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Published: 23 novembre 2022 (2 semaines ago)

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by far the best of these is the rmx4. one of the most useful things about this plug-in, and reason in general, is that it allows you to use your own samples, either in the form of reason’s own sampler instrument or a.wav or aiff file. this is the first version of reason to support.

the new record application is also a massive upgrade, offering a far more functional and power-efficient version of the rack. it still seems to be missing a bit of functionality, though: one feature that i’d found very useful in earlier versions of reason was the midi note sequence setting for tracks, which kept things organised when it came to editing and quantising notes and timings. not sure if this is part of record’s planning, but it would be great if it could be enabled. another missing feature is the ability to take advantage of the new audio time-stretching capabilities, like the previous record did. otherwise, you’re looking at a very impressive and versatile package, offering not only recording of audio, but audio time-stretching, midi recording, and can even do some reasonably decent manipulating of midi data. it’s clear that propellerhead have put a lot of work into this, and i’m sure it’ll be very popular.

finally, let’s look at reason’s new instrument library, steinberg’s vst/vst3-compatible vb-series, which offer a rather slim but comprehensive selection of instruments. it’s worth mentioning that the new vb-series has a ‘free’ as well as a ‘premium’ option: the ‘free’ version offers a selection of instruments based on the classic general midi standard, and the ‘premium’ vb-series uses the full range of the new vst/vst3 standard. whether you opt for the free or premium versions, though, it’s easy to download patches, and there’s a full-colour manual for the instruments too, which is a welcome addition. even better, though, are the the libraries of patches that come with the vb-series instruments. for those with a bit of practice, you can use these instruments almost for free, since they’re already set up to play the patch that you want, offeringa shortcut to experimentation.

looking critically at the sequencer, it’s currently not possible to quantise anything except notes. audio clips can be manually time-stretched, but some form of within-clip manipulation, like logic’s flex time, would be amost welcome feature, as would the ability to quantise rhythmic audio, and to easily conform the time ruler to freely recorded material. more fundamentally still, i’m amazed that there’s still no automatic punch-in and -out feature, or amarker system. some simple movie support is surely overdue too. while i’m grumbling, i’ll also mention that the use of clips to organise note data for instrument tracks often feels really clumsy. all too easily, note clips end up not meaningfully representing the data they contain: they’ll start too early, go on too long, and subsequent overlaps between them end up muting and hiding notes you want to hear. they can be trimmed, of course, but that feels unnecessarily labour-intensive.
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