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– New Bosses, New Weapons, and New Abilities.
– Story Mode and Local Co-op.
– How to destroy your enemies using your shadow powers.
– Discover new skills and shadow abilities.
– Defeat new enemies and become stronger.
– Choose from one of the three playable characters: Ninja, Shadowblade, Shadow Samurai and become a legend of your squad.

Aragami 2 builds on the original game’s amazing combat, slick story, and intuitive interface. As a tactical assassin master you must claim your destiny and fulfill your destiny as a legendary Shadow Assassin in this epic tale of revenge and destiny.

With Aragami 2, you lead a team of four in a two-fight sprint race where you must outrun the enemy by deftly controlling the cover and firing your way to victory.

The Aragami 2 combat system has been completely rebuilt. It’s faster and more responsive than ever with a grid-based cover system that allows you to decide where and when to strike, giving you the tactical advantage to claim your destiny as a legendary Shadow Assassin.

By tapping on the screen or assigning the D-pad to your favorite attacks, you can toss around your target and execute a non-lethal takedown to perform a devastating counterattack or free yourself from certain death.

By moving your ninja to the cover of walls, tree stumps, and other objects, the game brings a new level of depth and pleasure to the combat sequences. Your enemies won’t even be able to fire at you when they are under your control.

Unlock nine new skills and abilities that help you dominate the enemy, devious environments, and specialized tactics.

In Aragami 2, you can invite other Aragami from the village or the world to join your team. You can even challenge other players in online modes. They will appear and act as minions, providing you with valuable information and the assistance to defeat enemies.

With Aragami 2, the Aragami are back to control and dominate the shadows.

Key features

« We’ve reworked the core


Features Key:

  • nuke your opponents by blowing their bases and pick up their stuff!
  • 9 types of weapons- from rockets, mines, canons, and bombers to Nano-Bombers, exploding tanks and monster trucks!
  • capture bases for enemy pieces, sports events, military bases and make money for you!
  • over 200+ pieces of equipment!
  • infinite challenge… you’re back for more… absolutely free!
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    This Steam game is like a popular collectible card game, except it has a little bit of a role-playing game twist, and you can still buy in-game items or get your game items for free.
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    This Steam game is like a popular collectible card game, except it has a little bit of a role-playing game twist, and you can still buy in-game items or get your game items for free.
    This Steam game is designed for children ages 7 and up. The game is free, only requires a Steam…

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    What’s new:

      Release (Image)

      Aug 29, 2015

      Following the release of the Krila & Kae character pack (which is available now in the CSE section) we’ve just received a couple of images from Creative with some of the details you’ll find inside.

      Firstly, Krila & Kae will launch as a part of the Deluxe (can download) section (once installed). There will be two variants: the first one will have a sort of default outfit, and a second one will allow you to choose from fully customised Krila’s looks. The latter will be available either as a Playability or a 3D outfit. Like any other outfit or avatar (and just like all the outfits in the CSE section), you can change Krila’s outfit on the fly, and you’ll be able to have the various parts of her outfit showing only or only when « Paused » (third image).

      It seems that Kae will have two variants available as well. The default one will be a Jump and Run avatar, and the other one will allow you to have Kae completely decoupled from Krila, as shown in the fourth picture, above.

      There’s a special bonus for Kurakura and it’s not something that you’ll find in the CSE part of the game, as on the official website you can find it in the Main Menu’s Section (even if the CSE section is available in the « Info » tab at the moment). The three month coupons available for Kurakura will be implemented, and you can add as many coupons as you like.

      One of them gives you a bonus selection of red outfits to wear (1 per week, for 4 weeks).

      We’ll keep you posted on other additions (as promised) and stay tuned for more news on the release of the Krila & Kae character pack…

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      How will the Octorush be used? Is it just a plug-in for the Breeder, or will it be released as a standalone option? It’s still quite early in development (close to completion according to the CSE animation) but I’m assuming it’s going to be more like the Prologue-Breeder combo pack.


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      This is great news. I can’t wait to see it be a part of the main game.Tribeca meets Parkview


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