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In a fast paced future, society’s ideals are shaped by three large mega corporations. While the rich make themselves richer, a group of cultists want to enslave the majority of the population and create an authoritarian capitalistic society where evil rules the day.
The city is not only home to corporations, it is also the headquarters for FUSER™ technology, used by the powerful to maintain and extend their already immense wealth.
In order to wage their war against corporate corruption, cultists have taken control of FUSER™-dependent corporations to remove their collaborators, the executives in these corporations.
Players will take control of four interrelated characters in both their civilian and paramilitary forms. These characters must go undercover to infiltrate their target, collecting valuable information along the way.
The players must overcome the support of such forces as the international Space Police, paramilitary teams, and even the corporations they hope to infiltrate.
Due to the experience required to complete the game, this entry is suggested for more experienced players only.

What’s New in Version 3.0.8
• A bug fix to remove a wrong link to a map in the Achievement “Infiltrator of the Day”.
Fixes & Improvements
• A bug with an incorrect On/Off indicator in TOC has been fixed.
• The last Area for the Achievement « Infiltrator of the Day » has been increased to allow additional bonus points.
• Fixed a bug with the City Hub character selection screen which caused the player to be stuck with a blank screen when exiting and opening the menu.
• fixed the player selection screen after selecting the « Disable Player » option.
• fix for the « Total Power » and « Arc Powers » on the « System Lights » menu.
• fixed the « Total Power » displayed for the last Area and the « Arc Powers » under the « Powers » menu.
• fixed a bug with the « Fun » Radio.
• fixed a bug with the « Enjoy Weather » toggle and the « Lights » toggle.
• fixed a bug with the menu « From FUSER™ Mode » on the « System Settings » menu.
• fixed a bug with the player selection screen after selecting the « Disable Player » option.
• fixed a bug with the player selection screen after selecting the « Enter Main Menu » option.
• The second « Valkyrie » unlock sequence has been changed to the last unlock sequence for this mission.
• fixed


Features Key:

  • DCS: F-14A/B Tomcat
    Flight Dynamics International developed the game for the DCS series, which stands for « DCS: Fliegerfahrungensymbiont Manuell mit Gewichten » (Deutsch: « DCS: Manually piloted aircraft subsystem simulation with weights »).

  • Cockpit: Full Cockpit
    A fully functioning and extensive multi layered cockpit which will be a faithful reproduction of the F-14 Cockpit as found on the F-14A/B Tomcat. The cockpit features both analog and digital displays including: Look-Up-Display, Weapons Director, Compass, Radar Display, Tail System Display and the most extensive Z-Surface available. With SoGPS data units like GPWS, ASRAAM, DEFA and RWR modules provided in selectable digital and analog modes.

  • 60 Levels from Mission 01 – 60 with objectives to achieve and simulated flight missions against the computer
    Realistic A.I. and smart A.I. mode can be chosen
    Mission editor and Anaylze reports included
    Fully featured Mission Editor allowing the player to create and upload missions to the DCS game. You can create Persistant Missions which can be uploaded at a later time to be played.
    Cockpit: Full Cockpit offers a set of default modes allowing the user to pilot the F-14A/B Tomcat against one of 5 Computer A.I.s or can use their own created A.I. data.
    Mission Editor allows the player to create and upload missions to the DCS game
    Multiplayer: In game Chat
    DCS Mission Editor allows the player to create and upload missions to the DCS game
    Fully featured Mission Editor allowing the player to create and upload missions to the DCS game
    Cockpit: Full Cockpit is suited for both beginners and advanced pilots. A mission system editor provides the « Mission Editor » allowing the player to create, upload, and save missions for later play. Or, the player can download them from the DCS Mission library or other mission databases and execute them. When saved to the library the mission expires after 30 days.


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If you like fast-paced cat and mouse runner games, then you will love running and jumping from cactus and traps in your way in this desert platformer!
The Cat is the bounty hunter of the game. The Cat will run behind you as you go on the running game. He has a basic physics and you have to jump in the correct timing over the cactus traps and avoid the cat who will try to catch you to put in his collection. But some cactuses can also kill you, so beware of your enemies in this desert city platformer.
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Run, Jump, & Collect!
Drive the car to the gas station.
Mash those buttons!
The City of Cactuses – Maze Runner Game 2
Game Controls:
WASD to move, Mouse to jump.
R to Restart Game
Start Game
How to Play
Left Click on the mouse when the mouse cursor is over the platform.
Right Click on the mouse when the mouse cursor is over the object.
The Cat will ask you if you want to jump over the Cactus.
Right Click to Jump over the Cactus
Hit each Cactus one at a time by the Cat.
Jump on the platforms
Mash (for extra speed).
Check your oil.
Run out of Stamina?
Pause the game.
Click on the red Oil Can to fill up your Stamina
Press E to use Double Jump.
Press Escape when in the menu.
support@warriorgame.comPrevalence of self-reported chronic pain in a sample of Italian primary care patients and its impact on health-related quality of life.
Pain is a complex clinical experience which deeply affects patient’s quality of life, especially in chronic conditions. To characterize the prevalence of chronic pain in a large sample of primary care patients and to assess the impact of chronic pain on the health-related quality of life (HRQoL). Between October 2009 and March 2010, 1654 consecutive patients coming for a routine check-up were assessed by a nurse using the Italian version of the Brief Pain Inventory (BPI). Chronic pain was defined as the presence of pain of longer than 3 months’ duration. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics, contingency tables and logistic regression. We found chronic pain to be prevalent in 918 (55%) patients. Significant differences between the chronic pain and the non-chronic pain group were


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Playable with optional voice translation, Project Genesis Game Soundtrack features 11 tracks created by composer C.P. O’Neill. The original soundtrack includes music that ranges from action-packed horn blasts, to relaxed ambient tracks. Within the Project Genesis Soundtrack are 2 original titles, each with the color blue theme. The bonus songs are created to give the game replay value.
Original Soundtrack features:
* 11 tracks totaling roughly 70 minutes of music
* 2 titles: « Project Genesis » and « Blue »
* 3 gameplay videos.
* 5 sample of game textures
Original Game « Project Genesis » is available for purchase here:

Game « Project Genesis Soundtrack » more information:

In 2013, developer Mirabai Studios released a completely new Real time strategy game named The Secret World. The game features a rich backstory with lots of collectibles to discover, and full campaign to complete. The game also added new features and gives the player a new approach to the Real Time Strategy genre. The game received mixed reviews from critics with some praising the freedom to play as you want, others criticizing that lack of missions to complete. After the release of the game, the studio stopped their support for the game and the servers have been offline since 2013. The Secret World is now available to play on for free and you can join either GGG’s servers or their own servers.
The fan made Project Genesis is a spin off of The Secret World. As the name suggests, it features the same storyline and game play, but instead of playing as one of the 4 original characters from The Secret World, you play as the main character, Brother Avian. As you play, you explore a strange world where the Templars and Illuminati are fighting each other over the Magic Stone. Heavily inspired by the original The Secret World, players must help Avian stop the war, and uncover the Mythic Forbidden Book and defeat the Illuminati’s main leader as you fight to defeat them and build an Iron Army of your own. The game was announced in 2013 and is an end of an era. As the old servers are set to close in, Project Genesis is currently available through the for free and you can now also create your own server. is a game and an extension of your Blizzard Account. Battle.


What’s new:

    On the note of pixels, I forgot to post another comic in time to contribute to the holiday season, so I’m making up for it on New Year’s Eve. Also, the holiday season is an awful time to draw comics because I can’t paint, which really limits me to drawing or scanning. It’s frustrating, but I’ll probably still update on time.

    As always, thanks for your support, and I hope you have a great New Year. Bye.

    – Daniel

    Elephant Graveyard

    Santa was running late, so he didn’t make it to the village until late at night. The festivities had ended, the elves were dead, and there was a lot of room in the Elf Forest for the enormous elephant he carried.

    Now that he was in the area he wondered where to drop it off. Nothing good would come from somebody discovering it. Finding some good dirt might be harder than he’d figured, though. The big guy had traveled a lot, and he was in the most scattered part of the continent.

    Which wasn’t a lot of help. Leaving it in a nearby village was a bad idea, since the humans there could probably tell the difference between a bunch of trees and a beached whale.

    The closest thing to good dirt for miles was the river, but it was frozen. There was no way he could get it across, even if he could find a boat. There was one thing that might work though, and that was to wait for the ant-heist to wake up. The ants actually used people to carry fruits and vegetables, so it might be possible to use the same trick as with the elves.

    But he had to be very careful. The ant-heist never worked with the humans, like most of the other insects he’d called upon. They hated human beings, and most liked killing them. That was understandable, there hadn’t been much opportunity to make friends and trade in the last few hundred years.

    But maybe this was his chance, though. There were no ants around when the villagers left; they came back in the morning. He could hide the big elephant in the shadow of their home and when they left, he could follow. If he could persuade them to take him he would probably have a chance to cross the river. For the first time in ages he would be able to travel the whole continent


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    Dojo Tiger 2 features single-player championship modes that will have you testing your skill on increasingly difficult AI, and online multiplayer that supports 4-player matches or 4-on-4 quickplay online matches.
    The AI is complex enough to challenge the real-time simulation types, but simple enough for new players to get into after a short training session.
    But don’t stop with online matches or the championship modes: the game has local multiplayer and offline-mode play, including both 1-player and 4-player split-screen matches, and one of the challenges is to perform as many consecutive multi-kicks as possible.
    All of Dojo Tiger 2’s gameplay modes can be enjoyed in offline mode with only the local AI, or a friend via split-screen play.

    Tips And Tricks

    Punch with the right mouse button (RB). When punching an opponent, you have to time your punches correctly. When you hit the right spot, your character will kick the opponent in the side. You can use this move to dodge enemy attacks.

    Dojo Tiger 2 DLC Pack

    Tips And Tricks

    If you want to play Online, go to: GameSpot -> Dojo Tiger 2
    OR Click the Online Mode Tab at the very top of the Dojo Tiger 2 window.
    This will place you into online mode.
    If you want to play against different people, choose Quick Match. If you want to play against more people, choose the Ranked Match option.

    1.1 Patch

    -Fixed an issue where you might get stuck on the splash screen after starting or loading the game.
    -Fixed a crash issue that occurred after completing one of the championship tournaments.
    -Fixed an issue where player facing areas would be cropped off by the map.
    -Fixed an issue where some levels would not load correctly after playing in Quick Match.
    -Fixed an issue where the trophy in the Dojo Tiger 2 logo would disappear.
    -Fixed an issue where the skull character’s health bar would sometimes display a negative health value.
    -Fixed an issue where unnecessary customization items would appear in a ball-merchant’s shop.
    -Fixed an issue where failing a level in the championship would cause the next match to start immediately.
    -Fixed an issue where an opponent could be grabbed by both versions of the animation when performing an aggressive kick to the knee


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  • Update your video card drivers
  • Run the installation with admin rights
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  • If crack is successful the game will show a « Version 1.0 » message, the game will be in the play menu and playable

Credits to Fabian Fuhrmann for creating the video and supporting the video.
Please leave feedback about how to improve the guides and see you next guide!Drumstick urosome

The drumstick urosome () is a lobe-like fan-shaped part of the dorsal wall of the abdominal tube of pencil worms, a genus of insect in the family Urosomatidae.

The drumstick is used as a sensory organ and is often referred to as a « tentacle ». It is situated as a functional part of the animal and is found only in pencil worms. It is similar to the foot of Sipuncula.


Pencil worm urosomids have a cylindrical tube in which the nervous system is enclosed. At the anterior end of the tube is a pair of developing appendages called cirri. They develop in the last larval stage (cirriform) to aid the worm in its movements. The tube has two openings. One is the orifice of the anus, and the other is the mouth with a cap covering the body opening.

The stomach is also enclosed in the tube, and up to five pairs of peristomes cover the opening to the stomach. The peristomes are thick and semitransparent, each covered by a single squamous epithelium. They form a series of paired contractile rings, each with a circular depression in the middle. When the epithelium contracts, the peristomes move inward, and when the contraction subsides, the peristomes move back to their original position. This creates a pulsing effect, which is especially striking in bright light. The relative intensity of the pulsing depends on how strong the contractions are.

The urostyle is a fleshy lobe, a bilaterally symmetrical structure situated anterior

System Requirements For Venture Towns:

Requires Android 2.3.3 or later.
Supported devices:
4.4 or above
Processor: 1GHz or higher
RAM: 1GB or higher
External Storage: 2GB or higher
Web browser: 3.2 or higher
Known issues:
In-app purchase is supported
The share for video to other social networks(Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LINE, etc.) is supported
Google Play services are required for the app to be installed, please confirm that you have Google Play services 7.


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