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I am pleased to note that, since the publication of the State’s Budget in February, it has been approved by the Finance Minister and Parliament as a whole. The Budget itself, of course, cannot be its own indicator. But the 2015 figures also show that the Budget is on track to achieve its objectives. This is because of the responsible spending and management of resources by the Government and of its keenness to modernise the service delivery system and to reap the benefits of development in a sustainable way.

In 2015, the Budget has inherited resources of R158 billion (2009: R188 billion). This is a continuing process that will see these resources gradually grow to R189 billion in 2016 and then to R196 billion in 2017 and 2018. This is thanks to strong economic growth and returns on our investments in infrastructure.

The budget has also inherited R20.5 billion of arrears. Of this, R12 billion relates to pension arrears. It is important to note that the Labour party and the Minister of Finance have made a commitment to start the process of repayment from July 1, 2016. This will ensure that these arrears are paid back in due course and in a manner that is sustainable. In any event, the repayment process has not started as yet. By way of a

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