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She never complained, but I knew I was the reason why she had lost so much weight. She had never been thin before. The first time that she met the lymphoma specialist, she stood a head above him, and it was clear that he had been intimidated. I remember the look on his face; I remember wondering if he would even need to look at her breast.

But she did not know this and asked a stranger to do what he was incapable of doing.

I remember the day that I lost my mom. I’d been prepping for it for months. I knew that the worst thing I could do was cry. I couldn’t bear to hear my mother cry. I would have to pretend that my mom was still well and strong, when I felt so alone.

It was a chaotic day. My mother fought the IVs for hours, and no one knew what was going on. The cancer had invaded her brain and she was unable to speak. She wanted to die, and she could no longer tell us how she felt.

So, I did what I had to do, and I held on. We drove home, and I ran to my room.

When I came back, my mother was gone. I could no longer see the love that we had shared. The love that had made us so strong.

It was an empty room now. A deathbed, but not my mom’s deathbed. I knew that she was still with us. I could not see her, but I could feel her, her pain and her despair.

I could see that she was still there with me, though, and that I was still meant to be her daughter.

I sat down in her chair and began to cry. My tears were not of sadness this time. They were not tears of anger and fear. They were tears of love, of understanding. I was finally able to let her go, because I loved her. I would always love her.

That is why I

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