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Wondershare Dr.Fone 10.3.1 Crack Torrent Download [PATCHED] 2020



Wondershare Dr.Fone 10.3.1 Crack Torrent Download 2020

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Is chr() a function that returns a character?

I have a character function that I am calling in a hash table;
when I look at it, I see it is a hash table key, but it is not a character.
I just have this function:
function PrintHashTable(ByRef MyHashTable: TObjectHashTable): String;
i: Integer;
Result := »;
for i := 0 to MyHashTable.Count – 1 do
Result := Result + MyHashTable.KeyData[i] + »;

I have all of the keys (strings) defined in the function, and they all have the same key value of chr(17), but when I write the above function as a string, I get??? instead of a character.


Because chr() is called a type-independent string function. It is overloaded with a string parameter.
For the moment you have no problem because you are probably compiling and then running the code. For that a vcl-app or a executable is running, chr() is automatically called. When you are working with a library, things are a little bit more tricky. Because of the overloading, no overload will be chosen (in contrast to cstr() for strings), so chr() will simply return a byte value (the type-safe-zero-character), which is the default for a type-independent function. (Value 0 is the byte which for ASCII encodings has a value which is exactly equal to chr(0).)
On the downside, no Unicode-aware handling is done. The size of an arbitrary Unicode string is not known when calling the function. The only solution is to explicitely cast the char* to a unicode string:
function TForm1.PrintHashTable(ByRef MyHashTable: TObjectHashTable): String;
i: Integer;
Result := »;
for i := 0 to MyHashTable.Count – 1 do
Result := Result + chr

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