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House Democrats are set to vote on three articles of impeachment against President Trump on Wednesday afternoon, despite a potentially perilous moral clarity amid the existential threat of North Korea and Iran.

Instead of President Trump agreeing to be interviewed by House investigators into his corrupt activities, which was his legal right, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) used the constitutional prerogative of the House Judiciary Committee to decide to impeach the president before a compelling narrative or evidence has been presented, and House Democrats have not even heard from the whistleblower in the matter.

The vote is being staged against the backdrop of the moon rising over the White House and the president’s landmark address on the nation’s future at the conclusion of the United Nations General Assembly, where he directly attacked North Korean leader Kim Jung-un for potentially being “unstable.”

Whether the U.S. indeed strikes a deal with North Korea or not, Trump’s laser focus on ensuring we avoid a major war with North Korea should be applauded, not condemned.

“We hope for peace, but if America is attacked, we will attack in return,” Trump said in his U.N. address. “We must be clear eyed about the dangers we face. We must be clear headed about the threats we face. So tonight, let us speak with one voice to the world and to the leaders of other nations: We will not yield to blackmail, we will