by fenhol
Published: 14 janvier 2023 (2 semaines ago)

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So many Up/Down votes and I have no reputation, also 10 edits do not give points for editing

I have an empty score but because of so many up/down votes and revisions I am unable to earn points.
So many revisions do not give me any reputation, also I have some edits but I am not able to gain points.
How I can get the ability to get my reputation, edit and now be able to gain points?


You have 1 reputation point, for a total of 0. Try accepting an answer (to convert 1 « Undelete » vote into 1 « Accepted ») or any other kind of flag – those « Undelete » votes will convert to points as normal.
Also, from your profile, you can see your reputation history and what’s happened with your votes to answer/questions. If you believe you’ve cast a bunch of incorrect/confusing/worthless votes, you can use the « flag » function on any question or answer to « invalidate » votes.


How to preload the object in memory in c#

I have a large list of Entities which I fill with a loop. It is like this:
foreach(myEnity in myDataList)
//do something to fill the entity…


How do I prevent the Entity to be loaded into the database when the foreach loop is run?


If you mean that