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Published: 20 juillet 2022 (4 semaines ago)

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TOP TRUCK DRIVER is a car racing game with an element of simulation.
The game is made in 2D hand-drawn graphics style.
– 3 game modes: collect coins, race, free game.
– with a variety of cars (cars, lorries, busses, motorcycles, etc.)
– will take you on a difficult journey through the ups and downs of the paved roads of America!
– with an element of simulation, where in the garage you can change the car for even better and to restore it.
– live mode where you play at the wheel of a real car!
– The Dutch Championship of Game Information and Research, GRANULEAU
– The Dutch Game Championship SuperGame X
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Web API: Search for a specific Json property in a list

I have a JSON web api that return some data like this:
« id »: « Id1 »,
« name »: « Name 1 »,
« timestamp »: « 2018-04-01T12:00:00Z »
« id »: « Id2 »,
« name »: « Name 2 »,
« timestamp »: « 2018-04-01T14:00:00Z »

I would like to find a way to search for a property in the JSON and return those objects that has that property.
Example: In that example all those objects that has « name » property would be returned (only Id1 and Id2 are returned).
Is it possible to do that in the ASP.NET Web Api?


You can use a custom JsonConverter to implement your requirement.
Here is the converter class:
public class JsonConverter : JsonConverter
public override bool CanConvert(Type objectType)
return (objectType == typeof (JsonObject));

public override object ReadJson(JsonReader reader, Type objectType, object existingValue, JsonSerializer serializer)


Underland Ambush Features Key:

  • Fast-moving action gameplay featuring recognizable cartoon characters
  • Play up to four players on two separate screens
  • Play solo against an array of AI characters to complete goals – and avoid capture
  • Play Game & Conquer Modes with multiple levels of strategy and handicaps
  • Achievement and Leaderboard objectives
  • Description

    My Hero Academia 4

    A new threat looms over Mira City. MMK獣-MIO MIS 、 MIV. 。
    Mirage City will be destroyed in a few days and it’ll be Mira’s turn to deal with the danger.
    With a new Crisis emerges, six heroes will rise to save Mira from destruction.
    Which ones will you choose?It is a world full of heroes.
    Join Abigail as she takes on the challenge in My Hero Academia 4.

    Key Features

    • Enjoy accurate references to scenes from the animated series (Season 4)
    • Get push notifications
    • Enjoy plenty of battles in Game & Conquer Mode
    • Enjoy multiple game modes, from Conventional to Paperback Mode
    • Enjoy additional battles in the card game Battle & Conquer Mode

    Circuitous ®

    Circuitous ® Game Key features:

    • Fast-moving action gameplay featuring recognizable cartoon characters
    • Play up to four players on two separate screens

      Underland Ambush (Updated 2022)

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      (Wrong Way Around)

      *Declarations of Martyrdom*

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      On the other hand, and in the face of similar activity, I became a bit of an enabler, perhaps even in some ways a collaborator. Instead of going on about how the system screws us all, I would shrug, and simply go about my business. I’d make sure my politics and my actions when I was involved in things reflected those values, but I’d do everything else in moderation, and of course, I’d take a « wait and see » approach regarding any proposed regulations or laws.

      It’s one or the other. Either you compete for the top spots in those organizations, or you quietly let them continue regardless of your input.

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      The only difference between religions and other organizations


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      SteamDolls is a graphic novel series set in a not-so-distant dystopian future, where dolls rule the world. Your character just entered the world of dolls. Set back in the industrial age, people are forced to have a regular job and to wear a doll as a part of their body.
      The main protagonist, Virgil, dreams of starting a revolution with the other rebels. Everything starts simple, with him and his friends disrupting factories to liberate the dolls and humans from their oppression. Soon, he realizes that the rebels have a bigger task in mind. But how to stop these evil forces?
      Key Features:
      – Innovative storytelling inspired by novels such as V for Vendetta and Judge Dredd
      – An original setting: an oppressive dystopia where people are oppressed by oppressive authority
      – Multiple endings, and, contrary to traditional novels, no predictable plot
      – Level design inspired by the popular game, Diablo III
      • Play as two different characters! Who will you be?
      • The gameplay experience will be radically different depending on the archetype you choose at the beginning of the game.
      • The characters have their own weapons, abilities, and skills.
      • The combat will be fast and intense.
      • Use all the abilities available to you to destroy enemies.
      • Get the highest score by collecting items and killing enemies.
      • Every action you make will have an impact on the game and its ending.
      • From the protagonist, Virgil: « The story we envision is that of a game that you play as a whole. The main protagonist Virgil is still in the middle of his journey and his awareness grows with every level as a consequence of his actions, which will affect the whole game and especially the story. As a player, you will meet different characters that will influence you as well as the story and what you are going to do. When we start to plan out the story, we consider that there is a lot of freedom in the universe that you can use. The characters have a very rich back story with their connections to each other and with Virgil. »
      …is a game about collaboration. You will have to collaborate with your friends to get through this.

      Game created and distributed by INFECTONIC STUDIOS



      Infectonic Studios is a Romanian independent game developer, publisher and distributor.
      We have been creating games since


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      System Requirements:

      Hardware Requirements:
      Minimum Requirements:
      Processor: 64-bit processor
      Memory: 2 GB RAM
      Graphics: 64-bit DirectX 10 graphics adapter, or compatible, with at least 1 GB RAM
      Hard Drive: 700 MB available hard drive space
      Multi-Core CPU: If you have multiple CPU cores, enter the desired number of CPU cores to be used in the application. (Minimum: 2 CPU cores.)
      Display: 1024×768 or larger display.
      Software Requirements:
      Internet Connection