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Download Paket Pdta Agama Kristen
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Why Do We Have Direct Marketing?

Understanding the cost and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns is vital to the longevity of your business. With direct marketing you are targeting one-to-one, which is expensive and can be difficult to track. As a result, you can spend a lot of money and not get the return that you should.

Direct marketing enables you to find and target your ideal customer. You can then develop a relationship with that customer based on the specific needs and wants that they have. The return you make from that relationship is ultimately what you want to target.

The term direct marketing is so called because you are targeting one-to-one. This is different to email marketing as the name suggests that it is one-to-one. Therefore, you have the opportunity to see if your campaign is having an effect or not. This allows you to judge the impact of your campaign and change it where necessary.

As the name suggests, you are targeting your audience one-to-one. If you are targeting an audience of 1000 people, then you can say that you are targeting 1-1,000 people. It is therefore not ‘mass market marketing’ but targeted marketing.