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Using an in vitro assay, we measured autocrine production of platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) in 3 human colon cancer cell lines, HT29, SW480, and HCT-116. The conditioned medium from these 3 cell lines released a PDGF-like activity which stimulated thymidine incorporation by each of these cell lines. However, these 3 cell lines were distinguished by the following 2 markers: (1) HT29 and SW480 were morphologically round or polygonal in shape, whereas HCT-116 was usually elongated and spindly; (2) SW480 was weakly positive for carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), and HCT-116 was strongly positive. The growth and morphology of HT29, SW480, and HCT-116 cell lines showed continuous variation, and morphological changes were demonstrated by spindle-shaped cells. The activity of PDGF released by the HT29, SW480, and HCT-116 cells was predominantly > 80% type beta and 30-40% type A. The growth of the HT29 and SW480 cells was stimulated and the S factor increased by adding exogenous PDGF-AA or PDGF-BB, whereas the PDGF-AB or PDGF-BB was stimulatory to the HCT-116 cells. These results indicate that these human colon cancer cell lines have distinct growth and secretory responses to stimulation of PDGF type receptors.Q:

Can the centripetal force be cancelled by an equal amount of the gravitational force, such that there is no acceleration?

By this point I assume that we know the acceleration is directly proportional to the force.
For example, if I have a small ball that is suspended in the air, and I apply a force to the ball to draw it away from the ceiling and towards the floor, the ball experiences a centripetal force in the opposite direction (the ceiling) and an equal magnitude gravitational force in the opposite direction (the floor).
I can keep applying

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How do you signal your friends to play nice?

You are in a group chatting in Skype. You wish to draw attention to a funny, easy to fix problem in the game, but have no idea how to signal your friends.
How would you send a message to your friends in order to tell them to be « nice »?


You would set your status to something like « private ». When people are notified via status that you are no longer publicly on, the « private » status will be removed, so this can be used to communicate « private » status to your friends.


Try directly using Skype, it has a button to do so. Skype is set to « Private » by default, you can just hit the button on the right side of your Skype window (or press ALT + TAB to reach it).
You would just need to click on the button to change the status. For instance, you could use this button to simply say « I’m being attacked! ».
There is also an option to « block » people from your Skype list.


Simply send them a private message (which can be found by pressing Alt+Tab). Use the menu on the left side to block someone.


Safe param access in Lua

My question is on how to define a function which accepts 2 parameters. The first parameter is a string and the second parameter is another string.
I would like to be able to use both of these strings and neither be modified.
I would like to be able to use:
print( theObject.theStrFunctionName(string1, string2))

while ensuring that no one can modify string1 and string2.
Are my only options:

Bytecode compiler & run-time check for pointers? (like in
Define an interface class to wrap them up (which would be a bit cumbersome because you would have to add wrapper methods to it anyway)?

then download. Login Register. This page focuses on the technical characteristics and the. Sqlgate 2010 for MySQL Developer Free download for. make sure you have the latest v.or at least the version 1.16.. Extract sqlgate2010 file and run the installation program. Sql.Gate – a plugin for SQL Server Management Studio – by Red Gate Software. Sql.Gate for Oracle.Don’t get us wrong, we love dogs and we adore our four-legged companions, but much as we like doggies, we also get irked by mistreatment, pet over-ownership, dog-crowded cities and the dwindling quality of the human-pet bond.

However, while animal rights groups’ and activists’ efforts to improve conditions and encourage the humane treatment of non-human animals are important, action that goes too far or takes away pets from people at a time when many families are struggling financially is misguided and cruel.

It’s one thing to limit the number of pets owned by people who might get sick, lose their jobs, or even die. It’s another to take dogs and cats from defenseless animal-coddled humanity to make room for more pets.

« If you think about it, many homeless people have told me they don’t even want to be with a dog, » said Atlanta Humane Society Director of Services R.J. Gentile. « If you’re homeless, you’re going to be living on the street with a dog for awhile anyway. Taking them away from them is a bit cruel. It’s like saying, ‘Let’s end homelessness by taking away the people who are homeless.' »

But that’s what Elizabeth « Liz » Davis, who is president of the Harris County Humane Society in Houston, recently did.

Already stretched thin after taking in 1,125 animals last year, the Humane Society was suffering a lack of staff and volunteers to care for the pets in the shelter and the animals in private homes that were on the verge of collapsing.

The shelter was so overwhelmed, there were times when, for a few days, the shelter was closed.

« I’m at the end of my rope, » Davis said. « I took some of my own dogs and other animals from people I know, and I wasn’t doing it to be mean, I was just doing it because I didn’t know what else to do. »

That’s why the Humane Society held a « Pets to People » event May 19