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Published: 20 juillet 2022 (4 semaines ago)


There is a total of 15 levels,each a unique area,enemies include,
soldiers,legionaries,robbers,pawnbrokers,old men,
middle class men,old men in a palace.

Addictive FPS, with shooting minigame, and nice controls. Reminds me of the stealth/shooting mix from Doom and Quake. You can quit the game any time, no permadeath or anything; only the missions are hard to complete without the mission-cracking ability. Also, the boss battles (with the flying knight in particular) are incredibly hard.


Early levels are pretty hard to survive. Also, the levels take waaaaay too long to complete (five minutes on average). Boss fights are pretty weak… and they make you want to quit.

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I don’t remember which platform, but it was on Nintendo 64 I think. It was not a shooter, just a driving game, but maybe the cityscape in the game was based on Moscow. The great things about the game were the atmosphere, the setting, the color scheme, the level design… oh, the music…

There is a great mission – when the protagonist finds out about a traitor within his team and tries to keep it secret. The game also has some great story moments when the protagonist tries to interrogate the traitor during this mission. The downside is that the building has very low capacity, and the plot is a bit too thin – the german translation is really bad, and the twist at the end is really predictable

A simple, but at the time mind-blowing, little game that impressed me enough to put it in my cart and…more

There is a simple plot and the game is very short. The game is set in Moscow and you play as a few resistance fighters fighting against the Soviet government.

The game is very beautiful. You start out in a hangar with loads of small building and later you enter Moscow itself. It took me a while to get to Moscow but it was worth it.

The controls are simple: as a jump button, left mouse for some of the weapons and right mouse for some others. You can also crouch and sprint. You can hold the left mouse button to charge and use rocket launchers and grenades.

The game is a lot of fun and it never gets



  • Connect to multiple servers at once
  • Server visibility and game rate
  • Configurable debug mode
  • Full transcoding possibilities (x264, aac, mp3, ogg)
  • Optional walk-through mode: All systems start searching for clients
  • Support for net connections sharing
  • Supports Server ID and IP range


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Su nombre es Lup, una plataforma juego de tres dimensiones, en el juego tendrás que superar muchas trampas, enemigos y podrás encontrar armas y objetos.
Explore y lucha en mas de 15 niveles.
Busca y usa muchos objetos para destruir a tus enemigos.
Usa diferentes armas para destruir a tus enemigos.


The game you’re referring to is « Lup », a platformer that was released in 2004 and is still being played by some « old » PC gamers. It was originally developed by a company called « Back To Basics ». You can get a free version of the game, but it has some minor bugs.
I believe they still offer it, if you’ll search on Google for « Lup », the home page is at the third result.

The link for the homepage is this link at the moment, the one I’ve posted above will update whenever they update the homepage.

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Input the Game, go to the main menu, select the ‘How to Play’ option, and then the ‘Play Game’ option.
Please note that if you link the ‘How to Play’ option, ‘Play Game’ option in the main menu, with the [Main] option in the Character Select screen, you can set the ‘Character Data’ option in the [Main] option in the Character Select screen.
When the « How to Play » and « Play Game » options are set, you can set the character data you like.
If the settings for [Character Select] are custom, please consider changing the settings for [Character Select] while the data is selected.
Character Select Screen 1:
(Main Character Data, Equipment, etc.)
Character Select Screen 2:
(Additional Character Data, etc.)
Alt. Mode: « Renaissance » and « Soul »
If the data of the « Additional Title » is set, you can choose an additional title using the [Character Select] option in the main menu.
Select a title using the [Character Select] option in the main menu.
Main Menu
In this game, you will not be able to choose « Hilde » from the « Character Select » menu.
You can choose another character (including « Hilde ») from the « Character Select » menu, in which the input is done by pressing [B], [ZR], [D-Pad up], [A], [X], [L], [R] and [START].
Inputting « Hilde » is done by pressing [START] during a battle, while pressing [B] to switch to the Character Select menu.
If this game is not able to be played, check the following locations:
– Whether or not there is sufficient memory for the save data.
– Whether or not the file is compressed.
(On the BD disc, the save data is stored in an uncompressed format. For the save data to be able to be used for the PS4 version, it must be saved to a file that is compressed. That is, if the save data of a game is saved to the « save data_bak.psp » file, it will not be usable on the PS4 version. To confirm that the save data is in a compressed


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