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Published: 21 juillet 2022 (3 semaines ago)
Name Robot Island
Publisher marwill
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“These games can be played in many different ways, the possibilities are endless!”
“The mod is inspired by the legendary and very popular tower defense mod “Legion TD”. In Legion TD 2 multiplayer, players have no fixed map, instead, they can play on any of the AI-created Battle Arenas. Our goal is to make it possible to play a simple, yet very addicting, multiplayer tower defense experience.”
About The Game Legion TD 2 – Online Multiplayer Tower Defense:
“Legion TD 2 multiplayer has very simple rules:
1. You can play with up to 4 players on a single server.
2. You can play on any of the AI-generated Battle Arenas.
3. You can play any game mode from the original game (including the Game Challenges).”
About The Game Legion TD 2 – Factions:
Legion TD 2 has three factions and these factions are created and set by the players themselves. They are unlocked when the players have played an amount of games in one of the game modes.
1. The Alliance: The Alliance has a range of units, spells, heroes, and items and is setup to have a high diversity of factions.
2. The Horde: The Horde is a more aggressive faction based on an army of orcs and they are seeking to take over the planet.
3. The Dark Elves: The Dark Elves are a more defense oriented faction with a magical theme and emphasis on resource gathering.
4. Defending the world: The Dark Elves’ goal is to defend the world in the hopes of restoring the magical forces that were lost.

• It’s a multiplayer experience played on the Warcraft III map.
• Factions are created and added by the player.
• Battle Arena is created by the player, and there are no fixed maps.
• Battle Arena is created by the players, and there are no fixed maps.
• Units can be created and upgraded by players.
• Game modes are created by the players, and there are no fixed maps.

About the Game
The Original Legion TD (aka Legion TD Reborn) is a free multiplayer tower defense mod for Warcraft 3.
The original version was released on November 30, 2009. Then it was taken offline in November 2011.
The new version features a more polished and improved look.
● 4 different game modes.
● Awesome replay system.
● No registration


Robot Island Features Key:

  • Fight against goddesses and free all of the angels other players kidnapped, with rankings and power related with each Goddess
  • Battle through the tournaments organised by Goddesses, unlocking new arts and skills, weapons and equipment
  • Do an original and creative story involving 8 goddesses and their friendships with each other, while exploring the dimensions of its world that are constantly changing
  • Fight against other players, (or upgrade the art and the stats of your own character) to use unknown items found in a spirit board
  • Use items related to demons, supported by demon lords, to make your own attack and defence
  • Battle with a friend with voice control, which is compatible with iOS and Android platforms
  • Experience the story through drawings and objects created and shared by artists by the fans
  • BlindCntl for Windows/Mac/Linux smartphones / tablets
  • Game world photos, models, items and everything from main game and artistic production done by the fans in a gallery where you can show and exchange their creations
  • More info:

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      * The third element, fire, burns at a blaze of 100%.
      * The fourth element, earth, raises up into the heavens.
      * The fifth element, water, is believed to be flowing everywhere.
      * The sixth element, wind, can be heard in the air, and it is always creating new places.
      * The seventh element, wood, can be found in the depths of the forest.
      * The eighth element, metal, may be light or heavy, hard or soft.
      * The ninth element, fire, can be seen in things that burn or glow, but it is also the greatest mystery of all.
      * The 10th element, earth, is silent, quiet, and is more likely to be covered.
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      * The 12th element, wind, has the ability to cause motion, and it can also be heard.
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