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Published: 20 juillet 2022 (3 semaines ago)


Murnatan is a strategy game in the same vein as Antichamber and the still-unreleased SpaceChem. It is built with the Unity3D framework and programmed by myself.
Murnatan is a game focused on community-building. There is not a single creature nor any random element. Instead, this game is a « pure » community-focused endeavor.
Every aspect of the game, from the graphics to the rules of the game itself, is purely community-driven.
Murnatan is played between 7 and 20 players (usually 11) with a maximum of 30 minutes. It’s meant to be an event, but players can play the game anytime, even between their regular events.
Murnatan’s purpose is to bring people together, to get communities built around the game. Players in the game are the community.
In Murnatan, humans and aliens have to peacefully coexist in the same game environment. Therefore, the game balances are community-driven.
Humans and aliens are totally different beings, with distinct strengths and weaknesses. Humans can only build, and their structures have a useful purpose. On the other hand, aliens have no structures, cannot build and are not there to do anything. They are only there for decoration and only provide 1v1 and 2v2 battle opportunities. Aliens cannot build, but they can attack.
Humans do not need to eat, sleep, relax or escape outside the game. They have to build, because that is the only way to obtain the game’s most useful resource – credits, which are the game’s most valuable currency.
Aliens have to eat, sleep, relax and flee outside the game. They can only attack, because that is the only way to kill humans.
Don’t worry, we’ll keep it that way.
Support Murnatan!
Please, either support the game via Patreon or via PayPal. The more support this game receives, the better the game will be for you in the long run. The game is currently funded by $$ at Patreon and $ at PayPal.
Thank you for your support!

by minashino

Want to publish your own game and want to make it the best you can? A friend of mine always said « you’re an artist and a game designer ».
This is the app for you.
GO to the app store and search for “Game Designer”.
Get the app and make your own game.


System Control Features Key:

  • Play any song as long as you want
  • Great sound and UI. Use graphical tools to replay or skip through each song in no time
  • Great visual design! Longer times the more sparks you collect and your tail gets longer
  • Get your goggles to listen and check all the other events or start the next game with the touch of a button
  • Different music and sound effects in different modes and even more to come!
  • Music and Sound

    Time Tails, is an interactive android game for young kids and adults. It will increase their spatial and listening skills as they play on their mobile devices. It is designed and optimized to encourage and entertain players of all ages and it’s equally great for babies and toddlers. :)

    The main objective of the game is to help the time cat collect all the sparks before they run out! There are five main parts that the cat will have to complete in order to advance to the next stage :

    • Fusion : the cat has to mix the different sounds to hear that a spark is close.
    • Balance : the cat has to tilt the device and match it with the background of the game
    • Relax : the cat has to slow the time down and notice all the mini moments of the song
    • Memory : the cat has to write down the musical notes he hears, sound or image.
    • Science : the cat has to notice the following :
      • When the star explodes, a silvery trail will drift across the sky. Only you can hear this otherwise your ears would make a « clap noise », you only hear it in the game
      • Often the music will get softer towards


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        Payday 2 is an intense, gritty, one-of-a-kind shooter that places you in the shoes of a master criminal. You pull off heists, using everything from deadly weapons to a car battery and lengths of pipe to complete the job.
        You can expect a huge world to explore, plenty of missions to complete, and a wide variety of different heists to pull off – from simple smash-and-grab jobs to complex heists that require planning and preparation.
        BLITZKRIEG is now available on PC, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. Developed by Starbreeze Studios, BLITZKRIEG is available in stores and online for $59.99.
        Key Features
        – Two game modes (ExeOps and Heist)
        – Fast, fluid action
        – Interact with the environment in new ways
        – Eight new heists
        – Double the heists you can pull off in game
        – Four new weapons
        – Two new outfits
        – Four new vehicles
        – Over 40 new achievementsHenri-Georges Clouzot, who won the 1956 Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for The Wages of Fear, is best known for his filmography that is scattered among a wide variety of genres. Because Clouzot was often involved in ancillary activities that did not involve writing the script, he certainly had personal reasons for moving in different genres, but some of his efforts were intended to try out ideas that he thought were of interest.

        The Wages of Fear (Le salaire de la peur, 1956) was a French film by Clouzot that had a bromance love story and was intended as a vehicle for Jean Gabin and Bourvil. When the film was censored for religious reasons, he decided to make Desire Under the Elms (Le diable au corps, 1957), a psychological drama with a little blood in it, which was also banned.

        Clouzot then made The Murderer Lives at 1650 Pacific (Le diable au Corps à 1650, 1958), which is about a film director in Hollywood. This time he had a grumpy, cynical character (Jean-Paul Belmondo) who didn’t like his first attempt and was planning a second. Then he made The Night of the Shooting Stars (La nuit des étoiles, 1958), a film that is very like Eros + Massacre, and


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        Set the…

        Create an AI for your DumbBots to help them achieve victory! Learn the basics of coding with guns, explosions, and ragdolls.Code AI to compete in DeathMatch, Battle Royale, Heist, Survival or to complete Challenge scenarios. Complete challenging scenarios made by your friends/classmates, or go « code-to-code » and see who wrote the better bot in competition. FEATURES Easy drag-and-drop AI coding with tutorials to help you get started Gameplay modes available: Battle Royale, Deathmatch, Heist, and Survival Plenty of options to customize your DumbBots Create your own scenarios from 20+ maps in the editor to be shared with others 50+ scenarios to solve Play in first person mode against DumbBots

        Hello! DumbBots is a game that plays with your friends and makes fun of us all! It is a game that is as silly as you are!

        DumbBots is an innovative, goofy game with tons of features that will have your friends laughing and coding all day long. You create your own Bots and play in a variety of modes, get them to do your will with in-game AI’s, or find and rescue them from a series of challenging puzzles.

        No two games are the same, and that’s what makes the game so much fun!

        The player can make up to 6 bots and battle it out in different game modes. Use up to three unique and different types of AI.

        Discover new mods to make your bots (or physics) rocket out of the screen and shoot all others out of control!

        The base game has a starter mod that allows the player to do simple AI for the bots.

        There are also some AI’s that are not included in the starter mod. You can choose to include them in the game.

        DumbBots features three levels of complexity that can be improved upon as the player advances with one of the following:

        3rd Grade Math

        Koda’s Math

        The Mooney B

        There are also different game modes that you can play.




        Game Modes: Brutal, Balance, Bosses


        Balance mode is a fast-paced, battles-you-can’t-stop-the-play game that has a variety of different levels of difficulty in order to make it fair. It is meant to teach or demonstrate the player


        What’s new in System Control:

          Rapid Response Bypass Controller MP024 One of the lesser expensive MP24’s that comes in a windowed version. They are slightly more popular than the MP245 version.

          Guardian C2020-12Guardian C2020-12 Rapid Response Bypass Controller C2020-12 Most of the Guardian fire alarm systems have an integral bypass that works pretty well. For all the naysayers out there that say, « Why didn’t you purchase the C24-12 from Guardian? » Look at the price difference and consider how many systems one go around you. Give the C20-12 some serious thought and ask yourself this..If your fire alarm system is connected to the building’s electrical distribution system, why would you need the electrical remote bypass? Two systems can’t talk directly to one another–especially if each has a completely different network.

          Guardian S2309-04Guardian S2309-04 Rapid Response Bypass Controller S2309-04 The S2309-4 doesn’t require external power. For those who don’t mind having to run a wire from a secondary 24 hour clock battery to the controller on each zone.

          Guardian S2224-12Guardian S2224-12 Rapid Response Bypass Controller S2224-12 Although the S2224-2 requires external power, I personally think that most communications radios supported on the S2224-2 system are terrible. So, for many installations, the S2224-12 is the logical choice. It combines the S2224-2 control with an all-in-one bypass receiver and communications module. If you require the added reliability of two different types of clocks for your fire station, I would recommend the Guardian S2309-04 or S2900-12. More info

          Guardian S2910-12Guardian S2910-12Rapid Response Bypass Controller S2910-12A complete fire alarm system designed to communicate directly to either LE (ASIS) or CBPAS networks. The S2910-12 also supports the EN9-12 Communications Standard.

          Guardian S2920-12Rapid Response Bypass Controller S2920-12 This model has a relay board in the back that splits the difference for communication networks. This is the Guardian’s only bypass controller that supports the EN9-12 protocol. I used it on the C24 system and it has never given me a problem. I currently favor the S2910/


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          CosmicBreak Universal is a next-generation fantasy action RPG for PC, developed by a team of veteran Gameloft game developers.
          Character Customization:
          Over 50 unique humanoids and robots, each with over 300 mix-matchable parts, can be created.
          Robot Assembly:
          Build and control unique robots by assembling their individual parts together. They can also be fixed with usable parts from elsewhere in the game.
          Action-RPG Combat:
          Fight epic battles against opponents in intense free-form gameplay, using powerful weapons and skilled combos.
          Enemy AI:
          A diverse selection of threatening enemies, including computer-controlled « fighting machines, » will push your skills to the limit.
          Compete with friends online on leaderboards and track your progress!
          Offline Game Layers:
          Choose from one of three Unions, and join forces with other players to lead your Union to victory.

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          It is great games, have some flaws in game mechanics, like slow auto-battle system, only some robot will attack you…

          Cosmic Break is a turn based Hack n Slash RPG that is similar to my favourite games Final Fantasy Tactics and Ragnarok Online. So the game is definitly unmissable for those who enjoy MMO style games like me, the game is available as an android only game so I did give it a try on my new HTC One Mini as Android Games are not readily available yet on my phone. It was a great game, a lovely 2D game with lots of fun, and if you want a more well rounded game with RPG style and space combat. Definately give it a try, I am really glad that I did.

          I waited to download this game for months and months, due to the fact that I


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        System Requirements For System Control:

        Minimum Requirements:
        * OS: Windows XP/Vista
        * CPU: 1.8 GHz Intel Celeron
        * RAM: 256 MB
        * Hard Disk: 1024 MB
        * 1280×800 resolution
        Recommended Requirements:
        Windows Requirements:
        * Windows XP/Vista/7