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Published: 20 novembre 2022 (2 semaines ago)


Telecharger Naruto Episode 1 A 220 Francais

this episode also has a more personal element to it, as a local business owner comes to raiga and gives him a gun, saying that they shouldnt fight because they could lose a third of their business. despite raiga’s attempts to persuade him otherwise, the man says he knows who raiga is and will not give in to threats.

the final showdown goes against what youd expect: raiga plans to use his masterful sword-based techniques against naruto, who uses chidori in place of his legendary blade, and defeats him. sasuke ’s entrance and him after raiga’s death are also notable. i looked into what happened and it seems, that the planned version of this episode, before censorship, had sasuke inflicting fairly deep wounds on raiga until raiga was forced to hold back. sasuke, afterwards, was furious at raiga for the beatdown and threatened to kill him. the episode that aired, however, had sasuke “accidentally” injuring raiga with a thin piece of steel, thus making the latter popular among many fans. still, this appearance has a nice effect, giving a sense of weight to naruto’s over-the-top battles. its also proven that sasuke respects naruto enough to hold back, and its a cool moment for fans to see.

it can still be hard for fans to get through a lot of this, though. this episode is double-edged: not only does it feature fights between ninja and bandits, but also between the shinobi and the business owner himself. he was the man who decided to fight by raiga, and like a lot of these types of fillers, this one has no shortage of lewd jokes.

the anime is distributed across the world with netflix as the most popularjapanese-english dubbing provider. however, you can watch naruto in french on the various services such as amazon, hulu, crunchyroll, and shomi. the episodes in the french dub vary depending on the source that you choose to watch. the least amount of episodes available from netflix is 102, while hulu has the most at 600. crunchyroll has the most complete selection with 515 episodes while it’s the least popular among dubbers. it’s also the easiest to use as it has the mostof the streaming options in one place.

for fans of shirogumi, kanako and nakimaro, this was theirhappiest moment yet. afterjiraiya’s death, the three friends quickly became attached to one another. however, afterbeing partnered up with naruto, they all experience the trauma of losing their best friend. in this episode, the three of them are in the middle of a joint mission when their meeting is interrupted by the sudden disappearance of kanako. as their search for answers turns into a deadly chase through the streets ofkyoto, the three friends form an unwieldy alliance, one that only comes together when they find themselves confronted by the enemies they thought were nowhere in sight.
withnarutoand jiraiya’s story concluding and sasuke’s in its early stages, shippuden’s story is all about the characters as they set out to obtain their own personal goals. thisepisode is entirely dedicated to that, as the intrepid threesome lays plans to take over the akatsukiand capture its leader, orochimaru. this episode isn’t the strongest of the series, but one of its greatest moments is the one where the trio lays out their wishes and hopes for the future.
the episode begins with the scene of yahiko, along with tobi and shikamaru, witnessing the arrest of tsunade. upon their return, they discover that the assassin who’s been targeting them has been apprehended and he talks to tobi who tells him where tsunade is. tsunade escapes, and soon after, tobi lures the members of the konoha 11 and members of the akatsuki along with naruto and sasuke into the woods to go on a mission. the three meet up with a group of low-level akatsuki memberand tsunade goes with them. when yahiko comes along, he keeps a close eye on shikamaru and helps him train by fighting against him. we even learn a bit more about yahiko’s relationship with his father in this episode as he decides to train even though he’s the new hokage’s son.