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An action-packed dark fantasy strategy game that puts the player in control of the titular Witch Queen in her fight against the undead horde.
The Witch Queen of Eldritch Lands has spent her entire life locked away in her palace tending to and creating her homunculi. But since the Necromancer that created the homunculi is dead, the Queen has discovered that she can now use them to her advantage.
The Witch Queen’s army of fake people, called homunculi, are created by using the dead humans in her kingdom to give them the memories of those that were once dead. The Witch Queen’s army is an endless supply of cheap fodder to use in combat, especially when they have an almost unlimited supply of aura in their homunculi.
With the blessing of her new general and overseer, the Witch Queen sets off to find the Necromancer’s son and figure out how to finally destroy the Witch Queen’s enemy.
Key Features
The Witch Queen’s armies are made up of 12 homunculi and four new ones can be created at any time.
Move homunculi about the board using the game board and rotation of the action items to outflank the enemy and maximize their strengths.
The homunculi are both a source of food and handy reinforcements. Plant seeds on the board to get fruits and edible plants in their grow cycle. Harvest them when they are ready.
Each homunculus has its own unique personality. As you spend more time with them, you’ll unlock conversation topics to learn more about the homunculus’ personality.
The Witch Queen can use her homunculi’s memories to influence the enemy, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
Powered by Reaver Game Engine 4, this game is powered by a single-player campaign and epic multiplayer battles that are playable online, allowing for up to 16 players to engage each other in a multiplayer match.

Eldritch Lands: The Witch Queen’s Eternal War is a dark fantasy strategy game in which you play as the titular Witch Queen in her struggle against the endless undead horde.
In this bleak world where all the gods have either been killed or abandoned their people, when the dead rise due to the sudden appearance of a Necromancer known only as the Necroshroom Queen, it’s up to the Witch Queen to defend her Kingdom.
As normal humans only add to the undead army when they die, the Witch Queen diverted all her resources into


The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse Features Key:

  • Soundtrack :You’ll be entertained by excellent voice acting in 3D. Enjoy Lara Croft’s astonishing experiences in a new way!
  • Bonus :Some Lara’s items have been hidden, such as a handbag, an amulet, some potions, a ring, a key and a bracelet
  • Locations :Explore 64 scenarios in 3D. We have added original new environments, such as the Mines, Sara’s apartment, and the Botanical gardens.
  • Episodes :Shoot your way through 15 exciting levels with different difficulties in each episode.

Warmane Soundtrack Info

Project Warmane was a personal Challenge made for Julien. The soundtrack of Warmane was recorded in my

  • Big Tracks Studio
  • Youngstown, USA
  • July-October 2010


The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse

Journey the darkest parts of the world, facing challenges of extreme difficulty.
The best strategy to defeat your foes is to quickly solve puzzle to collect Gems and finish the game in a limited time to save your life.
Are you ready?Maverick is a revolutionary game designed for the modern generation. As a part of the world’s first physical TRON card game, Maverick is one of the most fun and exciting TRON games on the market.

To begin, the cards are set and the board is laid out. Then begins the action. You flip your cards over and quickly the board is altered, based on what cards you have. You trade one card with a friend, use your Brain Card to analyze your opponent’s card or attack, and defend yourself with a variety of close-up and long range attacks. Each time you play a card, you alter the board.

Maverick is a TRON card game that was designed to challenge your brain with new strategies that you have never encountered before. The game is easy to learn, but difficult to master. You will quickly learn strategies for winning matches and building the best possible card deck. As you progress, the game becomes harder, until you can challenge the advanced Tron program known as TRON.

Tron has developed into a standard TRON program that is quite tough to beat. TRON sometimes uses the strategy that seems easiest, but in reality it is much more effective. TRON programs use the first opportunity to easily win all of the cards and your future opponents in the game may not know it. Just when you think you have bested TRON, he will return later and win the board.

Maverick has more possibilities than any other TRON game. You have an unlimited supply of cards, where you can use any card to win the game. All you need to do is use your head to outsmart Tron. Don’t be fooled by his cards, but use what you know from your match plays to become a Maverick.

As you progress, you will be challenged to play against TRON, an advanced program. TRON will challenge you to another match that will be extremely exciting. You will know that you are playing against the best and only one that can win and beat you.

As you play more games and TRONs aren’t able to win the game, you will get the challenge of defeating TRON, but you will be


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Nine players will have a chance to win!…

Blood of the Dragon is a shooter-RPG hybrid with RPG gameplay elements and action levels where you face hordes of enemies.
You are a warrior, mercenary and slave hunter and your mission is to liberate slaves and fight the evil Ninja in the inner world.
Lucky for you there are spooky and much more dangerous creatures to fight and bosses to face….

Journey through the forest in this epic combat adventure and survive the onslaught of the beast and the mysterious forces that dwell in the shadows of its misty woods. As you climb the trees and follow the beasts you will not only encounter new enemies but your body will transform in an attempt to achieve the impossible, survive!…

Defend your home from invaders with this fast-paced, role-playing puzzle game with a simple and addictive game play.
The buildings of City Towers are under attack of ferocious monsters. Take part in the adventure as a hero and your duty is to destroy evil monsters before they destroy the City Tower. In each level you will have to destroy certain number of enemies…

Blade II is a continuation of the popular adventure game Blade. New Levels, new puzzles, new enemies to slay and new weapons. Play for free in either single or multiple player mode……

Xenon Moon is a first person space exploration game set in the far future.
The play of the game is that as the captain of the spacecraft your players must explore the depths of space to return to earth with your precious cargo…

By the time you finish reading this you will definitely want to run out and buy this game for $5.99.
Your goal in this game is to collect points by playing minigames, which are the things in the screen that attract your attention when playing.
The whole point of this game is to collect the most points in the shortest time, so how do you do that?
Your life is in your hands in this life and death game….

Turtle Island is an action-adventure role-playing game where you play as a turtle in a quest to rescue your captured friends. Explore randomly generated worlds, solve puzzles, and grow in a deep action-adventure game….

Aurora: Dinosaur Hunter is a 3D game to free roam in a forest where dinosaurs are waiting to be hunted. Win battles, collect loot, and use it to craft new weapons.
The game takes place in a dense


What’s new in The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse:

    I’ve seen a few Train Simulator locos over the past few days and while I have yet to take on any heavy goods trains, I thought it would be a fair point to at least take a look at the 1970s DB Locos as they’re really one of the best upgrades available for 1970s freight cars.

    A quick mention to the DB Ramparts and Clan Line locos that not only come with the add-on, but on their own are excellent upgrades. However, these 1970s cars will not handle freight quite as well as the aforementioned locos as they’re not designed for heavy duty work.

    I can’t say if this was an intentional move or not by Maersk as the locos look stunning on the DLC website and the Revell models are pretty spot on. They don’t really seem to fit into the standard MSC Paradies image though – but again this is probably down to not wanting to re-invent the wheel.

    The locos are just stunning. Some of them feature ZF couplings and the exceptionals are true bloody hellas.

    For my first add-on I wanted something that was a bit more adventurous and these 1970s DB locos fitted the bill perfectly. The steam locos are great, although they lack the weight of the 1930s/1940s adding more lag to my longer freight trains.

    The 1970s locos also use the claymation VW Quingler models as the decals, rather than the more detailed modern VW locos.

    The locos run very smoothly and locomotive fans should take great enjoyment from this add-on. These cars are so close to the “real” version of the locos it’s amazing.

    I played three time trials with these locos and one is included in the download (photo to follow soon).

    You can, of course, use these models and locos in your Transport Logs as if they were any other loco from Train Simulator. In fact you can use them in any time period as they lack any kind of speed control or restrictions.

    (Photo below – sorry for the quality and clarity, it was a tad dark in the room in which the PC is located.!)

    There is a separate tab for these, called Transport Logs (in the FS menu under “Other”).

    The locos also don’


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    When the ordinary people talk about asteroids and meteorites that are not only terrible meteorite crashes, but also in subsequent news stories about the Moon is a sort of cosmic garbage.
    It is now believed that it is a cosmic object that is catastrophic in nature. Experts say that a cosmic object was hit by Earth’s moon.
    Thinking that it was a second impact.
    Many months ago rumors circulated on the Internet.
    A strange object was seen in a fragment of the Apollo lunar missions.
    And in the near future will become a new fall under the stars, and send tremors around the Earth.
    Let yourself be surprised by it as the Earth Plagiarism.
    Blur your eyes with an infinite asteroid fall.

    An interesting puzzle game will surely not let you bored even for one second! This is a cool game all about atoms! This game will turn you into an amazing atom flasher!
    There is a need to match the colors of the atoms of the atoms in order to remove them and before all the atoms go down. And before you add one of the atoms that was removed, you can purchase both atoms that are below, that is, both of them can be used for the same money. But you have to be careful not to add atoms that do not match. In this game, you will see a lot of beautiful, cool, and colorful atoms!
    So, do not waste any time and get ready to play, start playing and have fun!
    ① Optimized graphic
    ② Addictive gameplay
    ③ New game modes
    ④ 10 beautiful colors
    How to play?
    * Drag-and-drop the atoms to match them with each other
    * Assemble the atoms according to the given rules
    * Simple game experience to play and enjoy
    This game is suitable for all ages, especially for kids! The main characteristics are as follows:
    – The interface is simple.
    – The interface is light.
    – The size is small and easy to carry.
    This game is suitable for all ages, especially for kids! The main characteristics are as follows:
    – The interface is simple.
    – The interface is light.
    – The size is small and easy to carry.
    – The game consists of many levels
    – Drag-and-drop and


    How To Crack:

  • First of all, download the game from our website.
  • Run the setup & follow the instructions. (It should ask you where do you want to install this game. Choose “temporary” location).
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The final version of the « crack » for Hearts of Iron IV: Battle for the Bosporus:
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System Requirements:

* Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (all 64 bit operating systems are supported, including tablet versions of the operating system).
* DirectX version 9.0c, or later.
* Dual or Quad-Core processor (i.e. Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or Athlon 64 X2 2.4 GHz or better)
* 1 GB RAM
* 2 GB available hard disk space
* 4 MB available VRAM (NVIDIA recommends 8 MB or more)
* 1024×768 or better