by fedeben
Published: 20 novembre 2022 (3 semaines ago)


Seeking The Master Of Mo Pai Adventures With John Chang

in 1990, one of the greatest spiritual masters of the 20th century, john chang, passed away. he was well known for his work in the area of his life that he called « mai chi ». his teachings were not widely known in the west until recently when his writings on this subject began to surface. the teachings of john chang have led to many changes in the lives of his disciples. there are many people who are just starting to understand the teachings of john chang and these teachings are being introduced to the world through the efforts of his disciples.

in august 1992, chang went to japan to seek the support of a political scientist named nobuo sato, who was an expert in the area of mental health. sato was originally a disciple of the hong kong « mental healer » chin kee, and was the last person to see him alive. after his death, chin kee’s body was cremated, but his ashes were never returned to sato. after his cremation, sato had an encounter in his dream with the ghost of chin kee. he was told by the ghost that his body could not be returned to sato because he had violated the laws of the « great law of the east », which is the law of the universe. sato went to chang to ask if there was any way that he could return chin kee’s body to his family. chang told him that he could not do anything for him, because he was not a god. however, he said that he could perform a mental healing, which would allow chin kee’s spirit to return to him. sato agreed to be healed, and chang used his ability to connect the mind and body to heal him.

after chang’s death, sato did not return to his native japan. he settled in hong kong. he also began to study various eastern religions, and joined the « unification church ». at the same time, he was regularly consulting with chang, who was then working on his theory of chi energy.

the truth of john chang is not that he is immortal, but that he has attained the level of deathless attainment. he has become one with the universe and with the energy of the universe. he has learned to connect to the source of the universe and to harness this energy.
john chang’s entire life as been a search for this knowledge. he has travelled through the world finding the most powerful places to train. he has been to places as diverse as the united states, malaysia, thailand and australia to name but a few. he has devoted his life to the pursuit of this knowledge and truth.
he has trained with many of the world’s greatest fighters and weapons masters. he has studied the art of the orient, the middle east and the far east. he has studied with many other masters. he has travelled in china, japan and in vietnam to study the art of chinese boxing.
it was another good read. it was quite detailed in how it explained the mo pai training. it was really detailed in explaining how to do the mo pai moves. it was also very detailed in explaining the mo pai’s history. it was very detailed in explaining the mo pai’s history. it was also very detailed in explaining how the mo pai masters go about their daily lives. (john deak, may 2015)
perhaps this is an example of jim being confused about his own experiences. but we are talking about a book that is titled seeking the master of mo pai: adventures with john chang. if jim is the only person who has the « secret » of mo pai, maybe he is simply mistaken about what he has experienced. if this is the case, he should stop writing about it. and he should stop putting it down the throats of other people who are interested in learning the technique.