by haukanf
Published: 20 novembre 2022 (3 semaines ago)

Real Life Elementary Audio CD Rar [REPACK]



Real Life Elementary Audio CD Rar

We only had this series a few days and are enjoying every minute. It also includes an audio CD which is a great bonus if you are on the road. I am very impressed with the focus and simplicity of the lessons. They are fun and it has been a good introduction to a new medium for learning. I will be using these materials for several of my students who are learning English as a second language. A great start to a new series, this is a must for all teachers!

This is a great series, it is not too complicated to use and the lessons are simple and clear. I like that the publisher has designed the lessons to teach the language in the context of real life situations and the audio CD is great when we go on adventures. The workbook is also a very good guide to have. I use it to mark what I teach my students and it is good for self evaluation. The Word focus and activities are also good and will help their development.

I think it is a bit better than the previous series I read. The new series seems to have a focus on the real world instead of geography and art. The lessons were much more relevant and not just focused on the English language but dealing with the countries and cultures. I think it is well suited for my young adult students who need a change of pace and a better lesson structure than in the past. I am looking forward to future lessons and hope to read many more.

As an ESL teacher the lessons in Life series are very good for teaching conversational English. The lessons are very interesting and challenging at the same time. It is very easy to follow as well as to mark.

Are you kidding me? I love the Life series; it contains three books on reading and I am a school librarian and taught children for a long time. Each book is at the right level and you don’t ever have to stress. You could definitely use some books in this series. they are much more focused on helping the children to achieve their best. I love that these are stories about the people and animals that people love. Life »s Heroes: A Book of Nature Myths Life’s Myths: A Book of Nature Tales Life’s Magic: A Book of Fairy Tales
Teaching the children in a way that is productive and enjoyable is the key. They aren’t realy old enough to be totally on their own, and you have to trust them to want to do it for themselves. There is a lot of self motivation with these skills as well as a willingness to learn, which is essential for success.
I can really tell the young girls to be stronger women in the future, because I have 3 daughters, and the biggest thing they value is a strong man. But, if I had to chose one audiobook for the girls to listen to, it would be The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Axel SchefflerOrion audio free download maybe the eBook?
I don’t know if they would have a lot of interest in an audiobook, but the boys would love this one! I LOVE the Roald Dahl Kids Collection. Jack and The Boxes, The Witches, and The BFG are my favorites. I love that the voices are so creepy, and the stories are great. I would like to get the audio files for them, though– so I could listen while I drive.
Is it just me or do you also find the podcasts with your topic too much information and and too fast? I love the ones that not only cover the topic but basically change your life, like « The Shoal Books » with Karen Katz , the author of the collection, or « HISTORIC LANDMARKS » .