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Published: 21 juillet 2022 (3 semaines ago)

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Download ZIP » DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


Hypnotix is an independent point-and-click adventure game that allows players to live the lives of fantasy characters and travel the globe as they see fit in a fun, exciting and addicting way.
It is a free game with optional in-app purchases.
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« Hypnotix » is a free, point-and-click, episodic game. In order to play this game, you must have a Facebook account.

Rally the Rescue Team to stop a glacial meltdown that could have catastrophic consequences!
When global warming unleashes a rash of natural disasters, the Rescue Team swoops in to save the victims! With a few easy clicks, the player races against the clock to deploy helicopters to hilltops to rescue stranded tourists, send rescue dogs into churning waters to save people from drowning, and dispatch firemen to hose down burning buildings and debris.
The excitement builds as the player gathers and produces the resources he or she needs to rebuild hospitals so doctors can heal the injured and jails so the police can stop thieves in their tracks!
All of these thrilling quests take place in a vibrant and colorful world packed with secrets to find and rewards to earn. From scorching deserts to frozen frontiers, each beautifully animated setting will take the player closer to a final challenge in which the fate of the world rests in his or her hands!
Are you ready to save the day? The adventure is just a click away!
•65 gripping levels to beat
•Over 40 achievements to earn
•Relaxed, Easy and Hard game modes
•Downloadable soundtrack
•Desktop wallpapers
•Character bios
•Point-and-click controls
•Learn-as-you-play tutorial
•Step-by-step walkthrough
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Props to Hypnotix for making a game in which you can travel the world as an FBI agent (Gomez). It’s a nice idea, but there’s quite a few problems that make it fall short of greatness.



SoulSet Features Key:

  • Castlevania style 1-2 player co-op
  • Sink or swim! Castlevania 2 style make your way through deadly hazards
  • Double the fun co-op play with up to 4 players
  • Play as any of the classic Castlevania heroes (Rasputin, Dracula, Simon Belmont)
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Doctor Tsunami Game Screenshots

    <img src=screenshots


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    The mad scientist has accidentally created a creature that is too perfect to be given human form. Discover how the world reacts to this being as it ages, and get to know it’s inhabitants as they see the world from their perspective. A variety of fully voiced creatures, 5-10 dialogue options per creature, and one-of-a-kind game effects add to the game’s personality.
    Game Features:
    – A cohesive story with interactive, funny dialog
    – A lifelike character with their own unique attributes, dialogue, and action choices
    – Multiple endings depend on the characters’ attributes and actions
    – A wealth of creatures to meet, each with their own personalities and attributes

    Show HN: LCC repository, a minimalist cms for music fans – evangeline'm experimenting with ideas for a music website, and thought it would be nice if the format was as small as possible, to minimize the time it takes to download, and the amount of data it takes to view. This is the minimum code needed to create and play a short song.The repo is also open source, if you'd like to make a pull request to add it to your web-page.
    Nice simple markup format. This is a pretty cool experiment. Anyone who has
    just started with music web apps might want to check this out.

    Thank you!

    Who does everyone know that provides a framework/cms for music websites. If
    anyone can point to one that doesn’t come with a ton of bells and whistles
    that would be great.


    How to use attribute-only Metadata as a means to render attribute set?

    With the inclusion of attributes in core Magento and its templates, I was thinking of using it to render a subset of Magento’s set of attributes, or add additional attributes of my own.
    I know that I can use an array to populate which attributes to use in the « customer » or « login » block.
    $customerAttributes = array(
    ‘group_id’ => Mage::getSingleton(‘customer/session’)->getMyCustomerGroupId


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    5.0/5 ( 5 )


    Crazy Door

    5.0/5 ( 5 )


    Amazing logic adventure game with so many things to learn and explore!

    The game is relaxing and funny but it is also really challenging. This is a must for fans of logic puzzle games.

    4.5/5 ( 2 )

    S. Leithe

    Gameplay is good but looks are kinda outdated

    The app is basic. The game is really simple. It’s great that it works as a perfect logic app, but it’s not the best I’ve ever played.

    3.5/5 ( 7 )


    Crazy but interesting, some puzzles are not even hard.

    You start with a simple puzzle. Solve that and get some special door keys. Then you will start to have access to some doors which are the most intriguing I’ve seen in ages. They have time sequences where you can read almost like a real paper. One can assume that the final puzzle is quite well known for the fans of the genre, so solving that part is a given. Then, you will finally have some new doors to play with.

    However, the gameplay is quite outdated. The graphics are quite bad, the puzzles are not very hard to solve. And you can’t complete the game in one sitting. All in all, it’s not bad, but a bit disappointing.

    2.5/5 ( 4 )


    Great game but boring

    I would highly recommend this app. It is a very interesting game with a challenging gameplay and a good story. But on the other hand it was really boring and I had to quit the game after 20 minutes.

    3.5/5 ( 12 )


    Can’t believe I didn’t play this sooner

    Can’t believe I didn’t play this sooner. One of the most addictive games I’ve ever played.

    5.0/5 ( 1 )


    A brief glimpse into the wild world


    What’s new in SoulSet:

    [Freedom/Mercury/EnV-14] 1998 Freedom (529)Mercury (1094)EnV-14 (1094) EnV-14 (1094) # 382" Rhyhmmm… This is Larry Michael Davis for F&U…Check this out at the link below… ;)

    01-28-2008, 11:55 PM


    Tone Loc- Rhyme Of My Life [Television] [Rhythm Masters Records] Wittenberg, FL 1998

    01-28-2008, 11:56 PM



    Originally Posted by Thepyro

    Tone Loc- Rhyme Of My Life [Television] [Rhythm Masters Records] Wittenberg, FL 1998

    This song is nice…Has anyone got the full version of the song? So I didn’t have to be like « No! this is bad… »

    01-29-2008, 12:06 AM



    Originally Posted by KFar

    This song is nice…Has anyone got the full version of the song? So I didn’t have to be like « No! this is bad… »

    :lol Well I guess you’ll just have to make your own decision then. You remember the amazing South Park episode called ‘Time To Kill’, the final scene and the credits. At the end of the show Stan gives the statue time to kill or something like that. Instead of smashing it, Stan decides to play and record and instead takes out his most deadly toys at the end. Press any key to continue…:dizzy:Unilateral tympanic membrane tympanic membrane perforation: audiometric and perceptual outcome after stapes surgery.
    To study the postoperative speech recognition threshold (SRT) and speech intelligibility in patients with unilateral tympanic membrane perforation (UTMP) according to the perforation size. The standard audiological tests, a speech audiometry and a perceptual assessment were performed before stapes surgery and 6 months postoperatively in 17 patients with UTMP. The mean preoperative SRT was 64 dB. In seven patients SRT was 62 dB or above; and in the others it was below 62 dB (decibel). The SRT was preserved or improved following surgery


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    Aurum Kings is a competitive arena game where the goal is to become the richest in the land!
    Collect Gold
    Gain gold while you hold the crown, or pick it up throughout the time spent in each level! The first player to reach the set amount of gold wins!!
    Cause Chaos
    Use your chosen ability to give you the edge in each match, blowing others into lava pits, or stunning them with a bear trap!
    Unique Environments
    Each map is different, with a new environmental mechanic!
    Fast-Paced gameplay
    The enemy has victory in the sights, gloating about far ahead they are compared to everyone else when suddenly,BOOM! They get pushed into a corner by a bomb, trapped, you take the crown from them and dive away, making an epic comeback for the victory.

    FreeRUGOMAGO Guides | Cryptommentary Wiki

    FreeRUGOMAGO Guides | Cryptommentary Wiki


    How To Grow an Army (Guide)

    This guide will show you how to design a better army:

    1. How to Make it stronger

    2. What makes a good Army?

    3. How to deal with weaknesses

    *Lots of good information in here if you guys are willing to read it all!

    *If you’re interested, you can check out my other guides for cheaper ways of levelling up, as well as a guide that tells you how to increase attack and defence in general.

    To learn about RUGOMAGO (Resource Unbalance Pokémon GO),

    This guide will show you how to build better,and have better equipped teams, by leveling up your Pokémon, as well as some strategies!

    How to level up your Pokémon in Ruby (or in case of server changes, however i’m not sure where the new moves are placed in GE)

    5. How to catch Stardust

    7. How to level up as quickly as possible

    For a basic overview on Pokemon GO, go here:

    For more specific information, go to the following Youtube Links


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    Fantasy Grounds – D&D Ghosts of Saltmarsh