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Published: 22 novembre 2022 (2 semaines ago)

Signing Naturally Homework Answers Unit 4.14 ~REPACK~


Signing Naturally Homework Answers Unit 4.14

Assisting teachers in their efforts to provide the best learning experiences for their students is one of the major goals of any teacher development programs. This workshop is an opportunity to discuss goals, strategies, and evaluation techniques for professional development. It will challenge attendees to be reflective about the professional development process and provide them with some concrete ideas for the future. Participants will identify areas for development, design a plan to improve their teaching, set goals, and begin evaluating and planning the next steps in their careers.

The Signing Naturally program is designed for use in grades 6, 7, and 8, but can be adapted for use in any grade. There are 6 units, with a range of lesson plans and ideas to help teachers use Signing Naturally at any time, in any grade, with any students. The goal is to provide teachers with the knowledge and confidence to teach American Sign Language (ASL) using the Orff Schulwerk approach in a respectful, progressive manner. Each unit includes a Teacher’s Guide that contains all the information and resources needed to teach the lessons in the unit. The goal is to « sign naturally, » using a combination of ASL, English, and other cultural ideas to integrate the lessons and to teach ASL as a second language. The units provide the teacher with the skills to teach other subjects (such as math, science, or history) using Signing Naturally. We hope that the program will provide the foundation for other professional development, not only for teachers, but for administrators, parents, or anyone who wants to teach students in the Deaf Community.

From there, depending on their interest, and their level of fluency, you can build your skills around the children’s story, or the children’s alphabet, or the story of the ocean, or the musical notes, or the shapes of the United States, or the continents, or the opposite sides of an ice cube (India and Antarctica), or the verbs of motion, or the colours, and everything in between.
The goal of Signing Naturally Units 1-6 is to not only teach students how to sign in a way that is useful and understandable to others, but to also broaden their vocabulary so that they feel comfortable to use this language. It is important to remember that their primary audience are children who have other ways of understanding the world. Children need to understand the rules of grammar, vocabulary, and sentence construction in order to function and be successful in our society. When an adult throws words at children in the wrong context it is not a big deal, but when a child misinterprets what the adult is trying to say and comes up with a sentence that is totally out of context, the message it sends is that the culture is not open-minded enough to allow that child to develop into a successful member of the society.
I would like to teach a language to my students that is usable in their lives and that they can navigate through their community and feel comfortable to use in school and at home. In order to move from the simple into the complex, I want to encourage my students to take risks and explore their knowledge. I hope to provide my students the opportunity to communicate in a culture where the community is willing to accept that speech and gesture are part of the language and make that goal a reality.