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Jagged Alliance Flashback is a remake of the classic 2D turn-based tactics game, Jagged Alliance. These games were on the original PC Jagged Alliance fans would have grown up with as the series progressed further and further.

As a relic of the era before online multiplayer was viable, Jagged Alliance was always great fun to play with friends and it was therefore a grand nostalgic feeling to be able to go back and play one of the best games of the genre that most people grew up on, and improve it on the way.
– Over a decade has passed since the events of the original game
– Jagged Alliance Flashback is all about the men and women that wear the grey and carry the guns on the battlefield.
– Don’t worry about precision time or the point of no return as you’ll be provided with some assistance along the way
– It is time to walk to freedom and reclaim the country from the bad guys, and take control of your own squad.
– The game features a full single player campaign
– The game also includes over 100 single-player scenarios
– Compatible with Mac and Linux
– Compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux
– Compatible with the Xbox One S/X

Sagapidis vs SleeF
Winner: SleeF, 46 points to 38
Final score: Sagapidis, +8

Core Tyrant vs 10 Towers
Winner: Tyrant, 66 points to 54
Final score: Core Tyrant, +12

8/6/19 (MS/Steam)
Core Tyrant vs Guilherme Antropov (gunman)
Winner: Core Tyrant, -4 points
Final score: Core Tyrant, -7

Jagged Alliance Flashback 4: Time For Change
On a cold, winter night in the 70s, the central Caribbean island of San Hermanos is occupied by the Order. A leader at the top with an army


Features Key:

  • Unique rules with a classic atmosphere
  • The heavy influence of Robert Bloch’s novel
    added to emphasize the distinctive features of the
  • A section of new editorial features
  • The option of adding a second player
  • Character concept for the Warden

    Forbidden Configuration

    If you find this game system and the ideas…
    challenging, that is because it is a very free and original
    approach on the rules of Psychodrama, allowing any
    player to try virtually all types of things, in one game,
    whatever their tastes or abilities.

    The aim of this game system is to create situations
    to encourage creativity, originality and “madness”,
    at the same time as to challenge every player to his ability,
    by authoring, temporarily and by turns, those situations and
    encouraging the “connection” between them.


    A real game for the hunt, when you break the sense of reality will be
    the monsters, the dead and weapons. But be careful before you step
    the suitcase from the locker to paralyse them.
    Remember that the stealth is only the beginning, you’ll have to be
    patient and patient before you can see its effect, you need to be keen

    Hans Lamothe

    It’s a good game, i have played twice with my friends, but i can’t give you more information than if it was nice. Try to play, so make you pass the first time, and if you pass first again, give me more information,


    Er… you mean the one without a tag? Yeah, got it, thanks. I’ll get back to you in a few days when i’ve installed it somewhere and can play. It’s running on Windows 7 in VirtualBox. I’ll ask around on those sites you mentioned too. Thanks.

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    Version 1.0 by Kit Marlowe
    Game is based on the original code by

    And ammended code by

    Unsuccessful in their mission to get to Destiny, the crew is stranded on a new world and their only hope for survival is to make allies of the native cultures on the planet, but can they stay alive long enough to talk them into help?

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    Part I: [ [Subtitles for English versions are now posted!]
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    Part V: [


    What’s new:


      This is the real-world version of the City_Lovepolice. It consists of a set of pop-up locations/neighborhoods in a city in the eastern part of Germany. The minimum number of players needed for the game to be fun is 3 to 6 players. A 6-player game is recommended.

      The start of game is random. With 6 players, every move is determined by a roll or « dice » die.

      Notes about the map:

      The « building heights » are very rough, to the point that it’s barely useful to play the game in Berlin. It should be obvious where there’s an underpass, there would be a bridge. The concrete walls provide enough cover that they’re almost never included in the traversable space.

      In case you’re wondering about the English translations of the German names, according to Wikipedia, the 6 official Berlin boroughs are Wustermark, Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Märkisches Museum, Marzahn, Treptow, Reinickendorf.

      The map should look ok in Firefox as long as you have « Advanced Graphics » enabled (or, at the very least, Graphics Extras if you’re on linux/undead windows). If not, please, no hits.

      To make it easier for anyone if the player does not have a great internet connection (comparable with « slow » connections, like 56K), you could try to do the map on a USB Flash Drive, but make sure that it doesn’t have too many files, or else the translation above won’t work.

      (Artist’s and author’s comments, May 2010)

      Longer version:

      The first version of this game was pretty wide open.

      You could use random cars (as would happen in the main game) or simply go around until the police car ran over you (as is done in the first version of City_Lovepolice.

      In that version, there was a toluene sniffer that didn’t look bad, but it was missing a few features.

      Each player choses an action, that gets remembered (keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to play in the order you got presented with the choices)

      Each player rolls a dice (or a die, depending on who is being featured on the day)

      The dice rolls keep a score for you and the police car (


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      ♥Storyline introduction is shown in the Story Mode. To make it easier, you can simply download the short version and the full version is all ready for you.
      ♥The game goes in 3 routes, there’s another way, but it’s too hard to share with just 3 routes.
      3 routes:
      -Brilliant Reality:
      There’re 3 routes to make the player fully know what is going on, but they are all interesting.
      -Bumpy Reality:
      A new route with its own story and atmosphere.
      In this route, you will be facing various obstacles in reality.
      -==Script data==
      The setting is a city called Hakoniwa City.
      The script is mixed with a movie called « Hisshunt ».
      -Big Boss & staff:
      Story of « Hisshunt » is about a girl called Asiru Ayumi, a girl who died around 1999.
      ==That’s it==
      Character and setting profile:
      A male who’s lonely in a city called Hakoniwa City.
      Working out.
      A non-regular routine.
      Kirika, Iriya, Kiri, Irii, Kiro and Kiriko have appeared in this game.
      Crazy bizboss is called Koko, Iriya’s friend.
      The other three characters are remains of “Hisshunt.”
      ✿Place and date in life✿
      Hakoniwa City.
      Semester 1-3
      [Title: Drama]
      ✿Character biography?✿
      ◎Arata Wakui
      A lovely person.
      Very high intellect.
      Very naive.
      If he could speak, he would’ve been brilliant.
      A person who doesn’t believe in fate.
      A person who likes mysteries.
      A person who likes girls and totally likes romance.
      A person who loves to solve mystery with girls.
      A person who goes to Senba University with his only friend, Kiko.
      Kiko is an old friend of Arata, who gives him his only friend.
      He doesn’t go to Senba University and his major is special sciences.
      He’s very likeable.
      Semester 4-6


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     This game has an issue that any of game1 folder or game2 or game3 like « crackme », « crackme1 ».. then delete that and try to install again

    • You must use a Windows 7 x32 SP1 clean installation
    • Please follow the instruction completely 

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