technology is used for producing all production and graphics software in Germany.

ProCad is a new generation, cross-platform architectural design and engineering solution that provides a comprehensive range of 2D and 3D tools to accomplish the entire design process from basic outline drawings to final product hand over.

ProCad is a new generation architectural design and engineering solution, and is a powerful cross-platform CAD application that is currently available in two parallel versions: Architecture and Mechanical.

ProCad offers the designer a free flow approach to the design by integrating all aspects of the design process into one platform, from basic to finished product. It provides extensive editing functionality and CAD modeling capability, and supports all aspects of mechanical, structural and interior design.

Beginning with the first release of the new ProCad Version 6, an integrated product family, the Autodesk Architectural Design Software and the Autodesk Mechanical Design Software, together with the Autodesk Advance Inventor suite of tools will provide a single, comprehensive architectural and mechanical design and engineering solution. It is fully integrated, setting a new standard for business and professional productivity, with its user-friendly interface and task-specific, project-oriented work flow. It offers many improvements over its predecessor, ProCAD Version 5. Advanced innovations offer 2D and 3D integration and an interactive 3D view, true cross-platform portability, advanced tool editing and operability, and a new and more intuitive 2D application.

We are proud to announce the acquisition of Procad and its new owner: GRAITEC, a global leader in engineering and design software for Civil and Building, and AEC. This acquisition further strengthens our position as a preferred digital manufacturing solution provider in the AEC and Civil spaces, and will further enhance our position with AEC and Civil design solution customers who are exploring the digital workflow and transformation to improve collaboration, collaboration, and reuse of design data.
Based in Montreal, Canada and launched in 2008, Procad is a leading market presence in Canada and a major provider of design data interoperability to the engineering community, as well as renowned for its innovative and flexible pipeline integration workflows.
The company’s history is an insightful history of market evolution. Procad was established in 2008 and today has a leading position in Canada among digital manufacturing solution providers. It has built a strong brand in the market, based on the belief that the digital data generated by AEC design activities is a valuable asset that should be harnessed for the benefit of the entire design process. Procad is regarded as a leader in the field of data standards and is the only vendor in Canada and North America to reach the ISA-100 safety standard.
J. Daniel Naletoff, President and CEO of Graitec, and George Giroux, President and CEO of Procad, have agreed on a long-term vision for GRAITEC, Procad and the combined company. The new company will focus on the realization of the vision agreed upon by the leadership team of the new company: to make data the vital link between design and the digital workforce.