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Published: 14 janvier 2023 (2 semaines ago)

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Psalm 6:5– Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

​The above is from The Daily Prayer, an online prayer journal for youth and adults alike, and is part of the “There Will Be No Drama” series that Jesus Unlimited, a Christian School and Ministry Center, has over a dozen of for students of all ages. Each day, you will find a prompt to help you pray, a scripture to reflect on, and a simple daily theme to embrace that will help you grow and be transformed.

In a world where technology is growing faster than many can imagine, it is so easy to use this “pass-through-device” (playlist in a DVD) as a substitute for prayer. Here are two reasons why we need to start praying, and praying morning and night, not only for our own lives but for the lives of others.

One of the most memorable events that I have experienced in ministry at the Cleveland Metropolitan School District was being at another school’s annual Christmas concert. I was struck by how many of the students from the upper grades felt their Christian faith became something of an embarrassment or a hindrance to the community around them. I learned many things while attending this concert, and I’ll share those with you.

The following is an excerpt from a special pre-recorded radio message. In order to expose you to the simple pleasure of listening to this message, I’m not going to tell you when and where to listen to it. If, however, you need a “safe” place to listen to the message at your convenience, you can do so by purchasing “The Daily Prayer” course for $4.95 at You can listen to it anytime you choose, and you may continue listening to it as often as you want.

There was another one like me in the prayer meeting that night. We had all gone home. At the exact same time, we got a phone call from the high school that one of our students had gone to the hospital. His parents were informed that their son had a blood clot in his lungs. He would be discharged from the hospital