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OrbusVR is a massively-multiplayer online Virtual Reality action RPG that sits at the nexus of intricate gameplay mechanics, gripping story, and visceral combat. It is a technological leap forward that capitalizes on 3D-first experiences and VR technology, but without limiting the player’s freedom with easy controls, godlike powers, or endless customization. It brings the action, immersion, and excitement of VR games to the browser, and is currently available on the Oculus Rift.

About Joey Rebello
Joey Rebello is a former free-lance iPhone and iPad game designer, and is a contributor to He loves video games with a passion, and is an enthusiastic judge of them, having been a long-time amateur competitive gamer. He has a wife and kids and is living with a high-functioning form of ALS, and has recently started helping sick kids by building a VR kids game ( to raise funds and awareness to the cause. Joey is also one of the founding members of the Critical Media Inquiry Society, a Chicago-based satirical and heavy metal band.
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Brittany Muglia

Bio: Brittany Muglia is an independent games journalist and interviewer from Chicago, IL. She’s a founder of More Like This, an Australian arcade-RPG collective and a contributor to Critical Media Inquiry and Fauxspace. She’s a three-time Nintendo Download Show Podcast live performer and is also the progenitor of the world’s first weekly race-the-album podcast. When not covering videogames or telling bad jokes, she works as a content creator, writer, and digital influencer. As always, keep an eye out for her work, and maybe don’t be a dick.
Check out Brittany’s games column, Poyo’s Brain, for game reviews and blog posts about all things gaming. Brittany is also curating a trade show at PAX Unplugged on April 14th, and look for her on the show floor!
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Phil Nunn

Bio: Philipe Nunn is an indie game programmer living in the Colorado area. He’s been working on VR games professionally since the early days of the Oculus Rift. As a developer, he’s created games for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive,


Features Key:

  • With a blend of new features and improvements from over 50M hours of polish, performance and gameplay fixes and balance optimisations.
  • Interface fixes to make progress easier.
  • Reduced system requirements and improved any problematic Steam system errors.
  • Improved matchmaking and queues that is now much more efficient.
  • Various bug fixes.


Steelborn [Win/Mac]

CPU Invaders is a platform game for the Spectrum 128 with
a maze-like play field and breakable barriers.
It also features a unique 2 player mode with 2 screens and
head to head competition.
The concept of the game was a fast-paced Pacman like game where
upwards only and no walls were allowed. It took years of research and
development to finally create a game that was fast yet challenging and
would appeal to hardcore Pacman fans as well as to new Pacman players.
The game was originally scheduled to release to the public in October
1984, but was delayed to Christmas time. The release date was changed
to 30th of November 1984.
The game was released in the US by Williams Microcomputer Products
(WMP) and in the UK by Capital Games, and was later ported to the
Tandy TRS-80, the ZX Spectrum, and the Amstrad CPC.
The recommended requirements are:
128K RAM
2 Colour monitor
Spectrum/CT/128 16 colour VGA VIC-II compliant
Yar’s 676 or 128K enhanced
Moose’s PowerTab
12″ x 9″ x 15″ x 1″
The game is played on a 16×32 pixel grid with moving barriers
and on a 16×16 pixel grid with monsters which attack the player.
The player can jump through one level to the other, via
a gate with which the player can enter the other grid.
This can be done by pushing the gate to create the
« wall-jump ». After the wall-jump the player is entered
into the other level grid, which is in the other direction.
The player can move upwards only and not backwards.
Each level has been designed to be simple, rewarding and
interesting. It is divided into 4 rooms, which are interconnected
by doors. The player starts out in the second room with one
monster in each corner of the level. The goal of the game
is to collect all of them before the level timer runs out.
When all monsters have been collected the level is over.
More monsters will always spawn when collecting a monster.
Time is set by the game, and by a time message
shown in the top left corner of the screen.


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