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Features Key:

  • Story about extreme action and defeat of enemy robots with your LIGHTNING
  • Realistic The Simpsons
    * The Simpsons сontinues in GAME
  • Enjoy a new running game–You can beat strong enemies with your LIGHTNING
  • New and better graphics–More details, big action
  • Easy Music Control–You can play game in the Simpsons
    Tempo and volume and beats
  • Super easy and intuitive interface–No practice skills required
  • ]]>Battle City Creator 3.86 Battle City Creator City Creator is back with many new and incredible features!

    Will you manage to defeat the
    GREATS??…the very tough AI of Battle City?

    An impressive story and global rank system will surely make Battle City quite challenging.

    Arcade action, Jetpack, RPG, timepassing, puzzle. Get ready for a furious ride of some high-energy games in the Battle City Creator!


      • Unbeatable Global Rank system
      • Separate play modes. Arcade, Jetpack and Timepassing along with Puzzle feature. More for those who love arcade action. 
      • Free level design
      • Open slot to make your own levels as well

      All levels can be played without any subscription fees. Everyone can create their own levels like they cannot easily do now!

      Your custom levels can be published and customized.

      Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

      Remember, your levels are always updated, evaluated for bugfixes and improvements – and even released at any time!

      3 simple ways to enter Battle City Creator:

      Go to the Application Store.
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      Robot Heroes [2022-Latest]

      It has taken a total of nine months of concept and development to create Hot Plates.
      In this game you will create meals for the Hot Plates customers using high-end equipment and ingredients. You will cook meals in the biggest science lab ever in space which has been transformed into a complete restaurant in three dimensions.
      Hot Plates is a mix of cooking and management. The excitement of the cooking comes from the fact that in the kitchen you use a huge variety of different equipment for cooking and get to know the hard facts of cooking through learning by doing.
      Here’s the order of things: You are given a fantastic kitchen in which you can organize and set up the work. You can buy or build various machines and inventing tools that make the cooking in space easier. Then you can feed the hungry customers who will be served by a chef who has to be tactful.
      You yourself can mix and match to create your own type of food from the endless selection of ingredients. Each ingredient has a weight and a boiling temperature. When boiling, you can understand from the color that it’s finished!
      This is an interactive game with a lot of depth.
      So you can get to know that:
      You are the chef of the Hot Plates space-restaurant
      You are responsible for all about all the food in the restaurant
      You can buy ingredients and machines for the upcoming meals
      You can buy all ingredients for a specific customer in the shop
      You need to be an efficient chef with a creative mind
      Each recipe is mixed and matched by you to ensure that the meal satisfies the specific customer’s taste
      There will be much strategy and teamwork involved in order to create recipes that please customers of all types
      You can arrange the order in which you cook the meal
      It is your job to organize the kitchen and meet the customers with all the right foods
      It will be up to you to turn your kitchen into a great hot-spot in space
      You have to be careful about every customer
      You need to take into account the specific customer and prepare the right kind of food for them
      It is essential that the customers are happy
      You need to constantly check the quality of your meal
      In case the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the meal, you will lose money
      If you serve the customer wrong kinds of food, you lose money
      The customer has a thumb-the-horn button if he or she is not satisfied with the meal
      You need to cook the meals as fast as possible because waiting


      Robot Heroes

      Turn-based combat in which the player takes control of either a cleric or a sorcerer. Two actions per turn for these characters.

      Action Points determine how many actions you can take during a turn. Each character has a predetermined number of points available at the start of each game, which they may spend as they wish.

      Rerolling: After taking actions, the player may roll the dice to determine the effects of their actions. The player rolls a die and any modifiers (Abrasions, traps, etc.) are applied to the roll. If a ‘success’ is rolled, that action succeeds, otherwise the action fails. If the character has any Reroll Points remaining, the player can reroll these.

      You can use a Skill to influence the outcome of an action. Each Skill has a number of ‘skill levels’, which you can increase by training, purchase, or research. Different Skills can have different effects at different skill levels. Each Skill also has a ‘rank’, or points in which you can spend to improve the Skill’s effect.You can also use a Stamina Point to influence the outcome of an action, and you are always allowed one Stamina Point at the beginning of each turn.

      Stamina Points are replenished when you are not fighting. Depending on your character’s starting Stamina, you may not be able to take more than a few additional actions in a row before your Stamina is depleted.

      When you are under attack, you have one Stamina Point at your disposal, and you may use it to guard your character against damage for that action.

      When a character takes damage, they may choose to use one of their Stamina Points to use a Skill or to rest. Skills allow you to use some of your Stamina Points without using an action, and so you may use Stamina Points to aid in defending yourself. If a character takes damage while resting, they lose a Stamina Point.

      You have a limited amount of Stamina Points available for each round of combat.

      1 action Points per action Action Points 6


      Rerolling Points:

      When you reroll, you can allocate a number of reroll points to each of your characters. If you allocate all your reroll points to one character, the other characters will not be able to reroll their dice. Any dice they roll will be rerolled as normal.If you allocate all your reroll points to the character that had the most success with their


      What’s new in Robot Heroes: