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papen predator.
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Adding a custom field to a table for filtering

Hi I have a table with several columns I want to add a custom field to filter based on a single value it will be used in conjunction with a text field.
I know how to add extra fields but is there a way to specify that the value would be the one in a different field?


1) In your table « Custom Field ».

2) In the « Custom Field » you will see a button like « Add New field ».

3) In the ‘Add New Field’ field put the desired field and then choose the ‘Value’ and select the field you would like to use.

* Note: The above image is for Drupal 7


How to trim characters from a string with unknown number of trimming characters in MySQL?

I have table like this:
id | value | trim
1 | abc | em
1 | def | em
1 | ghi | e
2 | jkl | em

How to write a query that will give me result:
id | value | trim
1 | abc | em
1 | def | em
1 | ghi | e
2 | jkl | em

I.e. a) ’em’ are always at the end of a value and b) I have no control what is a number of trimming characters. How to do that?


If you want all the values

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XML background issue

I am working on implementing a background XML retrieval mechanism. I have

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