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GNRBLEX is a machine that has been described as a « cognizant » of all known realities, from an alternate universe. Somehow, it got into our universe and threatens to consume it. Your assignment is to play as one of the characters aboard the gunboat The Handmaid, to infiltrate GNRBLEX with the help of the GNRBLEXian Mind Maggot. Pass every puzzle within the time limit, and survive the coming infestation. Can you prevent the gnrblexian takeover? This game is not suitable for children.
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History of the GNRBLEXian

published: 04 Feb 2013

GNRBLEXians Central Edition (comedy!)

GNRBLEXians Tribute –
Comedy! :D
There is so much code, it would take about 2 days to complete it all in order to have everything working and ready to be released.
However, that meant that I could just upload a file with the entire script to the GNRBLEXiansCentral Server. I do not recommend doing this where security is important (I would sign up for a premium account before I used the free ones there :P). However, I do not think that they will block me or anything since it is pretty much just the entire script.
The file is huge, it is almost 8 MB!
I recommend that you use a program like 7zip to open it. I hope you like it and I hope you enjoy this rendition. It took a loooooong time to do, so it was a lot of work.
I don’t own any of the music in this video, so it was made by my user account. I used my…


Features Key:

  • Multiplayer network game play with up to 4 players
  • You can choose your difficulty and number of cycles
    through the levels
  • Challenge yourself with the ranking list
  • Play with the All-Stars from the Cheer Video
  • Solve numerous math problems using algorithms from
    pro-level mathematicians
  • Beware Planet Earth Review


    Created by USA/SAS Linguistics for Intel, the
    Beware Planet
    Earth is an entertaining and challenging RPG game that tests
    your math & logic skills. Through the game play, you will navigate
    through 5 perilous volcanic islands. And the ultimate goal of each
    of the islands is to collect enough Stars to rank up in the
    search rankings. The game requires you to accurately navigate the
    volcano and its surrounding islands using a combination of

    In Beware Planet Earth, you control a space ship and
    navigate throughout four different super-massive volcanoes. The
    levels of the game include Mushroom Port, Tidal Wave, Garuda,
    and Rocket. To proceed, you must successfully navigate around
    the islands, collect enough stars to rank in and
    proceed to the next level. Progressions of levels increases in
    challenge, so you must apply logic and speed to navigate the various
    levels. Try your best to record high scores, but beware of falling
    stars and obstacles, such as radioactive pits, anemona, and massive
    volcanic rocks. Stars can be found in brown, grey, blue, and
    purple colors. The spaceships on your screen flashes when a
    star is located. There’s also additional spaceships hidden
    around the islands, so be on the lookout for those.

    One of the most interesting features of the game is that it automatically
    communicates with Facebook when you start


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    Fog of War is an interesting game with a historical background, it is the first-person shooter / real-time strategy, with elements of defence. The combat moves from first-person shooter to real-time strategy, which suits the principles of the game in which you control a group of players to defend the country and to destroy the enemy.
    Fog of War is very simple and intuitive to use, and that simple yet addictive gameplay is just perfect for people from all generations and all levels of experience.
    Fog of War works on various platforms, including desktop, mobile, tablets and consoles, such as iPad, iPhone, Android phones and on your PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
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    Fog of War has a wide variety of soldiers, tanks, aircrafts and other vehicles.
    Fog of War uses popular tutorials as well as video for new players. The game is available for download, and this doesn’t take up time. You can play at any time of the day or night.
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    Fog of War is a turn-based game, and the game goes just as long as you and your opponent choose it.
    Fog of War is a tactical game, with all the things to do in real time. In the game, you choose the battleground and city.
    Fog of War is a multiplayer game. For you to play with people around the world!
    Fog of War is a game that allows you to play with a friend or against the computer
    Fog of War has been designed for ages: 10 – 85+. In Fog of War, it is possible to quickly choose any game mode, including a real-time strategy, and this makes it a viable choice for all the players.
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    To uninstall:
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    Eyes of a Tyrant

    Eyes of a Tyrant

    タイトル バージョン 作品 曲解 日本 发音 相手 表示 ダウンロード

    トラック 1

    Eyes of a Tyrant

    Eyes of a Tyrant タイトル バージョン 作品 曲解 日本 发音 相手 表示 ダウンロード

    トラック 2

    Eyes of a Tyrant

    Eyes of a Tyrant タイトル バージョン 作品 曲解 日本 发音 相手 表示 ダウンロード

    トラック 3

    Eyes of a Tyrant

    Eyes of a Tyrant タイトル バージョン 作品 曲解 日本 发音 相手 表示 ダウンロード

    トラック 4

    Eyes of a Tyrant

    Eyes of a Tyrant タイトル バージョン 作品 曲解 日本 发音 相手 表示 ダウンロード

    トラック 5

    Eyes of a Tyrant

    Eyes of a Tyrant タイトル バージョン 作品 曲解 日本 发音 相手 表示 ダウンロード

    トラック 6



    What’s new:

      at Chelsea Piers: WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart at Empire City Casino (2013)

      I am totally thrilled to announce that I will be returning to the wondrous World Wrestling Entertainment this October in the form of a neutral wrestling event on October 16th at the soon-to-be-renovated Empire City Casino.

      Admission is free and by all means this is an event for the fans — not for the devil dancers, strippers, or other entertainers at these events. The event will be hosted by RAW announcer Mike Tenay, former Booker T and Jim Ross partner Edge, and time-traveling wrestler, comedian, musician, and Super Bowl champion The Miz. This will be a unique, one-time, evening-only, all-ages, 90-minute spectacle of utterly pure wrestling, featuring some of history’s greatest (and perhaps, most missed) WWE wrestlers from the past and present, in a beautiful outdoor setting in a wonderful casino in mid-town Manhattan.

      Scheduled for October 19th, this show will be sold out and has already grown to over 20 wrestlers who are confirmed to appear. Past stars include the co-Wrestling Observer Hall of Famers « Miss August, » Charlie Fujiwara, « Mr. Empire, » and « The Grappler. »

      I will be appearing at the show in a guest appearance, along with my longtime partner, « The Professor » Louie Spicolli, and good pal « Starrcade » honoree from several days ago, Natalya.

      Other confirmed wrestlers who will be appearing include, in an all-new match, « Mr. Basketball, » Scott Hall from the 2000 movie, « Quicksilver; » multi-time D-Generation X superstar, Eddie Guerrero’s less-known brother, Chavo Guerrero; and the indescribable and extremely scary « Starrcade » indie star Emma; plus former MLW Grand Champion « The Throwback » Marcus Bagwell.

      Unconfirmed wrestlers include Arn Anderson, who played a marginally in WWC 1997, Jamie Noble, who WWE produced his vignette in 2000, and current independent wrestling icon (and my family friend of 20 years) the great « Ravishing » Randy Savage.

      I’m extremely excited to perform at this event alongside some of my favorite wrestlers and some of the greatest wrestling minds in history from the past and present!

      Formatted as a wrestling show, this is not a B-


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      Envisioned by the genius creators at Little Samson Studios, Big Dave and Red Wing are a little man and a little girl on a quest to find their true love. Along the way they’ll have to solve a few puzzles, build some contraptions, find some keys and even outrun a giant mech. But most importantly they’ll have to fight the deepest, darkest places on earth for their love.
      Chasing Daisy may look like a cute adventure game with a cute art style, but it’s actually a painfully difficult platformer. It’s designed to be played over and over, with each playthrough getting increasingly harder.
      Chasing Daisy is divided into three acts. Each act has a different story to tell, each with increasingly complicated puzzles. These stories drive the progression of the game and keep you wanting to try again.
      What You’ll Find:
      Chasing Daisy combines the best aspects of an old-school platformer with the complexity and difficulty of your favorite roguelikes.
      A New Era Of Platforming – Chasing Daisy’s a traditional 2D platformer, but the game definitely leans on its 2.5D look and feel more than most. This means that you’ll be performing full 90-degree turns, sliding on ropes and climbing up walls. But it’s all completely controllable – and unlike most 2.5D games, it actually works very well.
      A Different Story Each Time – Each of Chasing Daisy’s three acts has its own unique visual style, as well as a playable character! You can play a witch, a robot, and a massive robot.
      Classic Roguelike Perks – Chasing Daisy is a Roguelike Platformer, which means that you’ll fight the same enemies in different environments. You’ll also get different abilities and equipment with each story, allowing you to customize your experience!
      Retro Rainbow – Chasing Daisy has a colorful, cartoony art style, but it definitely pulls inspiration from a variety of eras and genres of games.
      Battle Monsters – In Chasing Daisy you’ll engage in 1vs1 combat against various enemies. Some of them are fierce, but others will go easy on you if you’re polite! Each boss has its own unique theme as well.
      Parties – There’s also a group of enemies called Parrots who can be invited to join your party and help you fight.
      Spirits – Each of the game’s three acts comes with its own set of characters. Two


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    System Requirements For ZHIVE:

    Minimum system requirements:
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    Recommended System Requirements:
    Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/