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Showing the ring of integers is a Dedekind domain

Let $K$ be a number field and $O_K$ be the ring of integers of $K$. I want to show that $O_K$ is a Dedekind domain.
I saw this theorem in Wikipedia,
If $K$ is a number field and $O_K$ is the ring of integers of $K$, then
a) $O_K$ is a Dedekind domain.
b) $O_K$ is a UFD.
c) The ring of integers of a number field is a Dedekind domain.
I am not sure about how to prove this theorem.
Please help me prove this theorem, thanks in advance.


Let $L$ be the number field $mathbb{Q}(sqrt[4]{5})$. $L$ is a real quadratic extension of $mathbb{Q}$ and $O_L$ is a Dedekind domain. Therefore every $mathbb{Z}$-submodule of $O_L$ containing $1$ has a $mathbb{Z}$-generator. Now $O_K$ contains $O_L$, therefore $O_K$ contains $1$, hence $O_K$ is a Dedekind domain.


Let $A=mathbb Z cap O_K$ be the intersection of the ring of integers and the ring of integers. It’s a $mathbb Z$-module containing $1$ and with non zero divisors. By Hilbert’s theorem 90, the group $A$ is free so it’s free as a $mathbb Z$-module and this implies that it’s projective (by Nakayama’s lemma) so that $text{fd}_{mathbb Z}A=text{fd}_{mathbb Z}mathbb Z=0$.


PHP SELECT certain rows from MySQL from second subquery

I have a two separate MySQL tables, one

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