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Published: 21 juillet 2022 (3 semaines ago)






This is a fighting game developed by a group of young designers and students from the University of Lincoln, UK. We love fighting games and we love zombies, so we combined the best of both into the game “Sword Slinger”. From the start, we wanted to make a game with super cute and modern characters, with more blood, more action and more fun.
We think we got what we wanted and hope you like it as much as we do!
✓ 3 different style games for the 3 player modes.
✓ Arcade Campaign Mode – Fight against 4 bosses and earn stars to unlock more characters and arenas.
✓ Multiplayer Mode: We’ve created a local network for you to fight your friends! 2, 4 and 6 player games available.
✓ Survival mode – Play against the clock for a limited period of time.
✓ Unlock the characters and create your own character
Let’s go zombie!



The most addictive game I’ve ever played!


By Cantonix

I just finished the campaign and what a great end it was!

The best game ever!


By Kkiozzz

I am the best player in the world, I have 10 stars and now I am going to buy the new game to try it out.

Som action RPG!


By Fufuotry

Best game ever!



By Fefen

Really good fun, quite challenging at times with lots of options, I recommend giving this game a go!

Loved it!


By db2411

Really fun game. A lot of things to do and there is plenty of luck involved. Very addicting game! I recommend it to everyone!

The best game ever!


By Kkiozzz

I am the best player in the world, I have 10 stars and now I am going to buy the new game to try it out.

No ads. Free update soon.


By Amadeu

After buying the game for $4.99 I paid $3.99 for the update and still got an ad.
Don’t waste your time or money.

Game crashed on me


Features Key:

  • All features available in Game Tengoku CruisinMix are the same as in Game Tengoku BowMix

    • 8 ships
  • Special prizes
  • The Prize map shows the current pin position, plus the feature’s top 10 wins
  • The game speed can be adjusted
  • Automatic adjustment of ship movement, a miss was scored when the ship is next to hit the ship. Per ship movement rate can be set
  • Special Features:

    • 8 ships
    • Game length up to 3 hrs
    • Map: 5*5 km
    • Moderation 3 * 1.5 hours

    Gameplay Features:

    • Homing: Yes
    • Miss indicator: Yes

    Ship Adjustment:

    • Adjust speed, after one click the ship reverses one move
    • Adjust direction, change with a click the ship will face one way
    • Ship movement: AUT

    Special Prizes:

    • "
      WinnerShip of the Day
      A summary of the winner of the day.
    • "
      High Score:
      The highest score


      Tabletop Simulator – Warfighter X64

      Hey there! More enemies here! Immerse yourself in a minimalistic and goofy neon-wild west adventure, where the only way you don’t die is if you don’t do anything.
      More enemies, you say?! Well… yes.
      But you won’t be seeing zombies, or toy-plants, or horrifying, mutant mice with massive heads that you’ve always dreamed of. Nope! THIS IS MORE ENEMIES! We’ve got a bunch of new and exciting boss-monsters too!
      But as you discover more about these all-new enemies, you’ll also meet several new characters, who will decide your fate in this world of many enemies.

      How to play:
      -Pick the touch controls from the options menu
      -Start a new game to see all the enemies
      -Once you’re ready, pick your weapon from the weapons menu, learn your moves and fire at your enemies.
      And remember, anything you do can be undone.

      All of this can only be done with your mouse, not your keyboard.

      What is this game about?
      But what is it about?!
      Well, More enemies is a first-person shooter and exploration game with exciting weapons, interactable characters, and plenty of exciting environments from offices to secret bases in a story-driven campaign where you have to try to survive glowing cubes to being exterminated to getting eaten by giant mutated monsters!
      Join Allspark Games!

      Jumped into my friend’s account for the first time in a long time and after finding « More enemies » I can’t help but be impressed by both the graphics and the gameplay. Keep up the great work guys, you are all doing very cool things.A
      hypnotist, trumpeter, defrocked priest, and a hot-air balloonist met in the
      village of Enid, Oklahoma.
      They shared thoughts on a range of
      topics, from justice to destiny. They discussed the impact of the silent
      revolution, the Internet, and the formation of the new century.

      Atkins: The silent revolution is changing our lives at a
      rapid pace and it is being closely observed and analyzed by sociologists. At
      the same time, we are becoming much more aware of the immensity of what is
      happening around us and to us.

      Ayn Rand:
      A new power has been born and the new power is freedom.

      Ezra Taft


      Tabletop Simulator – Warfighter Crack + X64

      * Score!
      * Blocks can be destroyed.
      * Game features:
      * 100 levels
      * More than 100 types of explosive blocks
      * Multiple-stage levels
      * Gamepad support
      * About the game « Marmalade box »:
      * Fun, relaxing game
      * Marmalade box does not ask to install and does not require any additional resources
      * Marmalade box is free/**
      * Copyright 2017 jmpews
      * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the « License »);
      * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
      * You may obtain a copy of the License at
      * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
      * distributed under the License is distributed on an « AS IS » BASIS,
      * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
      * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
      * limitations under the License.

      #ifndef ___CMDLINE_EMUTILS_H
      #define ___CMDLINE_EMUTILS_H

      #ifdef __cplusplus
      extern « C » {

      #include « emutils_config.h »
      #include « macro_utils.h »

      #ifdef __cplusplus

      #endif // ___CMDLINE_EMUTILS_H

      jQuery – making clicking on each row of a table clickable too

      Is there a way to make the entire row clickable on a table? I’m currently using the following code:
      $(‘.rating’).on(‘click’, function() {
      var id = $(this).attr(« id »);
      var id = $(« # » + id).html();
      var ratingVal = $(this).text();
      var ratingType = $(this).attr(‘class’);
      var score = $(‘#score’ + id).


      What’s new:

      17-07-20 — CURRENT DATE: 3/04 — LINKS: DAY > WARRIORS: Lu Xun &laquo…