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Red Bow:

Gravestone players are stalked by a mysterious enemy. Surrounded by ruthless men with an intense desire to kill them, their only option is to work together and unravel the secrets of the Red Bow.

Red Bow:

A beautiful city, full of life and culture is hiding a terrible secret.

Red Bow:

A passionate love story, about the dearest person in our world.

About We want to create the game that all people will love, no matter who they are. Thanks for your help for that! You are the best!


We are not yet full-time employees of the company, which is why we had to come up with the

own gaming network to distribute our games and offer better quality to the players.

I hope you like our games, but in the case if you don’t we are very sorry. We sincerely wish that you’ll

like one of our games and decide to support us here.

I also have to mention that this game was free before the initial release. After a lot of

players asking about « Pay-to-Win » topics in our forums we decided to add a small amount

of money to bring the game up to world-class. Therefore please don’t expect any huge difference in game quality or something like that.

We want to provide you the best quality as possible, but in the case you have any questions feel free to contact us.


We are looking for some more funds to reach our deadline for publishing Red Bow. Currently we have some funds set aside, and we really appreciate every donation!

You have to login to your store account to give your support.

Check out our various games!

Selling on Steam is a good step towards becoming a full-time indie developer. We are thankful for all the support!

Already ordered the game? We can send you a copy soon!

Why do you need my email for that? We send you a code of the game. You can use it on the Steam

store. Don’t forget to remove your email from your profile after receiving the code.

We’ve made some improvements to Red Bow since its initial release.

These are gameplay changes and there are no technical changes.

Everything’s up to date!

1. Sticker: We’ve fixed an issue which


VEGA Conflict – Paragon Battleship Pack Features Key:

  • Brand new graphic and visual enhancements
  • Enhanced minimap and UI aid
  • Addition of two levels of autosaves
  • New faction
  • Multiplayer support for Player vs. Player and PvP gameplay
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Sorgina: A Tale of Witches is a colorful and playful little game that takes the world of witches and wizardry to the everyday world. It is a family friendly game, that does not take itself seriously and only wishes to provide entertainment and fun. It is a puzzle solving and platforming adventure, that makes use of the very familiar setting of fantasy characters.
The game is split into three separate chapters: A dryad, a centaur and a fairy. The first chapter deals with the forest and introduces us to the characters and their connection to the land. Sorgina follows a young witch apprentice as she travels through the forest. She will meet different characters and solves different puzzles and adventures along the way to ultimately reach Mari, mother earth and queen of nature.
Easy to learn, but very difficult to master, Sorgina will challenge you in your wit and patience to solve every puzzle and overcome every obstacle.
Sorgina: A Tale of Witches uses a match 3 mechanic and it offers many different combinations to solve its puzzles, which, by design, all have their own challenge. When there are multiple solutions to a puzzle, the game is looking to you to think about all those solutions and to decide what one will be the best for you to complete it in the shortest amount of time.
About The Game:
Sorgina: A Tale of Witches is a match 3 puzzle game with good stories, beautiful illustrations, puzzles and characters that are both familiar and not so familiar to the world of children and fairy tales. It plays the part of a fairy tale and the idea is to get the child to look at the fairy tale genre from a different perspective and to enjoy games that take us to a different world.
Sorgina is very simple to learn, but it is very hard to master. Each puzzle presents its own challenge but they are well explained and easy to understand at the same time. Sorgina will challenge the player on their patience and on their ability to think about all the possible solutions for the different puzzles.
The game can be played both in English and Basque language.
The aim of this game is to show a different kind of world and illustrate the many stories of fairy tales. The game is aimed at children and is suitable for the 4-10 age.
The game is downloadable on Google Play and iTunes!

External links
Sorgina Official Site

Category:2016 video games
Category:Android (operating system) games


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You will learn the game of chess in more detail. Chess is a game played on a board with 64 squares marked with little black and white stones. The pieces have two colors, white and black. They represent playing pieces: the king, queen, and their pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, and pawns are the only characters which are different in size.// Copyright 2011 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

// Note: the file data_test.go is used as a template for package main,
// so must not // import « testing »

package embed // import « »

import (
« fmt »
« testing »

« »

// BasicTest should be first, not import embed.
func BasicTest(t *testing.T) {
// The next line is commented out; it was intended to simplify Starlark’s tests
// for package embed.
// import embed « »

// These next 4 tests are all approximately the same, but invoke symbol
// names of the form x_string which may be a Starlark or Go symbol.

func TestParseTest1(t *testing.T) {
s := « foo.go/bar() »
st := MustParse(s, 0)
if s!= st {
t.Errorf(« parse failed.
got: %q
want: %q », s, st)

func TestPathTest1(t *testing.T) {
s := « foo.go/bar »
st := MustPath(s)
if s!= st {
t.Errorf(« path failed.
got: %q
want: %q », s, st)

func TestCompileTest1(t *testing.T) {
s := « foo.go/bar »
st := MustCompile(s


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: Featuring the Amazing Plants and Sunflowers That Arrive Each Spring

Warmer weather is arriving. And with the change comes the arrival of spring, the time that many of us get excited about our gardens, as we wait for the beautiful plants and flowers that slowly fill their beds and squares of squares.

Thanks to the wonder of — you guessed it — sunshine, plants generally bloom steadily throughout the growing season. But with spring also comes a shift in the seasons, and as the days gets longer and warmer, there’s an opportunity to observe many more changes in our gardens.

Besides the plants arriving, you may also see insects begin to flock from their winter slumber. Ornamental earthworms may also start emerging from their hibernating quarters to start digging again. And yes, you may even be welcomed by the year’s first butterfly.

May is a wonderful month to have your garden designs and plantings grow. Here’s some more reasons why your design or planting ideas will (and should) come to fruition in the next few months.

1. Start your perennials

While turf is great, it can be dangerous to start adding new plants to your lawn or beds in the hot summer sun. Consider planting your perennials as soon as the weather warms. You can water them when you actually see their roots creeping out into the soil.

Planting seeds in the greenhouse, porch, or even beneath mulch or an uncoated pot may also help them establish before they move outside. You’ll be surprised how ready your plants can be in just about a month.

A second reason to start planting while the soil is still cool is to give your plants as much time as possible. Not only does it cut down on the heat, but having cool soil also speeds up the germination cycle of your annuals and perennials.

The next few months will also be interesting for you, the plant enthusiast, as you watch your plants grow and bloom. Here are some of the plants you’ll see bloom in just the next few months.

Peonies bloom in this beautiful pink hue. Photo by Johanna Grace Photography

2. Peonies:

While peonies have a reputation for being one of the later flowering bulbs to bloom, it might be time to get excited about your peony border. Peonies are one of the most show-stopping of spring’s many floral gifts.


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Rescue Rescue runs on the same engine and is a prequel to the first game, Apocalypse Hotel: The Post-Apocalyptic Hotel Simulator!

I don’t know if you are still accepting new members for your discord (if you are, please, add me but would be an awesome thing to have a server for multiplayer Raids, so there we could easily talk, discuss, and maybe even arrange a meeting with some of the devs.

Huge problem with this, at least for the PS4 version, is the game runs on a super outdated (and buggy) version of Unity that no longer has support for file streaming, so as soon as I start up the game I get an error message saying « This game is not playable since it can’t find a server to connect to » and everything just crashes.

@alien20 How weird, I tested it yesterday and it ran flawlessly. All I can suggest is that you try a different version of Unity, see if it helps.
As for discord, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a dedicated server for the game (with a unified lobby and game state) on a web server somewhere. Nobody knows you are doing it just search for the URL on google.
I’d be happy to host it myself for a while but the time I spend on games does not go far, so I’d have to sell the server at a later date.

Am I the only one that always has to blast the walls in order to rescue them, and the enemies keep coming back? Seems like I’ve been rescuing one character for the last 50 hours or so, and then all the survivors just die at the same time. I was expecting a more gradual (and complete) death for all, since I’ve tried to kill them all in previous runs.

Every single time you start the game, you get placed in a house with a single survivor, then you get chased after by zombies, there’s no way to escape as they come in waves to chase you and kill you, I would assume that there’s some sort of algorithm in play to ensure that you’re getting chased by the zombies in a fairly deterministic manner to ensure the players have to test out the whole game, but for some reason it just doesn’t work.

Every time, but only this time and the last time, it placed me in the sewer. On the last


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