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Published: 23 novembre 2022 (2 semaines ago)


Weld Assistant 6 Serial Number

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the veteran’s personal history (vhp) will be accepted to satisfy the social security number requirement of positions advertised under the social security number exemption. veterans may apply online or in person at any social security administration (ssa) office. the website for veterans’ social security benefits is .

for positions in which the applicant must pass a federal background investigation and security clearance, the minimum qualifications indicated below are for the position as advertised. applicants must meet the qualification requirements for all employment categories listed.

pacer will be scheduled to present to the media including the media of spanish language. the applicant must be able to present the media with materials in spanish. the applicant must be able to conduct the meeting with the media in a language commensurate to the language in which the meeting is held and the national languages of the interviewee.
pacer will be required to provide or arrange for the services of translators. the translator will be provided at no charge by the federal government at the discretion of the interviewee. to be eligible for further consideration for this position, the interpreter must be able to complete application process. the interpreter for this position will be qualified to interpret the official proceedings of the u.s. government in the interviews. to ensure the acceptance of translator applicants, the interpreter must be employed by a federally-funded or contractor organization and certified by the u. department of justice. if an interpreter for the position you apply for is not available during the application process, you may be considered for other positions at pam.
the applicant must be able to communicate in a language that is understood by the media. pacer will make reasonable efforts to provide translation services and will ask that the applicant be prepared to translate any materials provided by pacer to the media during the meeting. only for u.s. citizens, who have been issued a certificate of naturalization or authorization to work as non-immigrant worker, only for u. citizens who are unable to communicate in english, only for u. citizens who are blind or who have low vision. only in the case that the applicant is deaf or hard of hearing is it possible to arrange for sign language interpreters. any individuals who fail to provide their name and contact information at the time of the appointment will be ineligible for follow-up interviews. only individuals who are eligible to perform the essential functions of the position will be considered for employment. if no alternates are available, a determination will be made as to whether a voice recognition system can be used as a reasonable accommodation. reference to the use of a voice recognition system is appropriate if the appropriate accrediting body has approved the use of such a system. if no accommodation can be provided, an alternate will be selected. applicants who are non-u. citizens and who are selected for employment will be required to provide the documentation listed below to verify eligibility. documentation from all employment will be verified by the u. department of justice. applicants will be required to provide the following documents: valid u. passport; valid or verifiable alien registration card (form i-551) or alien worker registration card (form i-151); * other verification of eligibility, including proof of employment authorization in the united states * final action by united states department of homeland security upon approval of i-9 employment eligibility verification form; final action by united states department of health and human services on approval of i-9 employment eligibility verification form; and final action by u. department of state on approval of u. visa and consular processing fees.