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Mad Combat Marines brings you and other world class players to a city where everything is possible, where the biggest and most insane ideas are created for you to have a very good time.

Urban Ninja is a free action game from the category Action Games for android and is developed by MuhGame. Urban Ninja is available on Google Play.

Fight in a dystopian future where all remaining resources are controlled by a global government. Free City is a violent no-holds-barred street brawler where only the strongest can win, fight and survive. It is your mission to destroy obstacles and annihilate your enemies.

Collect cash for missions that make you famous and win the game. How? Kill everything in your way, and always try to be the last one. You are not alone, get help from the following players:

* Loot heaps of weapons and armor to customize your character for the next battle


– New Save game feature: Now you can save your profile data and make your own profile settings!
– Double star: Now you can get gold in the game even if you are no match at all!

Compete against other players of the world to become the best in the game! Play across four different games – Real Soccer, Bowling, Gold Rush, and Tic Tac Toe! Are you prepared to take on challenges that are yet to come? Get a head start now!

Let your creativity flow and make your own thrilling gameplay. The game features the following playable game modes:

– Timed and Endless modes
– Single and Multiplayer mode

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Star Command: Red Planet is a Sci-fi FPS game, a remake of the original Star Command game from 1980, where you take on the role of an Elite Starfighter pilot, with the task to destroy enemy droids. The game is set in the 35th century when humanity had spread to many planets in the galaxy.

Developed by Academy Games in partnership with Publisher Electronic Arts, Star Command: Red Planet will be in full-featured version. This game will feature all of the features of the original Star Command game such as, 3D graphics, 3D maps, atmospheric music, smooth game play, high end graphics, and much more!

Star Command: Red Planet will deliver to the masses the legendary space shooter gameplay we all know, with a fully 3D


Features Key:

  • Stunningly beautiful futuristic world
  • Intense cyber-Western backdrop to action
  • Overweight showdown series boasts eight new figures to tackle future problems in tome that challenges the female form with self confidence, friendships and love
  • High-tech skill-based play
  • Overweight battles and uncontrollable supermojo


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Driftland takes players on an enchanting journey in a world of magic. Players get to craft their empire in real-time with open construction tools on and over islands and waterways in the world. Players battle through campaigns to build their floating city into a large nation with their guilds and allies. The best players can win amazing titles and rewards in Driftland.
Key Features:

Build an Island City
Each player can build islands in the overworld to create an entire floating city. Players get a chance to pick islands from the two factions. Players can boost their buildings and units with their magic potions.
Toggle the Firstperson Camera!
When on an island, you can toggle between the third person and first person camera views.
Factions & Guilds
Players can build their own guild or join others to forge partnerships. Players can battle other alliances for power or trade. Players can forge alliances based on friendship, magic, religion or political beliefs.
Magic Perks
Players can summon various elements in their empire in real time. They can also use special flight spells and increase their base’s speed.
Real-time Combat
Players can create units and they can take part in PvP as well as PvE. Players can use spells on their enemies to beat them in PvP battles.

Retrocity 2 is a historical city builder game where you are the owner and manager of a city. You have to build the city from nothing and turn it into a prosperous one. Retrocity 2 is much like Simcity but this time you are the owner and manager.

From the creators of Sushi Go!, here is a sequel with delicious sushi. The city management simulation lets you run your city and educate children. You also need to run as smoothly as possible in the political aspects of the city and economy.

A delicious restaurant simulation game where you need to manage the restaurant. You need to cook ingredients and sell them. You can even expand your business using robots and resources. You will need to carefully plan your cooking schedule. Also, customers will be coming in every day to eat some delicious food.

Mushrooms are growing stronger, sun is shining, insects are coming back into the forest. You have to care for the animals in your forest in this fun and relaxing game. Try to raise farm animals, feed the boars and preserve the forest in this simple and relaxing sim game.

This game is an excellent choose-your-own-adventure scenario where you can control the


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If you see a beggin player or a large number of bots in the bot matchmaking lobby, please let me know and I will disable the matchmaking.
It happens a lot when testing in the first days of a new game, but this is not because of a bug in the botmatching system.
To test for bots (if needed), you can join a normal matchmaking lobby and then manually check yourself if you have any – if you have any, you can go to the normal matchmaking lobby and start a normal match. The bots of course will not appear in that match but if you are quick, you can inspect yourself a) whether you are playable and b) whether you have bots or not.
Bugs that can be reported:
If you do report a bug and it turns out to be a false positive, either you don’t take it seriously enough or there’s a bug in the description of the bug and I, or another developer, can’t find it.
Let me know in Discord (the developer or an admin of the bot game) and I will search for the bug and update this post accordingly.
In-Game Bugs:
If you find a bug in game, please report it. I might find the bug and close it within 2 hours, or I might not respond to it for 2 days. Either way, I will update this post as I find more bugs in game.
Please do not report bugs in these topics:

Gameplay is broken
Gameplay does not match the description

If you find a bug and you’re not sure if it’s in game or not, please report it and I will check for the bug myself.
Please open a new bug report and I will link to it if it’s confirmed to be an in-game bug.
Game Bugs:
If you find a bug in game, please report it. I might find the bug and close it within 2 hours, or I might not respond to it for 2 days. Either way, I will update this post as I find more bugs in game.
Please do not report bugs in these topics:

Gameplay is broken
Gameplay does not match the description

If you find a bug and you’re


What’s new:

    on Aerial Lessons with a PhD

    I watched a friend practice his first flight before he took an aerial photography course. I was amazed by how he landed and took off on the first attempt without any complications. Then, he fell and neither of us expected that. It was the first time for him and we were with him. And we all were pretty nervous – except for him.

    He also told me that he had some training tips from his fellow other “PhD” folks. I guess some of them were reliable. Unfortunately, when I got to him, I found out that another set of them were not so reliable at all.

    The birds’ wings are designed to fly efficiently and effectively. It was designed through trial-and-error process by evolution. It may have started off with a “hop” that a bird couldn’t go very far with and couldn’t flip too quickly in the air. They also must be able to take powerful wingspan dives to catch insects. The adaptation of these wings wouldn’t make sense to fly nearly upside-down.

    So, as far as I know, we have bird flight. But, it’s a great inspiration for developing a first-class “airline” for anything that we do. However, we may use bird examples as the reasoning, but we certainly don’t learn anything from a bird’s wings. It’s like we have no idea of the search-and-catch method of their home-security system and we boast nothing and nobody from them when it comes to our own security. The search-and-catch means that our biological system is perfected as it is: simple, efficient and fairly effective.

    Some of those who have flying (or ski flying) lessons are the experts. They know how to trigger their bodies’ flight tricks without any complications. However, even then, they can fall, and it’s not because of false assumptions or even negligence. It’s because of things beyond their control – such as unstable ground for takeoff or even them being susceptible to accident. Sure, there are also many things that they can control, such as their mental focus during takeoff, as well as their physical and mental focus while flying.

    Then, there are those who are not so good! Here are some tips that I have learned from my research. From the actual world as well as from teaching aircraft that was conducted by


    Free War Ghost

    You are still on the planet of VTA, but your family was kidnapped by the villains, so you need to save them. Your objective is to destroy the monsters by building different buildings.
    In this tower defense game, you have three characters to play:
    1. The Commander who builds the fortifications, trains troops and places traps.
    2. The Warrior, who engages in combat with hordes of enemies to destroy them.
    3. The Engineer who builds towers to defend your work and can upgrade buildings, attack enemies and create resources.
    However, you should be aware that, eventually, the enemies will destroy your buildings and overwhelm your defenses. You have to select the right strategy to survive long enough to finish the mission.
    NOTE: For Heroes version the Tower Defense is done by the hero characters, not by the Commander.

    * Amazing Tower Defense Game Play
    * Over 60+ Levels (15+ Heroes) + More To Come
    * Hundreds Of Enemies
    * About 20+ Unique Towers To Build
    * Unique Characters With Different Abilities
    * Auto Saves
    * 15+ Music Tracks
    * 5+ Game Modes
    * Xbox One Controller Support
    * Facebook Share
    * And Many More…

    If you are a fan of our Tower Defense Game, you can make your own paid changes to the game (definitively, it is not included in this free version).
    We follow those rules:
    1. We will not change anything related to game play.
    2. We will not make changes if we do not observe unauthorized use of this application.
    3. We will respect the copyrights of the developers. We can explain everything that uses our work, so the game can be used by another without problems.
    4. We will not use any third party tool to modify the application.
    5. The application will continue to be updated in a free and trustworthy way.

    In a world of fantasy and magic, you are going to build your own kingdom in a world called Kite. Grab a sword and jump right into this world of adventure and fun!
    Here are some of the features of this game:
    * Lots of Monsters and Traps that need to be defeated
    * 7 Chapters to pass
    * Knights and dragons appear to battle
    * A Hero appears with a three-person party to help defeat the enemies
    * Different skills and weapons
    * Hundreds of items, traps and weapon
    * Gorgeous graphics

    * Amazing Tower Defense Game Play


    How To Install and Crack War Ghost:

  • Download the game exe and place anywhere you like
  • Unzip Folder or Compact the game Zip to a folder of your choice
  • Run the game file (game.exe)
  • Run the Logitech WebCAM Basic Cam Drivers under:
    • Open "Start" >> "All Programs" >> "Accessories" >> "Device Manager"

Install the Game (Optional):

  • run the LogicTek WebCAM Basic Pack (Logitech WebCam Basic Pack and Drivers) and after Installation successfully to make sure WebCAM is working well
  • Run the Game and enjoy playing, or Skad be enhanced by replacing the Dial-Up Internet Version with a LAN/WiFi connection (recommended) using Proxy software, LAN-Button on your controller, as the instructions in the readme.txt file

UFO Quake Demo – English:

Environment Settings:

  • Game Computer: Logitech WebCAM Basic (Webcam: Logitech c500 and
  • Movie Player: VLC Media Player
  • Requires CW-Native Audio Driver (ver 3.1 or higher)
  • Sound Source: Game Headset (Logitech G15) or PCM Route To Logitech G-15 Headset and Boom Microphone
  • Sound Delay: 2 ms
  • Game Emulator Version: 0.9.22

Note: This is a Russian version of UFO Quake.

This demo shows many things, and shows how to play certain maps/difficulty modes, english or russian language, and widescreen (16:9) or 4:3.

You don’t need

System Requirements For War Ghost:

This mod is compatible with the latest version of Minecraft. It works on all platforms (PC, Mac, PS4, XBoxOne and Nintendo Switch) but some features are Windows-only.
You may have to select « Minecraft Classic » for the launcher to be able to launch the mod. To do so, go to « Launch Options », then type « Minecraft Classic » in the search box.
Minegrafica is a mod that adds all of the Mining skill to Minecraft. You no longer need the Tinkering skill to start


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