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What exactly is the Function $c$ in $c=f(x)implies |c| = |f(x)|$?

I am wondering if $c$ is just some constant or something. I was trying to prove this but no matter how small of an f(x) I made, the « |c| = |f(x)| » doesn’t hold for all $x$.
For example if I had $f(x)=x^3, c=-3$, $c$ was never $3$ or anything like that. I did it on my own but just wanted to make sure there is no hidden rule.


The standard interpretation is that for a complex number $z$, we have $lvert zrvert = lvert zrvert$ if and only if $lvert zrvert = lvert zrvert$, where « if and only if » is a statement of logical equivalence. If you want to make your own proof, you’re free to do that; we call it an alternate proof.
In your examples, $c = -3$ and $lvert -3rvert = sqrt{13}$.

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