by bromyl
Published: 20 novembre 2022 (3 semaines ago)

Yahoo Token Creator ((NEW))

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Yahoo Token Creator

$only has been nicknamed for a silly reason. it stands for « one lucky token. » as creators, fans, and token holders, we want everyone to feel one lucky because as we move forward with the token, the possibilities are endless.

1b+ people watch adult content every day and $5b is spent on it each year. this use-case is untapped. we believe $only has huge potential to change this. the token sale is a unique opportunity to participate. be among the early adopters and use the token early.

both an algorithmic stablecoin and a currency token, ust is part of the rapidly expanding category of cryptocurrencies that represent more than a fungible financial asset: they also have real world value (as opposed to being digital crypto-currencies without value). the objective is to reach a critical mass of stablecoins and currency tokens, providing retail and institutional investors with a range of option to exchange fiat and cryptocurrency.

the token sale will be available in the us and canada and all of the proceeds will be allocated to fund the acquisitions of content. this will be a pioneering project on so many levels, says odenkirk. it is a test of many things. first, it is a full scale crowdfunding effort, complete with all the benefits of crowdfunding (including kyc checks and icann domain registration) but also including a bank account and independent auditors, just like in the crypto world. second, it is a test of the us legal system when it comes to non-accredited investors, as well as a test of the canadian regulations governing crowdfunding. third, the project has the potential to transform the entire digital content business and how content gets distributed.

a blockchain registry for nature and the environment, naturechain is changing how the world will interact with its nature. we can go further and say that its changing how the world will interact with its nature. with a complete ecosystem, naturechain brings value to life and death, both living and non-living assets, by providing a super accurate and transparent blockchain registry for nature and the environment. with naturechain, anyone can trace the journey of any flora, fauna, mineral, fossil or living asset, no matter where in the world it lives or dies, to ultimately find the cause of extinction. naturechain delivers the best user experience and brand value by serving as the most accurate and largest blockchain-enabled ecosystem to improve human interactions with nature. if you are interested in naturechain, you can visit their website at: .
the token sale will include 1.5 million tokens, which will be listed on top exchanges within the next 12 months. during this time, digicorp labs and lcx will launch various products and services in relation to the token sale. during the token sale, 20% of the available tokens will be sold to the public. 50% will be sold to accredited investors. finally, 30% will be sold to digicorp labs and lcx for operational costs, legal fees, and for building up the digicorp labs team.
to add value for the token holders, the user experience is also being improved. with this in mind, digicorp labs will be updating the dgmv token using digicorp labs’ unique architecture. this is an industry first and is expected to bring further adoption.